USA Solution Creators Technology (USASCT) is a software development company based in America. We focus on finding creative solutions to the existing development problems by bringing up-to-date technology and solutions into practice and creating unique products. With a team of highly trained, experienced, and creative people who are equally passionate about creating amazing products, we have launched several platform solutions such as JiffyStock.

Our Mission

USA Solution Creators Technology has a mission to look for highly creative solutions by using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, decentralized platform development, machine learning, and more. We are focused on developing the marvels of creation that are unparalleled in all dimensions. USASCT focuses on providing users with something so simple yet highly functional.

Our Vision

USASCT sees the world without inconvenience in any business. To make it possible, our team of highly trained professionals from various areas join minds and collaborate on a journey to create solutions. Our solutions are creative, problem-solving, and efficient. Our vision is to build trusted platforms based on the best technologies.

Our Team

We believe in bringing the best people on board who can work in harmony and passion. The act of creation requires not just one but an overlapping of various skillsets. We have a group of highly trained developers, IT specialists, marketers, strategists, and planners to work cohesively and create one-of-a-kind platforms and services.

About JiffyStock



JiffyStock is a leading global B2B marketplace that is emerging as a pioneer multi-vendor wholesale marketplace. It is a platform solution by USA Solution Creators Technology to take the B2B trade to the next phase. With JiffyStock, we are available in every corner of the world and provide a platform for businesses to trade with ease, security, simplicity, and trust. 

All-In-One B2B Marketplace

Whether you want to clear your remaining stock at a discount price, offer businesses liquidation of your products, or list yourself as a manufacturer looking for buyers or a logistics company, JiffyStock helps everyone get connected in a harmonized B2B marketplace.



You can offer/buy left-out stock from other orders or season clearance at discount rates. There are always businesses looking to grab an opportunity to buy discounted products other businesses already have. This way, both the seller and buyer get to be in profit.


You can also get your hands on products that are being auctioned by businesses looking to liquidate their assets. This is a great opportunity to buy quality stuff for cheap rates. Businesses can also easily find interested buyers by listing their products in the auctions section.


If you don’t want a liquidation stock or leftover products, you can always go to the suppliers section to find the best manufacturer for your business that can produce customized goods or list yourself as one to start attracting customers.


If you are an agency that offers services to trading businesses, register yourself as a logistics company on our marketplace and let the potential buyers and sellers reach out to you to access your services.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a secure and straightforward platform for businesses where they can access all the services and tools at their disposal to help them manage their business in one place. Instead of going to different services to manage certain aspects of a company, we provide an all-in-one solution for wholesale businesses. You can look for manufacturers, liquidation auctions, clearance stocks, and other valuable services for wholesale companies. In the future, we aim to proceed to a decentralized platform based on our blockchain that speeds up trade and transactions and improves security.

A Marvel of Business Collaboration!

We believe that the best business comes into practice when all the relevant companies work harmoniously for their own gains and provide a connected system. In JiffyStock, we don’t just promote the buyers and wholesale sellers; We offer a connected marketplace for all the involved businesses such as shipping companies, customs clearance agencies, and goods inspection services. 


While we realize the need for buyers and sellers to use services such as customs clearance and shipping, we provide companies with a way to get registered as logistics on our marketplace so that buyers and sellers will have many companies to choose from. This allows everyone to choose who they want to conduct business with. We believe in freedom of choice!

Get Started!

Get started with us on the leading B2B multi-vendor wholesale platform to take your business to the next height. Whether you are a seller, logistics company, or wholesale trader, JiffyStock is a connected marketplace for everyone!