16 Best one man one screwdriver to buy complete guide

16 Best one man one screwdriver to buy complete guide

A screwdriver is a manual tool for inserting and removing screws. The driver or head of the screw has a shaped cavity and a projection, which is suitable for the screwdriver’s tip. The rotational force, called torque, may be applied clockwise or counterclockwise. Screwdrivers are arguably our most popular and easiest-to-use tool. While the tool retains most of its original shape and design, it must evolve to fulfill the needs of the new world. Today, many types of screwdrivers are designed to meet different applications. Here are guidelines for different types of one man one screwdriver and their use to help you find the tool that best suits your needs.

Best One Man One Screwdriver to Buy

1- Ryobi Quickturn HP44L

Ryobi Quickturn HP44L is a good choice. The Quickturn HP44L is a multi-function electric screwdriver with a handle that can be configured as a pistol grip – allowing the user to apply more pressure to the tool or the traditional straight grip, which is great for manipulating the screwdriver into a tight space. With the ability to switch between these two handle configurations, the Quickturn HP44L is more likely to work in your area than those with fixed handle locations. The Quickturn HP44L has a switch that allows users to reduce the torque they provide. The screwdriver can use less power, making it easier to handle screws punched into fragile material, such as plastic power socket covers, or to avoid peeling off ones made of softer material, such as brass. When I used Quickturn HP44L in my tests, I realized how useful it was to have a long trigger button. The screwdriver’s two-finger trigger allows for different grip positions, and its soft rubber handle allows for this lightweight electric screwdriver’s long, comfortable use.

2-Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 1/4″ Hex Kit

The Milwaukee M12 provides the amount of torque you expect from a large tool, such as an electric drill or a percussive drive, in a relatively compact size. For example, all other tested screwdrivers reached their limits with one-inch screws. The M12 can push this limit with a 1.5-inch screw into the wall. I used Milwaukee M12 to reinstall the compartment door on my RV, with a short metal screw threaded through the hole in the hinge. In other words, to do this, I need a different screwdriver with a smaller physical form – the Milwaukee M12 is too high for me to fit in the space I work in. The M12 provides adjustable torque settings that allow more power to be used when needed and less power to be used when handling fragile materials. The M12’s rechargeable battery pack is removable, and you can replace the battery when you need a newly charged battery. The M12 kit includes two batteries, a charger, two screwdrivers and a fabric suitcase.

3-PB Swiss Insider

PB Swiss Insider is one of my favorite screwdrivers. You can find PB Swiss’s tools at several independent U.S. distributors. The compact PB Swiss Insider features a powerful magnetic tool holder. The drill box can hold up to 10 precise bits, which can be secured to the handle of the Insider by screws for safe storage. There are other versions of Insider, but they are much more expensive. I’ve always liked these models, but my Insider 1 is still strong, and I have no reason to upgrade. I bought it seven years ago. If something happens to my PB Swiss Insider, I will not hesitate to buy another with a blue, yellow or black handle. While the price seems high, most costs are associated with high-quality screwdrivers.

4-Wera Kraftform Kompakt 25

The Wera Kraftform Kompakt 25-odd screwdriver is an unusual beast. Its drill bit box is in the middle of the tool and can be accessed through a spring-type release hatch. Then there is the expandable and even removable adaptor locking tool holder. A position screwdriver with an adaptor is one of the best locking screwdrivers I’ve found. It’s wide and bulky, but it will not be a deal breaker. Here’s a recent discussion of Wera Kraftform Kompakt 25. It costs about $35-$40, which isn’t too bad considering the price of the Rapidaptor turrets. This model comes with a tote bag for storage on the belt.

5-Irwin 9-in-1

I bought one of these Irwin multi-headed screwdrivers a few years ago (at least seven), and it has consistently met my casual and unexpected fastener-loosening or fastening needs. It is a removable shaft-like screwdriver, as recommended here, which means that an entire shaft is a two-headed tool. The cutter head is also double-headed and has a spherical fixing device. With this multi-bit screwdriver, you may replace the entire thing when some of the positions are worn or lost rather than trying to find a replacement. It’s not the best multi-bit screwdriver in its class, but it works well, is easy to spot in a messy tool or a household garbage drawer, and is well-priced at under $15.

