Most popular Coloram color scroller ever made for lightning

Most popular Coloram color scroller ever made for lightning

The Coloram system is a scrolling color changer and power supply with a complete model number, providing easy setup and use. Its variable color capacity and DMX compatibility provide designers with affordability and versatility, especially when budget and space are limited. The small, lightweight color changer slides easily into the lamp’s rubber frame bracket. The compact power supply connects effortlessly to the light fixtures trusses or mounts to the 19-inch stand on a 19-inch rack. The Coloram system consists of one or more color changers and a small power supply. The DMX512 control signal from the lighting panel is connected to a power source. The power supply sends both power & control signals on a single cable, so you do not need a separate power cable for each color changer. 

Main Components of a Coloram System

Color Changers

All Coloram color changers use gel cords, which may be of different lengths. The color changer sets the position of the gel string by a signal from the power source in proportion to the DMX level. The color changer is powered by a 25-volt DC voltage, also supplied by the power source. A single cable provides both the control signal and the DC power.


Gelsting is a series of precisely cut colored gel frames joined side by side. Side by side, forming a color sequence. The two extra gels at the gel wire’s ends are “The Leader” and “The Trailer.” The leader and trailer allow proper connection to the rollers. Both ends of the gel cord have aluminum foil tabs, which are necessary for the color changer to calibrate color automatically. It is necessary for the color changer to automatically calibrate the length of the gel rope.

Power Supply

The power supply converts the DMX512 signal intensity level from the light control panel to a Coloram control signal, which is then sent to each color changer along with 25 VDC. The power supply has a DMX bypass relay to which a DMX signal is passed if the DMX output interface fails. In the case of AC power loss, transmit the DMX signal to the DMX output interface.


The power/data cable connects the Coloram (RAM) power output to the Coloram color changer. The power output is connected to the Coloram color changer and provides them with power and control signals. The cable has a 5-pin XLR connector on both ends, consisting of two 5 AWG leads. The cable has 5-pin XLR connectors on both ends and consists of two 5 AWG conductors and a pair of 23 AWG twisted-pair wires with shielding.

Steps to Install the Coloram

Follow the connection and checkout procedures below to get your Coloram system up and running.

Attach the color changer to the fixture

Slide the color changer mounting bracket into the bezel bracket on your lamp and lock the bezel retainer, if present. Lock the Rubber Frame Clips (if present). If the mounting plate on your color changer does not fit the lamp, you can replace it with a different mounting plate. The mounting plate allows you to roll the color changer with the gel string. Place horizontally or vertically. However, the most efficient operation of the Coloram is to use a fan. The fan at the top of the center panel is blowing vertically.

Attach the safety cable

There is a safety cable on the color changer. Place the cable around the pipes or trusses that hang the light fixtures and clip it to yourself. Bypass the pipes or trusses on which you hang the lights and clamp them onto yourself.

Mount the power supply

Coloram power supplies are designed to stand up, truss, or rack-mount. You decide which installation method is best for your application. The power supply is equipped with a mounting bracket that can be hung from the tubes or trusses of your lighting equipment and then locked with thumb screws. Hook your light fixtures and lock them with a thumb screw. If you choose this installation method, connect the security cable around the pipes or trusses that connect the power supplies. If you choose this installation method, you can connect the safety cable around the tubes or trusses connected to the power supply. Power supplies can also be installed into a 20-inch rack using the optional Coloram power rack mounting kit. The rack mount kit accommodates two Coloram power supplies installed side by side.

Attach the color changers to the power supply

Attach the color changer to the power supply using the 5-pin Wybron power supply/data cable. Refer to the Head Limits section of the manual for details on cable length. Details of cable length.

Connect the power supply to the AC power

Plug the AC cord into the non-dimming power supply circuit. The power supply automatically adapts to either 110-134 VAC at 55/65 Hz or 170-240 VAC at 55/65 Hz. The power supply for the Coloram (RAM) power supply is displayed by a red LED display and is visible from the Stage. A red or yellow LED display power supply is also at the bottom of each color changer.

Set the color changer channels

Every color changer is assigned a DMX channel, which will respond from the lighting console. The console responds. A valid DMX address is 001-514. First, set the first channel for the DMX channel block selected for the power supply – on the power supply. It is done on the power supply. The color changer (the rotary switch and the third DIP switch) is set to the first, second, third, and fourth channels. switch) for the power channel block’s first and second channels. For example, if you want the color changer to respond to DMX channel 105, first set the power channel block to start with the channel. Then, set the power channel block to start at channel 105 and the color changer to channel 1. Channel 1 – The first channel in the power channel block. Set the starting DMX channel for the power supply using the SETUP menu. If the intercom is enabled on the power supply, the power supply’s start channel is limited to 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and wait.

Set the Coloram operating modes

The Coloram system provides you with optional settings so you can customize its performance to best suit your application. Performance to best suit your application. These settings can be set via the four DIPs at the bottom of each color changer. These settings can be set via the four DIP switches at the bottom end of each color changer in combination with the power supply. To set the DIP switch, press the switch in the direction of the text on the chassis legend. Press the text direction on the chassis legend.

Connect and set the DMX512 source

Use a standard DMX cable to attach the DMX512 signal source to the DMX input connector on the front of the power supply. A valid DMX signal will be indicated by the word “DMX OK” on the power supply display.

Final Words:

Coloram color scroller is widely used in different types of events or functions. It is mostly used by event organizers, who know how to properly set up coloram color scroller. But if you want to organize your event yourself, this article is very useful. After reading this article, you can easily set up your coloram color scroller.

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