20 Best products to import from China to USA in 2023

20 Best products to import from China to USA in 2023

Do most of the products you buy appear to be made in China? According to the 2022 Global Import Report, China most likely sends far more products to the US than other countries. It is also a leader in every category of imports, from textiles to plastics to metals. Almost every year, China increases its shipments to the United States by hundreds of thousands of units. China is a major supplier to every category of US imports. As we know the whole sale distributors maintain a competitive Edge from rising Competition so here you can proceed with the 20 products. Following are the best products to import from China to USA.

Hydrocolloid patch

Hydrocolloid wound dressings have been around for a while, but these patches have recently gained overwhelming popularity for their acne-soothing properties. The product is usually made from a soft gel former (if gel or gelatin) that can absorb excess fluid and therefore has a low risk of consumer misuse or allergic reaction. It garnered thousands of searches under the keywords “pox sticker” and “acne sticker.” Because of their simple and lightweight composition, hydrocolloid patches can be purchased and imported from Chinese sellers for a few cents per pack.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are the best product to import from China to USA and bring healthy profits, but search data show that some models invest more wisely than others. Currently, the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 protective film are in greatest demand, but be aware that the market will change with the new models.

Face Masks

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not surprising that PPE masks are in high demand. These products are lightweight, easy to transport, simple to manufacture, and ultimately lead to high margins. Masks with certain designations, such as N95, are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and may require additional customs clearance.

Garlic press 

A garlic press is small, but the demand is great due to its effectiveness in the kitchen. It provides a way to remain competitive in garlic presses that are now widely available in the market.

Facial Roller Tools

Facial wheels are currently on the list of top sellers for beauty and personal care; they are used to soothe the skin and prevent aging. “Semi-precious stones” (such as jade, followed by rose quartz) are the preferred material for these rollers. They are more effective than other substances at maintaining temperature and providing attractive beauty. The jade used for these drums is usually of much lower quality than the jewelry-grade material, which enables it to be produced and imported at very affordable prices. At the same time, natural gem materials, despite their color imperfections, still command a significant retail price, making the facial rollers a profitable inventory.

Phone Mount for cars

Like garlic presses, car phone holders come in various styles – and despite the competition, you have a better chance of attracting buyers. Retail prices vary depending on features such as magnetic retention and charging, but almost all products in this space are small, easy to transport and evergreen.

Ring Lights

Circular or ring lights are popular with social media users and professional photographers. These products come with a stand that lifts the user’s phone. Other features are optional, such as adjustable light and light-temperature adjustment. These are bigger and less robust than the other recommended products on our list – which can complicate shipping. But their demand and high margins make them a worthy product to consider.


Backpacks are versatile, profitable and easily integrated into any niche market. While the simple keyword “backpack” generates hundreds of thousands of searches each month, more fine-grained keywords such as “school backpack,” “girls backpack,” “boys backpack,” and “laptop backpack” are also popular. When choosing an imported backpack, consider what features your target consumer will want – such as a USB charging port, a security compartment, or a school supplies organization.

Water Shoes

The shoes are sleek, lightweight and durable, which makes them suitable to import from China to USA. They are widely used for outdoor and fitness applications, such as swimming, surfing, water skiing, fishing and even car washing.

Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless charging is now a common feature of advanced high-tech phones. These devices have different power levels (typically 8W, 12W or 16W), depending on how fast they charge the device – but most phones can only handle 8 to 12W. When purchasing an imported wireless charger, choosing a product listed as “Qi” is best. It refers to the standard structure of wireless technology; The Qi charger is compatible with the Qi phone, and most modern smartphone batteries are charged with Qi.

Wi-Fi Extenders

These devices are connected to the consumer’s Wi-Fi network and replicated and replayed to extend their reach. In an age of streaming and remote work, the Wi-Fi extender is now more popular than ever. Performance and selling price depend on Mbps rate, antenna, type, and range. Many peoples widely use these devices.

Lighted (LED) Mirrors

Stylish lighting mirrors are popular holiday gifts but are on sale throughout the year. They appeal to female audiences and are well integrated into many beauty and personal care areas. These mirrors come in a variety of forms – including large wall-mounted options and mirrors with protruding LED bulbs.

Gua Sha Facial Tools

The eruption is an ancient practice of traditional Chinese medicine that has recently gained enormous popularity in the West, mainly due to social media. It involves scraping the skin with a specially shaped stone tool, sometimes called a scraping device, to improve circulation. Like face rolls, these tools are almost always made of “semi-gems” – usually jade or rose quartz. It adds additional value to the consumer while it is still cost-effective to produce by using sub-jeweled materials.

Memory Foam Pillows

The Orthopedic Pillow and Memory Foam Pillow have tens of thousands of monthly search queries. These products look heavy, but they can often be significantly compressed, making transportation easier. Certain materials, such as bamboo or ventilation gels, can increase the sale price of pillows and specialized shapes, such as anti-asphyxiation or cervical spine support. Consider your target market when purchasing memory sponge pillows.

Mini Tire Inflators

These tools are currently high on the list of best sellers. They are typically equipped with a flashlight and accessories such as tube extensions, nozzle adaptors, cables, clips and a handbag. Mini-tire inflators are portable enough for consumers but typically weigh 6-10 pounds each, which increases the cost of importing freight and fulfilling contracts. They have a place in a vast array of automotive, mechanical, wilderness and entertainment fields.

Cosmetic Brush Sets

Cosmetic brush sets typically include 10-20 brushes, each designed for a specific use. Standard practice is that bristles are made from synthetic materials, but the softness depends on the manufacturer, so be sure to order samples. You can differentiate your product by purchasing a brush with a unique handle, as shown above, or an attractive suitcase when selling cosmetic brushes.

Nail Polish

You can sell Nail polish in multiple colors, and there are several different types of nail polish – including regular nail polish, gel nail polish (cured under ultraviolet light or LED lights), and “impregnated” nail polish (used as a powder to react with liquid activators). Nail polish is one of the best products to import from China to USA. The details of your nail polish product will depend on your target customer, but you can also choose to sell a kit that includes UV lights and a set of nail tools such as a file.

Air Fryers

Air fryers are mostly light weighted and small in size. Moreover, they are currently ranked high in the household and kitchen categories. Meat thermometers are great gifts during the holidays, but interest also grows during the summer barbecuing. In addition, they are often a youth product.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are expensive items, with considerable profits for importers. In addition, they are often sold as equipment to equip multiple sides of a building, increasing margins. Regarding security camera models, there are many changes, including image quality, lens properties, Wi-Fi/IP connectivity, and night vision. Be sure to research and review the competition before investing in wholesale orders.


Final Thoughts

Most popular products are made in China for several reasons. Chinese suppliers produce high-quality imports at competitive prices. Manufacturers also control the production in a wide range of product categories. With the advantages of policies, physical resources and an affordable currency, the Chinese government has helped to boost production and total exports. Combined with mature business ecosystems, China became the world’s main source of imports. The above given 20 products are the best products to import from China to USA. Jiffystock is one of the best platform to make your B2B store for any type of products, you can go ahead with JiffyStock as your future in e-commerce and here are the some thing which makes the Jifyystock different from others.

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