Get special baby shower cakes for birthday

Get special baby shower cakes for birthday

Did you decide to make a baby shower cake? Or you’re the organizer of the shower and trying to decide on a theme. There are many special baby shower cakes for birthday introductions, such as cakes with a stork design, cakes with a baby’s foot or handprint, or even a cake with a pair of baby booties on top.

Think about what mommy likes best and check out the ideas for baby shower cake. It’s easy to decide on the design and decoration.

Baby shower cakes for boys

1.   Blue Baby Boy Bottom Shower Cake

Animal buttocks cake such as “rabbit buttocks cake” is a staple of a birthday party, but in the baby shower for boys, let’s arrange it as a baby buttocks cake. This adorable version is finished with a blue blankie. If you are a licensed cake decorator, you can make this cake with fondant, but it can be made at home.

2.   Blue Clouds and Star Boy’s Cake

This dreamlike cake is perfect for baby showers with the theme of “star birth” for example. Put the message “Oh Boy!” on the side of the cake and it will be even cuter. Stars and clouds can be easily created by applying fondant (or even card stock) on paper lollipop sticks or skewers and inserting them into a cake.

3.   Voyage-themed baby shower cake

Whether you choose to sail or seafarer for the baby shower theme, a paper boat on top of this cake is the perfect centerpiece for a dessert table. The cake is adorned with tiny shells, a sailing star, and a ship’s anchor.

4.   Baby Shower Cake of Forest Animals

This cake of forest animals such as foxes, raccoons, hedgehogs, etc. drawn with many pins is decorated with fondant ideas. This cake is perfect for outdoor moms or those who know their baby’s nursery is about forests.

5.   Elephant baby shower cake

The decoration of cake spheres is a big trend of late. This cake is perfect for an elephant-themed baby shower, but if it’s another theme, you can change the elephant to another animal or character. The cake bulb is fixed on a skewer to make a hot air balloon for this cake.

6.   Boy shower cake

If you know that a baby boy is born, if you are proud of it, and if you want to tell the world that a baby boy is born, this baby shower cake will clearly convey that message.

Baby shower cakes for Girls

Here are some cute and unique design ideas for baby shower cakes for girls’ babies and cupcakes.

1.   Sunflower Baby Shower cake

To make this simple, elegant baby shower cake, first, make a naked-style cake layer that doesn’t add frosting except to apply breadcrumbs. And decorate the cake with fresh sunflowers and a sprig of blackheads. That’s all.

This cake is also perfect for the theme of “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Flower Power”. In addition, please refer to this article for the theme of baby showers for girls.

2.   Baby Girl’s Bath Time

The baby girl’s intrepid smile and old-fashioned shower hose, a small white soap bubble with a pearl-like decoration, and a ribbon in perfect shape. This cake is really a work of art.

3.   Moon and star Baby Shower Cake

The crescent moon, golden stars and billowing clouds decorate the sky-themed cake. Good night It is perfect for parents who have read the moon many times.

4.   Princess Baby Shower Cake

This impressive cake is actually something you can do yourself. Simply decorate the frosted cake with meringue cookies and place the tiara cookies on it. The silver frosting is hung on the edge of the cake to add glamor. Frosting can be dyed in any color, such as pink, purple, or yellow, or it can remain white.

5.   Butterfly baby shower cake

This pink stage cake is decorated with butterflies in pink and purple shades. This will make the perfect cake for baby showers with magic garden themes and fairy themes.

Butterflies made from magypan or modeling chocolate may be sold in baking shops, but it’s actually not that difficult to make them with dyed and rolled fondant or modeling chocolate.

6.   Cute “is a girl” owl cake

Baby showers look great with baby animals, but what’s cuter than baby owls? In this case, the whole cake is shaped like a big-eyed owl baby. The cake is decorated with a yellow fondant circle inspired by feathers and a white frosting inspired by feathers. You can easily order it from a local cake shop or decorate it yourself. The trick is to scrape the cake into a pile with a sharp jagged knife.

7.   Rainbow and unicorn baby shower cake

Dream of one of the cutest baby showers with a rainbow and unicorn theme. This cake depicts the rainbow all the colors on the base layer, and the side of the unicorn on the top layer. Then, a rainbow appears from the clouds. This show stopper is recommended to consider using a talented cake decorator.

8.   Little angel Shower cake

Everyone who is going to be a mom thinks babies are like little angels. Topped with big, angelically decorated cookies and star-shaped cookies, this cake is simple but very sweet.

9.   Shower cake for twins

If you have two babies, double the cake! Double rainbow cake is the perfect dessert for Minakami’s parents looking forward to twins’ birth.

   10.  “Oh Baby” Gender Baby Shower Cake

If you don’t know your baby’s gender yet, but want to reveal it at your baby shower, consider a cake like this. The outside of the cake is decorated with white, pale blue, and light pink colors, and is marked “Oh baby”. But when the mother cuts the first slice, a red velvet cake appears, indicating that she is going to give birth to a baby girl.

Final Words

Choosing a shower cake design or style for a baby shower can be fun and, as you can say, the options are almost endless. Whether you want to use a local bakery, hire a trendy cake decorator, or create it with yourself or a friend, you can easily dream of putting on a cool look, design, frosting, and fondant. The cakes on this list, of course, are the creations of your imagination, and mothers are sure to be happy.

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