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JiffyStock Associates - JiffyStock's affiliate marketing program

Welcome to one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. Thank you for visiting Jiffy Stock. The Company has created an affiliate program MLM Plan (“Affiliate Program”). Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Affiliate intends to join the Company’s Affiliate Program to promote the Company’s goods or services to the Affiliate’s potential customers on the Affiliate’s website for a fee in the manner agreed by the parties.
In consideration of and as a condition of this Agreement and other valuable consideration, the receipt, and sufficiency of which considerations are hereby acknowledged, the Parties agree to the provisions as follows:


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Join tens of thousands of creators, publishers and bloggers who are earning with the JiffyStock Associates Program.


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 4 ranks in total that Affiliates can be upgraded to, each Rank has a higher level of commission than the previous one
“Since we have a global audience, the Associates Program has helped us to scale our earnings internationally. It's been simple to sign up, expand and use!”

“The Associates Program has given us all of the tools and data that we need to quickly make content decisions and continually grow our earnings.”

JiffyStock Associates has been a critical driver of our commerce initiatives and has enabled BuzzFeed to build a business that first and foremost services our audience.

“We're able to find all of the products on JiffyStock that we want to recommend to our audience. We value being able to help our audience find and purchase what they need.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Associates Program work?

You can share products and available vendor packages on JiffyStock with your audience through customized linking tools and earn money on qualifying purchases and customer actions like signing up for a free trial program.

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Associates Commission Rate?

There are 4 ranks in total that Affiliates can be upgraded to, each Rank has 2 levels and the Affiliate can do unlimited referrals on every level of all ranks. Affiliates evaluation , on yearly basis.

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How do I Apply for this program?

 must complete and submit the application form on the Company’s Website to join the Affiliate Program. Affiliate understands and agrees that his/her business will be evaluated by the Company to determine whether the Affiliate is a proper fit to be an affiliate for Company’s Affiliate Program.

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How do i get payment?

 Affiliate is responsible for maintaining proper payment information with the Company in order to receive Affiliate Fee including current email address information, and accounting and tax documentation.

Recommend Packages, Bring Signup Referal and Earn Commissions.