6-Klein 11-in-1

I have used Klein’s multi-bit screwdrivers, which provide good quality at a reasonable price. I only have one 11-in-1 and a few 6-in-1, but I like them too. With the 11-in-1 or 10-in-1, you get the maximum nut driver and screwdriver position size. Klein’s screwdriver is no longer my first choice, but I always ensure I find at least one in my toolbox.

7-Stanley All-in-One

I bought a few Stanley All-In-One screwdrivers, and they were good value for money. I have a more sophisticated handle design with rusted shafts. Stanley offered to replace it, but I didn’t want to have to send it back at shipping, even for free. I guess I shouldn’t have left it in the trunk of my car for two years. Since it’s so cheap, I don’t see why I shouldn’t throw it in a garbage drawer, in a random strategic location in a workshop or home, or the glove compartment of a car. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

8-Picquic SixPac

Picquic offers several different multi-bit screwdrivers, this one a SixPac Plus. And the Multique looks similar but is sized for smaller hands and more compact storage needs. It has seven heads and six storage spaces; if you put one head on the head holder, you can put one more. And you need to keep ahead on the headrest because a seventh head is needed to push the heads of other screwdrivers out of the handle compartment. These screwdrivers are very good, convenient, and can be placed close to you. I checked that the handle for the Picquic SixPac screwdriver was made in Canada, and the head was overseas – I believe it was in Taiwan.

9-Lutx 15-in-1

I tried the Luz 15-in-1 ratchet screwdriver on the recommendation of a reader, and although I had no idea where my screwdriver was, it occurred to me during a recent visit to the local hardware store. If I can only buy a ratchet-type multi-headed screwdriver for less than $16, it will be the most important on my shortlist. The head storage is elegant, but the handle is shorter than the full-size screwdriver I would like to see. Lutx’s ratchet screwdriver from the front is more compact than many other ratchet and multi-bit screwdrivers.

10-PB Swiss Pro T-Handle Universal Bit Holder

The PB Swiss’s 455 MT handle universal tool holder doesn’t quite match the other tools discussed here. One more. However, it does fit to some extent because it does provide built-in drill bit storage and works with standard 1/4-inch hex screwdriver locations. The T-handle screwdriver for the PB Swiss tool has several favorites, such as its sturdy construction and a free-rotating sleeve for rapid rotation. It’s a bit big but also flat, negating most storage considerations. With the T-handle configuration, you can apply more torque than most or all of the multi-bit screwdrivers.

11-Felo Bit-Boy

This style of multi-bit screwdriver has been more difficult to find. The screwdrivers have bulky handle geometry that you may or may not like. I like mine but don’t know if I’ll buy it again. It’s priced at less than half, depending on your chosen drill bit configuration.

12-Megapro “Automotive” Ratcheting

This screwdriver is used in conjunction with Megapro’s double-headed drills, which are easy to replace, at least for proprietary or special drills. The Megapro’s Auto screwdriver has the same comfortable handle and excellent ratchet mechanism but uses a standard 1/4-inch hex. It’s a bit expensive, but the quality and performance of the Megapro are worth it. 

13-Milwaukee Compact Ratcheting Bit Driver

The Milwaukee’s compact short-handled ratchet screwdriver, which I reviewed last year, is well-constructed and inexpensive. This screwdriver seems to withstand rough and tough usage. It’s not the best ratchet screwdriver or mini multi-head drive I’ve ever used, but it has a good balance of size, comfort, functionality, quality and cost.

14-Stanley Stubby Bit Driver

It is probably the cheapest ratchet screwdriver I’ve ever used, costing a little more than $6, and I haven’t thrown it to the ground in anger. It’s not as good as any of the many screwdrivers mentioned here, but it’s semi-decent and will cost less than a meal at your favorite fast-food restaurant.

15-Wiha Stubby Multi-Bit Driver

I haven’t tried Wiha’s little multi-bit screwdrivers yet, but they’ve been on my wish list for a long time. They are small enough to hold up to six bits in their compact, sturdy handles. There is a decimal point hex head, and the third model has a crosshair, slotted head, and Pozidriv head. I am a big fan of Wiha’s SoftFinish screwdriver handle and often use my short, all-in-one screwdriver.

16-Apollo Mr. 7-Hands

It is another multi-bit screwdriver I haven’t tried yet, but many readers have recommended Mr. Seven-Hand’s screwdriver over the years.

Final Word

We have discussed the 16 best one-man one screwdrivers, and after reading this article, you can choose the perfect one-man screwdriver for your work.

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