How to create a professional portfolio for your B2B wholesale company?

How to create a professional portfolio for your B2B wholesale company?

As a B2B copywriter, you know how important a portfolio is to capture clients in your copywriting samples. But how can a beginner make it? Especially if you haven’t worked with a potential client yet. A professional portfolio for your B2B wholesale company is the main thing that can win the attention of your clients at first glance.

A company portfolio is a collection of work examples that show your capabilities and skills to future clients. B2B companies can create professional portfolios on paper or online by creating websites or using third-party sites such as LinkedIn.

Online portfolios are the best way for B2B companies to showcase their work, licenses and qualifications, and feedback and recommendations from previous employers, teachers, and customers. When going to create a website work portfolio may be required or expected depending on the field.

B2B Wholesale Platform Type

customer orientation

These platforms are managed by companies looking for various products and services. They allow buyers to compare prices and offers and choose the company to their liking.


The platform is managed by suppliers who want to expand their marketing channels and reach a larger audience.

Independent system

It is a marketplace operated by a third party as an intermediary between buyers and suppliers.


There are certain industry-focused platforms, often at the local level.


This type of B2B platform connects companies from different industries and regions.

How do you build a portfolio of B2B clients?

With a copywriting portfolio, getting into the B2B industry is easy. To create from scratch, you need a Google Folder or a low-cost or free website (if you are a beginner).

To create a portfolio for a B2B business, you can go to wix.com or wordpress.org, create a free website, and add samples. You can publish a niche-related blog on its free site and make it serve as a writing sample. Alternatively, you can create free PDFs and documents in Canva and add samples. A simple Google Doc folder or LinkedIn profile is enough if you’re just getting started.

It’s better to have a domain name but remember that you can’t get clients with flashy websites and documents more than your writing style.

Port Folio Off Lam Work

This simple framework helps companies create a portfolio of short, medium, and long-term activities that centralize their content development efforts and meet their publishing pipeline. This framework allows marketers to understand what they need to do. You can understand which ideas should be published in a timely fashion, which should be developed over time, and which should remain unpublished. With this insight, B2B marketers can create content development programs that support demand generation during the current quarter and over a year or more.


Mature topics companies are familiar with and have deep experience in are positioned in the upper right quadrant, or “persistence.” Here, the guiding principle is to pay continuous attention. Companies with extensive experience must steadily publish new publications on the subject and generate as much revenue from the market as possible before the issue’s importance is lost.

For example, customer relationship management is not a new theme. However, consulting and CRM software companies with a long track record of helping organizations implement and use the principles and technologies of CRM can still deliver value by adding the latest insights into the conversation about the issue. Running content-rich webinars, publishing detailed case studies on CRM implementations, and writing a comprehensive book on CRM best practices are some ways these companies can use their wealth of experience to educate prospects and customers.


The market is just beginning to pay attention, and the new topic for companies is the quadrant at the bottom left, or “nurturing.” Companies need to approach such a theme as a long-term gamble. Companies can take a cautious approach to enter the market if the issue has attractive growth potential, has not made rapid, urgent progress, and other companies do not claim a firm right to the issue.

Include licenses and certifications

If your area of expertise requires a license or authorization, try to include them to prove your skills. For example, you may want a certificate of completion from a recent class to prove your advanced skills in Excel or PowerPoint. Also, if you’re currently working and have finance, plumbing, machinery license, etc., make sure it’s up to date and mention it so future employers can prove your skills.

Multiple Personalized User Roles

The wholesale website must be in line with the customer’s business processes. Different user roles and permissions must be allowed on a single corporate account when multiple decision-makers participate in the buying process. For example, you may have access to view product catalogs with prices and descriptions, but you may need to limit access to start payments.

Having a personalized view of each user’s role is also important so that customers’ employees don’t get confused with tasks that aren’t intended for them and avoid mistakes that might jeopardize their relationship with the organization.

Final Verdict: Professional portfolio for your B2B wholesale company

A professional portfolio for your B2B wholesale company is like the backbone of your business. Before starting a business, you must introduce yourself and your benefits. Show them your client reviews which are very important for engagement. Because people only trust the client’s opinions. Add maximum client feedback to your B2B company portfolio, which makes it powerful. In the end, you have to promote your profile in the market to reach the maximum peoples of your category.

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