Our Shipment Policy

JiffyStock is the most diverse B2B marketplace and is considered a go-to option for many new and developed businesses. JiffyStock allows its users to carry out various types of transactions and deals through its platform.

JiffyStock is an international wholesale marketplace that provides an affordable and functional platform to small and medium businesses. Some of them might not even have access to popular shipping companies.

Each country has its own restrictions and fee structures on international shipping. Due to this, our platform follows a global shipping policy that allows users to ship goods in any country easily. We offer a wide range of shipping methods, including express shipping and air and sea freight, through various shipping partners where customers can also track their packages in real-time.

To make the payment and shipment process easier and smoother for our users, we offer a variety of payment and shipping methods that comply with international laws.

Wholesale shipping is different from standard shipping. Companies prefer to have direct deals with many shipping companies for transport. Some shipping companies even provide other perks such as customs clearance etc. That’s why JiffyStock offers businesses complete freedom to choose their shipping company. The seller can discuss this with the buyer in the inbox and both parties can mutually agree on a shipping method, company, and costs.

However, JiffyStock does not provide any protection on the shipping methods that don’t fall under our trade security. Buyer and seller mutually agree upon the shipping company. In case of any issues throughout the shipment, JiffyStock won’t be responsible for your loss. 

We only protect the deals made directly through our trade protection feature. We also provide options for escrow funding to both parties to make the payment more secure, including escrow of cryptocurrency stablecoins.

We only allow the selling of products and goods that are internationally allowed to be shipped. Nothing illegal or something that goes against the terms of some countries is sold on JiffyStock. Check the country’s policies to avoid any problems during shipping which can cost both the sellers and buyers a hefty loss.

It is very important to note that some goods listed in JiffyStock can be subject to customs duties in various countries. Smartphones and other electronics are generally subject to further tax. The sellers and buyers are responsible for managing and paying import duties on the ordered items. JiffyStock won’t be liable for any tax and duties-related issues during delivery. Sellers and buyers are advised to negotiate everything in advance and use our logistics section to hire customs clearance agencies.

We at JiffyStock, are committed to providing the best B2B marketplace for businesses to operate smoothly without any interruption or problems. For that, we also ensure that our users use the best and the most trusted shipping services and understand the importance of giving them freedom by allowing them to choose their own shipping partners. Our goal is to help you easily carry e-commerce trades for your business.

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