How It Works


Jiffystock is a global B2B multi-vendor wholesale platform dedicated to providing all the services related to wholesale purchasing and buying between businesses. Our goal is to provide all the necessary features and benefits that a wholesale business can need.


To ensure that the businesses get the best out of JiffyStock without any issues regarding the complex interface, lack of valuable content, and explanation on features, we have provided an overview of the whole platform and how everything works. Here is how a typical business can use of the different services of JiffyStock.

Sign-Up on JiffyStock

The first part of getting started is signing up on JiffyStock. Whether a seller or a buyer, you must register on JiffyStock to use all of its services. The process differs for both the seller and the buyer. 


If you are a customer, getting started is relatively more straightforward. You can sign up by choosing a unique username for JiffyStock and a password. This is not the case with becoming a vendor on our platform. You have to add your full first and last name, your company URL, name of the shop, address, VAT or Tax ID, company ID, etc, and other relevant details. See our user manual here to learn more about signing up and managing your account as a customer or seller.

Listing Your Products

After you have signed up as a seller/vendor, the next thing you’d want to do is list your products on JiffyStock. As mentioned, JiffyStock is a one-stop B2B marketplace that provides various types of selling models. As a seller, you will have the option to list your products like stocks or auctions. You can access your vendor dashboard to access all the tools, analytics, products, stats, and other necessary information such as support tickets, buyer messages, and even refund requests (if you offer any). JiffyStock has one of the most functional and advanced ways of listing products. For detailed information on all these features, check our user manual here.

Overview of all Features

Here is a brief overview of all the major features that set JiffyStock apart from the other B2B marketplaces.

  • Stocks

Listing your products in the ‘stocks’ section could be the best decision you could ever make. Why? Because this option is for those vendors who want to sell a fixed-price stock (both new and old). Instead of keeping the leftover stock and waiting for it to expire, you can put it for a discount sale in the ‘Stocks’ section. A potential buyer looking to buy your stock can contact you and buy your leftovers. This is a great way to eliminate any remaining pieces from other stock orders or the shipments that didn’t go through during the first order. Instead of bearing the loss, vendors can recover their costs this way.


Similarly, where this option benefits the vendor, it is also an excellent place for businesses to buy needed products. Since the vendors are just trying to clear their stocks on discount rates, you can avail the opportunity and start your discussions right away. 


Note: The products listed in the ‘Stocks’ section are automatically removed after 14 days of listing. This is to encourage sellers to sell the stock at favorable prices for the buyers so they can avoid not getting their product removed. Learn about operating the ‘Stocks’ section in our user manual here.

  • Auctions

Auctions can serve two purposes:


  1. If they can’t decide the price at which they should sell their products, they can set a base price and let the buyers decide themselves. A buyer will put a bid on your stock and after your set time limit, the highest bidder will get to close a deal with you. 


  1. It provides a platform for businesses to arrange liquidation auctions. If a company decides to shut down or is looking to liquidate its assets for any reason, it can list its products for auction at a very cheap rate so that bidding can start and they will get to earn some money for the products that are of no use to them.

  • Suppliers

Like a traditional B2B marketplace, you also have the option to contact vendors to manufacture products on demand. You can find the list of all the suppliers listed on JiffyStock and their relevant details, such as their minimum quantity, types of products, base price, and more. You can contact them directly through the phone, Whatsapp, or our platform and start negotiating a deal immediately. 

JiffyStock provides a list of available shipping companies that can help sellers and buyers easily carry their trade. Logistics support you move your shipment around the world, which is why we provide a list of logistics and an option to sign-up with us as logistics.


We have brought even more ease to the logistics companies. We offer the logistics company to register with us by signing up as a vendor. After a successful sign-up and filling in all the necessary details, the company will show up in logistics. 


Check this page for detailed information on our shipping policy and logistics guide.

  • Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a major concern in international trade. Every country has its own set of policies and customs tax structures on different products. You must pay this custom duty tax to export or import your products in any country. For this, people often use the assistance of customs brokers and custom agencies that do everything for the buyers and sellers and help them approve their shipment from the customs office faster.


JiffyStock provides a section of customs clearance agents and agencies listed by country. You can select any of them and start your customs clearance process. For more details on our customs clearance policy, read this article. (hyperlink customs clearance page)

  • Goods Inspection Services

Assume that you are having trouble deciding whether to buy from a seller or not as a buyer. You don’t know what product quality is shown in samples, pictures, and videos. You are not fully satisfied. For that purpose, we also provide an option for companies to get listed with us as goods inspection services.


These services are sorted by country and you can contact a company relevant to the country of your seller and ask them to check the quality of goods on the spot. The service will send a representative to inspect everything on your behalf and provide you with valuable information. 

  • Returns and Refunds

By default, we don’t have a specific refund or return policy. In the B2B marketplace, returns and refunds can be hard to manage and costly for sellers and buyers. That is why, to avoid everything, we encourage buyers to get complete satisfaction before shipping. However, if the seller offers their returns and refunds policy for the buyer, the seller will be responsible for everything. Read our returns and refunds guide for further clarification.


JiffyStock is committed to being the leading multi-vendor wholesale platform in the world right now. That is why we ensure that our sellers, buyers, and other services get the best out of us. By providing various services in one place and tactfully linking them together, we have created a safe, enclosed environment that benefits every type of business involved in making the trade possible and successful between a buyer and a seller. 

For further guidance, read our user manual here!