Returns of Refunds

When the buyer receives the shipment from the seller and thinks that this is not up to the mark, is damaged, or is of poor quality than the one agreed upon, they would want to return for a refund or replace it. This depends on if the seller offers returns and refunds or not. This policy is available on the buyer’s store and product page, so the buyer automatically accepts and follows those policies when they place the order.

As a B2B wholesale marketplace, trades carried out are large-scale wholesale shipments and don’t follow the standard return policies you will find on B2C businesses. Here is a list of situations and what JiffyStock will do in that case.

If the products have a low quality

If the buyer claims that the products he received are of lower quality than the one agreed with the seller at the time of the deal, he should reach out to the seller for further confirmation. To avoid any conflict of this sort, buyers are advised to check everything with the seller right before the shipment and ensure that the products he is shipping are of the same quality as shown before. It would be impossible to send all the freight back to the seller and claim a refund from him unless your seller agrees to these terms and has set it in his refund policy.

Please note that as of now, JiffyStock offers no such services to help you get a refund on the returned stock. Everything should be agreed upon before making the shipment.

If the products are broken

If the buyer receives broken products, there could be several reasons for this. Either it happened during shipping, or the seller sent damaged products. In both cases, JiffyStock isn’t responsible for any loss. That is why we advise you to check everything with the seller including their return policies and even hire a goods inspection service to assess quality.

If the products were damaged during shipping, you are advised to reach out to the logistics company to see if they can help or ask your insurance to cover it if you have a relevant insurance plan in place for it.

If the products were lost during shipment

The seller of JiffyStock will not cover anything that happens to the products during shipping. You should contact the logistics company to resolve this issue and help locate your shipment. They will guide you with the rest of the procedure if they cannot help you locate the shipment. The buyer and their insurance company will have to bear all the loss in this unfortunate incident and we won’t be responsible for anything.

If the buyer changes their mind after the shipment has been sent

If the buyer decides not to receive the shipment or wants to change some items in it, there is no way to do it. The buyer will have to receive the products he has paid for. In case of any replacement, he can reach out to the seller directly and check if they can mutually agree on a common ground to return the products back and replace everything. Otherwise, neither the seller nor JiffyStock guarantees any kind of replacement. The buyer will have no choice other than accept the delivery. That is why we constantly advise buyers to check everything before shipping.

Note: These terms and policies are subject to change as we continue to make efforts to improve our platform for both sellers and buyers. We are working hard to put numerous security protocols and third-party assistance in place to help with all kinds of problems that buyers and sellers can face.