Blue Crystals: The 10 Most Popular Blue Gemstones

Blue Crystals: The 10 Most Popular Blue Gemstones

Blue crystals give you guidance and support during difficult times. When you have emotional problems or difficult periods of mental growth, the sapphire is there to save you. You can wear blue gems as long as you need to boost confidence. They promote peaceful and joyful human experiences. We’ll talk about the 10 best blue gems you can choose from.

The Best 10 Popular Blue Crystals

Not all blue gems are equal. Each has different attributes and special powers. All these beautiful blue gems prove to be helpful. But you may be looking for some bright morning blue stones. Then, as the moon hangs high in the night sky, you might want some mysterious dark blue crystals instead. Follow your instincts. Our list already covers you. From dark to light stone jewelry, you’ll find the blue crystals that suit you. If you want to get another blue gem, there are plenty of options to browse in our list. Don’t be afraid to mix and match among your many blue gems. No matter how many crystals you think you need, you can use them in everyday wear. You can also mix stones in different colors with the blue crystals you felt appropriate for the day.

1-Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is an extremely rare form of zonal jade marrow. It has a banded or layered representation. The primary color is blue; the tape can be brown, white, or vivid blue. It was found in a mining area in Ysterputs, Namibia. The rarity makes the blue stone invaluable and increases its popularity. Blue lace agate is thought to help treat arthritis and bone deformities, strengthen the bone system, and heal fractures. It helps to strengthen and accelerate bone and joint repair. It’ll help you with your thyroid problem. It clears the throat infection and cleans the lymph nodes in the throat area. It has good anti-inflammatory and therapeutic effects. 

2-Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful metamorphic rock. Since ancient times, it has been praised for its intense colors and gorgeous dark hues. Qingjinshi, named after several ancient languages, means “Stone of Heaven.” No wonder, given the sky-blue tone of the stone. It boosts your intelligence and fuels your desire to seek truth, knowledge and understanding of everything. These blue gems will concentrate your mind.

3-Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a valuable high-saturation blue gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral family. Blue sapphires are some of the most popular blue gems. They are the most sought-after sapphire, with a Mohs hardness of 7.6-9. It means they are fairly tough, but ideally, they will not fall by accident to keep the safe side. Blue Sapphire is a vivid blue. Their primary hue is blue, but as natural gems, they can take on a minor hue of purple or green.

4-Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds are rare and expensive. The weight of the carat and the high concentration of color affect the quality of the stone. Natural blue diamonds do not undergo radiation or heat treatment to change their appearance. The strong saturation of the blue hue needs to be natural. A proper angle of cut will make this natural color glow. The noble and expensive nature of the blue diamond makes it a premium choice for engagement rings. It’s a symbol of a spiritual connection based on honesty and authenticity.

5-Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is one of the most famous topaz colors. You can find it in a wide range of blues tones, from light blues with mild saturation to dark blues with moderate to darker tones and strong saturation. The blue topaz is the birthstone of December and a powerful gem of living. These blue gems enhance your happiness, kindness, affluence and overall well-being.

6-Blue Pearls

Blue pearls are rare. The blue Akoya pearl has a beautiful blue overtone. Other blue pearls, such as the Tahitian or Cortiz Sea pearls, have different overtones, including turquoise, purple, and so on. The blue Akoya pearl strengthens emotional bonds and brings out the true selves of those who engage in these emotional bonds. They’re the true blue gems of the heart.

7-Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline is also known as Indicolite. It is the rarest member of the tourmaline family. Most blue tourmaline crystals have a minor hue of blue or teal blue, or green. It was discovered in Brazil in 1990 and subsequently in Mozambique and Nigeria. These blue tourmalines contain copper, giving the tourmaline a neon-like color.

8-Blue Moonstone

The blue-moon stone is part of the feldspar family. It’s a hybrid effect, which means glamorous gloss and blue shimmer. Blue moonstone has powerful therapeutic properties. As a vessel of divine feminine energy, it is sensual, nourishing, and healing from emotional trauma. The blue moonstone allows you to present your true face and encourages your diplomatic and persuasive side. The Blue Moonstone sharpens your inner vision, sharpens your mind and focuses on the details.

9-Blue Jadeite

Blue jadeite, also known as blue jade, is a kind of sodium aluminum silicate. Blue jadeite takes on a blue hue, a violet-blue hue, and sometimes even a green hue. Blue jadeite has the power to bring you peace, harmony and satisfaction. It prevents negative energy and thoughts from rooting in your mind, heart and soul. Put on the happiness bracelet, and you’ll be able to ride the soaring spirit of positive thoughts and emotions that blue jade can bring to you.

10-Blue Apatite

Apatite is thought to be a deceptive stone. Although it appears as part of other sedimentary minerals, early scientists tried to classify the blue crystal. The name comes from Greek, which means cheating. Blue Apatite helps you achieve crystal-clear minds. It gives you a clean slate to move on to a new page and a fresh start. The blue apatite has a strong obvious characteristic. It strengthens independence and promotes ambition.

Final Word:

There are a lot of great options to choose from. Get your blue crystal today and start your growth and development. The power of the stone can improve all areas of your life. From the most mystical and spiritual to everyday interactions, your blue jewel can work magic for you.

All the stones discussed above have different effects on a person.

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