Performance Design’s Parachute for Skydiving “Spectre” Complete Review

Performance Design’s Parachute for Skydiving “Spectre” Complete Review

Performance Designs’ new skydiving parachute, the Spectre, has been completed. The company has been working on this design for the past two years, but is finally ready for release. The parachute is designed in a more aerodynamically superior canopy shape for improved stability and airspeed. It also uses lightweight materials to reduce weight and resistance. Specter comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Its forward speed is up to 55mph, making it one of the fastest parachutes in skydiving.

What is Spectre Parachute?

Spectre Parachute is a parachute designed by Performance Designs for skydiving. It is considered one of the most technologically advanced parachutes on the market and is used by many professional skydivers.

The Spectre Parachute is designed with safety in mind. It has several safety features not found in other parachutes, such as a reserve canopy that deploys when the primary canopy fails. The Spectre Parachute also features an auto-start device that allows the reserve canopy to be deployed when skydivers reach a certain altitude without deploying their own parachutes.

The Spectre Parachute comes in a variety of sizes and can be customized to suit the needs of individual skydivers. This parachute is made of high-quality materials and is made to last a long time. The Spectre parachute comes with a five-year warranty and is supported by a skilled customer service team.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable parachute for skydiving, Spectre Parachute is a perfect choice.

How Spectre Parachute Works

The Spector Parachute is a high-performance skydiving canopy designed for experienced skydivers. The manufacturer is Performance Designs, a leading manufacturer of skydiving equipment. Spectre Parachute is made of ripstop nylon and has a rounded square shape. The sizes are available in 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 square feet and several types. The canopy is mounted on a rectangular frame and mounted on the Skydiver’s harness with four suspension lines. The Spectre parachute uses a single-point release system that allows the canopy to be quickly removed from the saddle in case of an emergency. The canopy can be repacked by a certified liger.

The Benefits of Spokesperson Parachute

The Performance Designs Spector Parachute is a high-performance canopy designed for skydivers. Spectre has many advantages that make it a great choice for experienced skydivers. Here are some of the benefits of Spector.

• The large canopy provides lift and easy control.

• The canopy is made of durable materials that can withstand high speeds and strong winds.

• The -Spectre is aerodynamically designed to quickly and efficiently tear air.

• The parachute has a built-in brake system that slows down during descent, making it safe to land.

• If you’re looking for a high-performance parachute for a safe and fun skydiving experience, Spectre is a perfect choice.

How to use the Spectre parachute

14 CFR part 65, section 65.129 defines a number of performance criteria to guide Parachute Rigger in carrying out the duties that qualify for certification. Parachutrigers should not do the following: — Parachutrigers must not: – Packaging parachutes that are not safe for emergency use. – Dry enough and pack the parachute without air. – To modify a parachute in a manner not specifically permitted by the administrator or the manufacturer of the parachute.

The last item on this list has been exploited by many Master Parachute Riggers over the years. Master Parachute Triggers must obtain written approval from the manager or manufacturer to comply with this Regulation.

Apart from the necessary tools, 14 CFR part 65, subsection 65.129(f) states that Parachutrigers may exercise the privileges of a certificate only if they understand the current manufacturer’s instructions for the operation concerned. This means that Rigger must have a copy of the instruction manual or be able to see it during operation. If the owner of the parachute provides instructions, the parachute rigger can pack and maintain the parachute.

Facilities and equipment

The issue of Parachute Rigger certificates is only the first step to becoming a professional Parachute Rigger. Uncertified apprentices need to gain packing experience and begin to get inventory of tools and manuals needed to exercise their certification privileges. 14 In compliance with CFR part 65, section 65.127, there are a few items required. One of these requirements is a smooth table top at least 3 feet wide × 4 feet long.

Once an individual obtains a Parachute Rigger Certificate, it is valid for life unless surrendered, suspended, or revoked. If the individual intends to work as a parachute rigger and not just have the certificate, he or she must maintain currency as a practicing parachute rigger. These currency requirements include at least one of the following. Performing parachute rigger duties for at least 90 days within the preceding 12 months.

A variation on this theme is accessing the packing instruction via the Internet. Many manufacturers provide manuals via their websites. If the parachute rigger does not download the actual instruction, they must show that they had access during the packing of the parachute.

Demonstrating to the Administrator

Record-Keeping Maintaining proper records of parachute rigger activities is an important responsibility. This is necessary for the protection of the parachute rigger, the user of the parachute, and the satisfaction of the Administrator. Under 14 CFR part 65, section 65.131, certificated parachute riggers must document the packing, maintenance, and alteration of parachutes they have performed or supervised. These records normally are documented in a parachute rigger’s logbook. The following information must be documented:

While not required on the data card, it has become commonplace for the parachute rigger to note the work performed as well. This is usually noted as assemble and pack (A&P) or inspect and repack (I&R). Professional parachute riggers often use an ink stamp on the data card that indicates the name, certificate number, and seal symbol, and provides an area for signature. This allows the customer or other parachute riggers to read the name (some signatures are illegible) and to correlate the last entry with the seal on the parachute.


The Performance Designs Spectre Parachute is an excellent choice for skydiving. Its excellent glide ratio and superior stability make it a great choice for experienced jumpers. Its low pack volume, easy packing, and great durability make it a great choice for those just starting out. The Spectre is also incredibly easy to use, with a simple opening procedure and an intuitive bridle configuration. All in all, the Performance Designs Spectre Parachute is a great choice for any skydiver, from beginner to expert.

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