Can’t find a chamoy pickle kit? Here’s everything you require to make the sweet/salty treat yourself

Can’t find a chamoy pickle kit? Here’s everything you require to make the sweet/salty treat yourself

Pickles are popular. There is a full TikTok channel with more than 146,000 followers devoted to pickling products. More popular, however, is something called the Chamoy pickle kit. A quick search on TikTok showed that the tag “Chamoypickle” had more than 270 million views. Unfortunately, like every trend on youtube, it exploded so quickly that it wiped out inventory. Finding these kits is possible, but with intense demand, we’ve seen them cost $35 each. If you and your family want to jump on the bandwagon for less than $120, the best option is to make the alluring flavors yourself.

Things required to make chamoy pickle kit

The following are the main things required to make a chamoy pickle kit.

  • Chamoy sauce 
  • Pickles
  • Candy

Chamoy sauce

“Chamoy sauce” is a Mexican word believed to be derived from umeboshi, and umeboshi is a salty, sour custard. Chamois is a red-to-brown color made from dehydrated fruits such as apricots, mangoes or plums. It is seasoned with salt, sugar, chili powder and citrus juice, creating a carnival flavor in each mouthful. “Chamoy” can be made or purchased at home. Depending on your demand, the texture may range from a sauce that can be dripped on your favorite fruit to a thicker paste. When used with confectionery, it is usually powdered.

What does chamoy sauce taste like?

Chamoy sauce has many sugary, sweet and sour flavors, but it’s more pronounced and intense. Your first bite may be confusing, as its sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavor initially drowns out your tongue. However, once you get over your initial experience, the flourishing of flavors can be quite beneficial. It makes chili sauce highly versatile because it has elements to match various foods.

Chamoy vs. Tajin

Tajin may be confused with Chamoy due to its color, taste, packaging, and other factors. However, the two are completely different. While both have a range of flavors, Chamois is a fruit-based sauce, and Tajin is a spice made from salt, chili powder and dehydrated lime. Tajin can be added to Chamois to enhance its flavor. Also, note that Chamoy is a food product, and Tajin is a brand name.

How to make your chamoy sauce

Step 1

The stems and seeds of chilies. Put the two together with dried fruit, Jamaican flowers, sugar, salt and water in a medium-sized pot.

Step 2

Bring to a boil, then simmer over low heat for about half an hour. Let that mixture cool for several minutes to prevent accidents with the agitator. And then, mix everything until it’s smooth.

Step 3

Squeeze in lime juice, then taste and adjust any seasoning to your liking. Add more lime to add sourness, sucrose to add sweetness, or water until you reach your concentration.

Step 4

We add the cayenne powder to add heat, but the extra spices are optional. We’ll let you decide!

What else is required in a Chamoy Pickle Kit?

Although chamoy sauce is the main part of the chamoy pickle kit, after making the chamoy sauce then, you will add pickles and candies to it. Now your chamoy pickle kit is ready. This treatment is all about customization. The best set comes with extra hot sauce in a small bottle, so you can add as much as you like. Others include spices like Tajin or Pica Limon to increase the heat. Candy is essential. The best suits have something chewy and sweet (and often sour) to do the experience. All these extra elements combine to create a pleasant taste on your tongue.

Best Uses of Chamoy Pickle Kit

Although you can use the chamoy pickle kit in various ways, here we have discussed some of the best ways to use chamoy pickle kits.

As a snack:

You can give a chamoy pickle kit to your family as a snack. You can make chamoy pickle kits at home or purchase them from the market. 

As a gift:

You can give a chamoy pickle kit as a gift to your friend or any family member. But ensure that you have beautifully wrapped the chamoy pickle kit. They will like your gift.

Final Words:

Chamoy pickle kits are very popular, and they have earned this popularity in a very short time. Few people don’t like the sour taste of the chamoy pickle kit, but most people love this. Although chamoy pickle kits are inexpensive, you can also make them at home. After reading this article, you can easily make a chamoy pickle kit at home. 

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