FAQs – JiffyStock

About JiffyStocks

Q. What is the JiffyStock platform for?

JiffyStock is a leading B2B marketplace that allows businesses such as e-commerce and traders to buy/sell manufactured goods and products. It also offers a platform for the auction of liquidation assets so that other businesses or buyers can buy and make use of them. In summary, it is a one-stop marketplace for all types of businesses that are involved in wholesale buying and selling.

Q. What is different about JiffyStock?

JiffyStock isn’t a usual B2B marketplace or just another wholesale service. We ensure that every type of business can carry trade for uncountable categories of products. Our goal is to help businesses interact and form relationships through trading and liquidation auctions so that one business can help another growing one. It is a platform where businesses interact in a safe and monitored environment.

Selling FAQs

Q. Which businesses can sell their products on JiffyStock?

There isn’t a limit to categories of products or goods that you can sell on JiffyStock. We are committed to helping manufacturers export all kinds of goods that they can find buyers for and carry businesses on our platform. Whether you are selling electronics, smartphones, furniture, or even toys, you can list all kinds of products that are legal to manufacture and ship internationally.

Q. Is JiffyStock just a wholesale website?

We are not just a wholesale marketplace for manufacturers. We offer a variety of other services including an auction for a business that is liquidating its assets and would like to sell it off to another business that can make use of their equipment and products. Furthermore, we also provide services to sellers who sell refurbished products such as smartphones, etc.

Q. Can I sell refurbished products in JiffyStock?

A lot of manufacturers and refurbishers around the world sell refurbished phones and other electronics. If you have a business model like this, you can list it on JiffyStock and a relevant buyer can contact you if interested in buying your whole stock. Apart from smartphones and electronics, anything that is refurbished and has a demand for it can be traded through JiffyStock.

Q. Can I carry a liquidation auction on JiffyStock?

If you are liquidating your business assets, JiffyStock is the best place for you to list your whole stock because you can find relevant businesses and buyers who might be interested in the products you own. The bidding goes live and you have high chance of getting a good deal as compared to other platforms. 

Q. How to enable the ‘chat now’ button on products for buyers?

To offer better customer service to buyers and increase conversion, you can also offer a live chat option in your store. To enable this option, you can tick the checkbox in the vendor dashboard’s settings. Scroll down to find this option along with other support and chat options.

Buying FAQs

Q. How can I buy on JiffyStock?

All you have to do is register on JiffyStocks by creating an account. Select the “I am a customer” option and enter your email, password, and username to sign up. You can now use JiffyStock to contact sellers and get a fair deal. 

Q. Can I negotiate a deal with the seller?

You can contact a seller on JiffyStocks and discuss the product volume, pricing, and quality as you’d like. You can also negotiate with the seller and purchase agreed negotiations. Apart from pricing and volume, you can even agree on which logistics company you want to receive products through. We have many partner logistics companies. Check them out here. (hyperlink shipping page)

Q. Is JiffyStock a safe platform for buying?

JiffyStock’s assistance team closely monitors the activity and assists. To avoid any fraudulent activities, we have partnered up with world-leading logistics companies to ship your parcels.

Q. If I did not like the products, how can I return them?

You can not request a refund unless it is a deal between you and your seller. Buyers are advised to get complete satisfaction from the seller before he ships the goods. If you don’t like the products, there is no way that JiffyStocks will help you with returning them. See our returns and refund policy for more information.

Q. How to find a seller profile from a product?

You can view more products from the same seller, check their testimonials, work history, terms, and conditions, etc. To visit a seller’s store, you can head over to the store by clicking the option shown below.

Shipping FAQs

Q. Which service should I use to ship goods?

JiffyStock provides various logistics services (DHL, FedEx, TCS, OCS, and Maersk) through which you can send a shipment to the buyer. It is recommended to use those services because they have a reputation for delivering on time and without any issues. You can also track your shipping if you use these services.

Q. Can I ask to ship products from a non-partner logistics company?

The companies that we provide ship all over the world and are the leading logistics globally. If you still have any issues regarding the shipment or facing any problems, you can always reach out to the seller and mutually decide on third-party logistics. However, we won’t be responsible for any illegal or fraudulent activity that occurs through these third-party companies. Check out our shipping policy here.

Q. How can I track my shipping?

All the logistics companies that offer their built-in APIs on our website can be tracked. The majority of our partner companies offer this access. If not, you can always request a shipping number or tracking ID from our team or seller to track the parcel yourself from the respective logistics company’s website.

Payment Methods FAQs

Q. Which payment methods are allowed on JiffyStock?

Jiffystock allows you to make payments through your credit and debit cards. You can use Visa and Mastercard along with Stripe and PayPal. Interestingly, JiffyStock is one of the few very rare B2B platforms that allow you to make payments through Bitcoin. Read more about payment methods here.

Q. Can I use PayPal to make payment on JiffyStock?

You can definitely use PayPal to pay the sellers and sipping fees to our escrow team. Alongside PayPal, you also have other options such as online banking and Stripe.

Q. How can I make payments through Bitcoin?

You can transfer Bitcoin to the wallet address of your seller only if he accepts Bitcoin payments. Since the whole transaction is decentralized and private, it is hard to track if the buyer has made payments so it is carried at your own risk. Payments made in cryptocurrency are the mutual agreement of seller and buyer and are not our responsibility in case of any loss. See the next FAQ for further clarification. 

Q. Will I get payment and refund protection If I pay through Bitcoin?

The payment can be made easily but we won’t be responsible for any damages or loss of currency during the transaction (it can be lost due to several reasons). So, if you are using cryptocurrency for payments, do so at your own risk.

Q. How to enable a cryptocurrency payment gateway for products?

Go to the vendor dashboard’s settings. Scroll down to find the checkbox that confirms if your store accepts cryptocurrencies as payments. Tick the checkbox and buyers will see a tag on your products and store that you accept cryptocurrency payments.

Returns and Refunds FAQs

Q. Can I return my shipment and get a refund?

We are a B2B marketplace that allows buyers to buy massive wholesale goods from sellers. Refunds and returns of such a large amount of products are not possible so it is the responsibility of both sellers and buyers to communicate clearly, negotiate and check their products before shipping. Anything lost or broken during shipping will not be anyone’s responsibility and you would need to contact the customer support of the relevant logistics company or your insurance company. Check out our returns and refunds section for more information.

Q. What if I receive broken items?

Buyers are advised to check their goods before the seller ships them to avoid any problems later on. Buyers should ask their sellers to provide them with a satisfactory review of the stock before shipment. Anything broken during shipment will not be covered by the seller or JiffyStocks. You would need to contact your insurance (in case of any insurance you have for these types of situations).