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Jiffy Stock ORS model complete guide

The world we live in will never run out of ideas. Creative ideas will always keep coming to make life easier and more secure. And one of the innovative ideas is about what the USA Solution Creators company (USASC) offers to the E-commerce industry.

It would not be wrong to say that USASC has brought no less than a revolution in the E-commerce field. Prior to that, in the E-commerce business, we used to have two modes of payment. That is;

  1. Annual Registration Fee
  2. Commission

Within the first mode, you get to register with the platform and pay in advance; this excludes the fact of whether your business becomes successful or not. The second mode of payment lets you pay through the commission rate from what you sell.

The commission rates are usually higher, which in the long run affects your product prices and business profit. An alternative method that has been designed and presented by USASC is called ORS model.

What is the (ORS) model?

ORS brings you the opportunity to own your store for a lifetime. This ensures you can not only start your own store, but also you can rent it and start early income. ORS model also lets you sell your store if you do not wish to continue with it, which is an advantage.

ORS is an acronym of:

  • Own your store for a lifetime
  • Rent it and get early income
  • Sell it when you don’t want it

Before we continue, let us shed light on the USASC platform.

JiffyStock is a product of USASC, which is a promising B2B E-commerce platform with inevitable growth in the next 5 years. USAC has launched the Beta version as web 2.0, announcing functions and features that match several business types.

USAC has ensured the Beta version is a Bridge to the next version, known as Mega. This updated version will be based on web 3.0 and blockchain integration.

It is self-evident that the Mega version will bring more facilities and features with the most updated technology. The creative business features are bound to help and uplift the E-commerce business.

USASC further intends to extend the features to the next level with its Premium version. The platform will be crypto-friendly and will also support crypto communities. Along with the ORS model, JiffyStock will keep all other business modes too.

  1. ORS
  2. Commission
  3. Annual Registration Fee

How will ORS model function?

To use the ORS model, jiffy tokens will play a vital role; the user purchases jiffy tokens that have been built on the Binance protocol (BEP20). The tokens will be locked in membership programs, and the user will also be given a loyalty card. The loyalty card will vary according to the membership type.

The loyalty card further defines the type of store you own on the JiffyStock platform, which you can use for your business, or ask JiffyStock team to rent for you. In case you like to sell your store, you do not have to lock Jiffy Tokens again and sell it in the crypto exchange market.

The whole process, from buying Jiffy Tokens to locking them in the jiffy membership system, is seamless. You can get your loyalty card as soon as you lock your Jiffy Tokens. And you can further rent it according to the annual enlisted packages; our enlisted package price becomes your annual income fee.

This way, you do not lose your money, and it creates the best opportunity to use your store as an investment store.

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