Kirbi Top Things to Do all the time – Kirbi Travel Guides

Kirbi Top Things to Do all the time – Kirbi Travel Guides

Are you wondering what to do in Kirbi for your next big adventure? We will tell you all about the best places, how to get there, and the timing, so you can have the best trip that you can imagine.Kirbi is famous for its gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Kirbi is the place where you can make all of that happen. Visit this magical place.

There are few artificial highlights in Kirbi. The focus is on natural landscapes, such as cliffs, caves, beaches, and hot springs. You’ll love it.

Best things to do in Kirbi

Here are some of the best things to do in Kirbi to make your holiday heartwarming. Please take a look.

Ray Ray Beach Rock Climbing Challenge

Kirbi has a lot of majestic cliffs that attract rock climbers from all over the world. This massive limestone pillar in Rayleigh, a small peninsula between Kirbi and Ao Nang in Thailand, makes Kirbi one of the most exciting rock-climbing destinations in the world.

Railay Beach has many different rock climbing routes, each one of which is different. To challenge rock climbing, each requires a different level of toughness and agility. The rock climbing experience continues to test your rock climbing skills at various levels.

Due to the high cliffs of the limestone, the only access from the mainland is by boat. It is one of the most treacherous rock-climbing sites in Kirbi.

Koh Poda

Koh Poda is one of the most popular islands in the Kirbi archipelago. Located just 6 km from Ao Nang Beach, it takes about 25 minutes by long-tail boat.

Covered with palm and pine trees and surrounded by soft white sand beaches, this island is truly a paradise for the South. About 20 meters away from the beach, there is a coral reef where you can encounter various marine life.

Water Activities Explore the Sea Bottom

With the coastline spreading out, you can make bespoke water sports activities for all lovers. Its name is also “You name it, they have it.” Choose from a myriad of water activities, including speedboat, canoe, kayak, snorkeling, fishing, cruising, island hopping, and scuba diving.

If you’re coming to Thailand for a honeymoon, don’t miss out on these activities. In Kirbi, there are plenty of romantic activities for couples.

See the Beauty of Tunteo Forest Natural Park

This natural park is home to many wonderful plants and animals, especially the crystal lagoon (crystal pond). Also known as the Emerald Pool, the water is naturally warm and completely transparent, allowing you to swim and escape to another world while gazing at the waterfall. A bird called Pita Gurney, which was thought to have become extinct has been seen in the park.

Tour of four islands

Kirbi is one of the most relaxing places to visit so far. There are 130 beautiful islands, so naturally. The biggest attraction of Kirbi is that you can only go by boat to many of the isolated beaches. Hop on a famous colorful long-tail boat for an island tour of the islands and beaches of Thailand’s most secluded paradise.

The most famous is the “Four Island Tour”, which takes you along the coastline of Kirbi to Rayleigh Beach, Tub Island, Chicken Island, and Poda Island. Some of the tours also stop at Prana Beach, with its caves and cliffs.

Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Fishing, and Hiking

You can also enjoy mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

You can head to Huai Tho Falls by mountain bike or explore Thailand by horse riding.

Rent a fishing boat to explore the islands of Krabi, explore the jungle, or take a tour of the mangrove wetlands.

There are hundreds of reasons to enjoy the outdoors in Kirbi. Get a mountain bike at the Kirbi Mountain Biking on Chahua Avenue on the river.

You can explore a variety of places, including Huay Toe Waterfall, Tiger Cave Temple, Emerald Pool, hot springs, and other temples and caves.

Night market shopping addiction

Thailand is famous for the night market, but Kirbi is not defeated. The Kirbi Night Market, which is open Friday through Sunday, is lined with more than 70 stalls and some shops selling souvenirs. There are also ice cream stalls in the market, which are known for being loved by locals as well as tourists.

Visit the Elephant Sanctuary

If you love animals and want to spend time with cute animals, you should visit the Elephant Sanctuary. A visit to this sanctuary is one of the most popular activities in Kirbi. Spending time with an elephant, feeding it, washing it, taking a walk, etc. is more memorable than going on an elephant and having a painful experience.

White Water Rafting has fun

Are you thinking about what you’re going to do in Kirbi? In Kirbi, you can experience the White River Rafting, which will tickle your adventurous spirit from head to toe. The Somplaque River is known for its rapids, and you can experience the ultimate rafting.

Wat Tam Sua (tiger cave)

Wat Tamsua (tiger cave) is one of the area’s most famous caves near Kirbi Town. It is part of a group of temples where monks live and worship in a maze-like cave surrounded by lush jungle.

Some caves have a kind of tiger’s footprints embedded in the stones. However, the main attraction is climbing the 1,272 steps of the limestone tower to see the “Buddha’s Footsteps”.

Stop for Drink: Old West Bar

Popular with locals and tourists, the Old West Bar is the only Wild West-themed bar in Kirbi and is a place where you can have a good time. You can play on the billiard table or enjoy the evening without getting tired of the rich cocktail list. Many of the bars in Kirbi are filled with reggae, but the bar is filled with some of the best American bands from the 90s. There are Western and Thai dishes, and pizza is especially popular.

Kirbi Spa: Soul Rejuvenation

After the exhilarating activities in Kirbi, you’ll need some relaxation. How about a spa? It looks like you can relax, right? Such facilities are also available in Kirbi. Let’s heal the mind and body with Thai-style massage.


Kirbi is the most relaxing place in Thailand. With stunning views beyond your imagination, miles of beautiful white beaches, jungle, and more than 200 islands along the coast. The area of Kirbi is quite large, so many attractions need to be moved quite a bit, but it is beautiful everywhere you look, so it is not a pain at all. The best season is from November to April, but now it’s open all year round in many places, so you can always find something.

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