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8 Tips for Beautiful Potted Plant Gift Wrap

8 Tips for Beautiful Potted Plant Gift Wrap

Wrapped potted plant are best for giving your loved ones as a gift. Playing holiday music and wrapping up all your new presents are good activities during the holidays, but you may need help wrapping up a houseplant as a gift. After all, they have delicate leaves and a container of loose earth, so poorly packaged can lead to a small Christmas disaster. If you’re obsessed with gifting houseplants as gifts this year (and by the way, we’re all for it), then look at this handy packing guide that we’ve compiled, and everyone on your list will be thrilled at your great gift selection and packing tips!

How to make a wrapped potted plant for a Gift

You can use various techniques to properly package your home plants as gifts and make them extra special with some additional decoration. Here are some creative packaging methods — some can even be combined — so consider what kind of plants you’re giving, and see which one works best.

Use Burlap Wrap, Twine, and Evergreen Cuttings

If you prefer a rustic look, you can wrap a simple linen cuboid around the flowerpot with some twine (and a little hot glue). Place the flowerpot in the linen cubes and fold all the fabric to cover the sides of the flowerpot, smoothing and pleating it rather than undulating it. Don’t worry about cramming the raw edges of the top of the linen in — it just adds to the aesthetic of the countryside! Stick it with a couple of hot adhesives. Keep the folds in place with a couple of hot glue pieces, and tie them together in a bow tie with a firm strand of twine. Add a few fresh evergreen trees for a festive atmosphere.

Traditional Wrapping Paper and Ribbons

Did you know that a pink-red flower pot is wrapped in that beautiful foil? You can do the same with other houseplants. We recommend using sturdier wrappers, colored cellophane or aluminum foil to protect against moisture. Fold it the same way as the linen cubes and secure it with hot glue and nice ribbons.

Cover the Top in Cellophane

If you have to travel with your family potted gifts and are concerned they might topple over and spill the soil around, it may be worth wrapping the family potted plants in thick cellophane (not the leftovers) for the presents. There are some colored and iridescent gift glass sheets, which are very beautiful in the light. Fold a large sheet of cellophane over the top of the plant so that it does not squash the leaves, cram the sides in and glue the ends of the bottom together so that any loose soil does not fall out. Then wrap the bottom of the flowerpot in paper or linen wrapping, so it looks fancy. Try not to make cellophane for more than a day or two, or your family pot won’t get enough CO2 to convert to oxygen, which can put pressure on it.

Paint a Terracotta Pot Yourself

If you prefer to make your original art, make your home plant gifts special by customizing and decorating your terracotta containers! You can choose from a dollar shop for inexpensive craft propylene; there are a lot of stunning styles to choose from, to meet the festival’s requirements. You can buy inexpensive processed propylene from the dollar store, and there are plenty of beautiful styles to choose from to suit the festive atmosphere, such as shiny metal or pearlescent pink. Just make sure you don’t color the inside of the flowerpot, decorate the outside and a small portion of the top inner edge.

Container Collage

Another cute way to customize containers is to make your collages! It would help if you had a jar of mod podge, a brush, some scissors, and some pictures to stick on; the Mod podge is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the pictures being damaged by the water. Your flowerpot design can be something other than festive – you can design it according to the recipient’s style. If they like vintage aesthetics, they can pick up old Time magazines from vintage stores and cut cool pictures from advertisements. You can print out some funny memories and stick them on if it’s more emotional.

Nestle It In An Square Box

Take a square box (pre-decorated or packaged) several inches wider and taller than your vegetative container. Place the flowerpot inside and cover it with a wad of newspaper to keep it safe. Cram in some tissue and let it protrude from the top of the box, covering the leaves a little without completely covering the plants.

Cover a Christmas Sock Around a Little Pot

Smaller succulents, such as Snowflake and Chickpea Orchid, can be treated with ugly Christmas sweaters in containers. The one who missed your fancy Christmas socks? Cut off the bottom of the sock, put it in a little pot, trim the top, and stick it inside the inner edge while gluing the bottom edge to cover the bottom edge. You want the drain holes in your flower pot to remain uncovered, so you don’t become moist. Put your plants in there, and you can get started.

Add Care Instructions On a Card

Adding a small set of instructions for your chosen home plant will be useful to the recipient! You can use your creativity to find a cool calligraphic pen or some paint, fold it into an envelope, or attach it to a string and stick it on the recipient. Unleash your inner art — find a cool calligraphic pen or some paint to decorate the card, then fold it into an envelope or attach it to a wooden skewer, sticking it to the edge of the flowerpot, away from the main ball. 

Final Words:

Using the above tips, you can easily make a beautiful wrapped potted plant for a gift. You can give these beautiful wrapped potted plants to your mom, dad, and siblings and give them to your angry teenage nephew. They are not expensive to make and require a little effort, but they look stunning if wrapped properly.

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