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The angel 65 keyboard and pin mount design complete review

The angel 65 keyboard and pin mount design complete review

I came up with the idea of making an Angel 65 keyboard. Rather than the previous Profet 60 keyboard. The Angel  65 keyboard is a pin-mounted, seamless 65% keyboard. The design of Angel 65 is somehow the same as that of the Prophet 60 keyboard. The design language and support are also the same as the Profet 60, but with a different form factor.

The need behind Angel 65 Keyboard

People wanted to try the Profet 60 keyboard, but they hated the 60% board. The issues highlighted by the people led to the cable car design owner introducing the new Angle 65 Keyboard. He used the new pin mount for a prominent form factor while keeping customer needs in mind. He experimented with a variety of form factors to determine what is possible with this mounting style. And it became my personal favorite type of feeling.

Prophet 60 Keyboard has definitely won. However, he decided to change the mount style to get a consistent and approachable type and sound profile in the proto.

The design of the Angel 65 keyboard

Aluminum was used for the board. At first, he decided to manufacture only three colors. The main colors are e-black and silver, and the third color has not been announced yet. The owner of Cable Car Design introduced the design “Custom PCB”. Therefore, the Custom PCB design is used to manufacture the board. And this PCB design supports the ISO/ANSI layout. On the top of the board, WKL or Standard WKL are used, both of which are equipped with 0.5u power blockers.

POM or polypropylene is the basic material for the board. ISO plates are made of only one material, depending on the number of sales. However, the material becomes more powerful. You can change and modify materials freely, and you can share material files.

What is pin mount design?

The owner of Cable Car Design introduced a new mount design, which is called pin mount. There is no pressure from the upper half of the plate. The four pins serve as columns at the corners of the base to secure the plate and place it on the base lip. The purpose is to gain freedom for the plate to move toward the center, as there is no downward pressure. It then maintains an equal pressure around the edges of the board.

60 Keyboard vs. Angel 65 Keyboard

Since the manufacture of the angle 65 keyboard was beneficial after the success of the Prophet 60 keyboard, the Angel 60 keyboard follows the design of the Prophet 60. However, after using the Prophet 60, the user highlighted some issues, so the owner tried pin-mounting with more important elements, the substrate is made 65%, different from 60% of the Prophet design. Therefore, the main difference is the pin mount of 65%.

Angel 65 Keyboard price

The Angel 65 Keyboard’s target price is $375, but this price may increase in the future. The standard package will include at least one plate and a PCB. This product is available for group purchase and prices may vary with quantity.

Latest Keyboard Types

1. Ducky MIYA Pro: Favorites 65% keyboard

The Ducky MIYA Pro is a great keyboard from Ducky with a sleek, compact design and several keyboard designs. These keyboards come in several different keycap designs and themes and are truly unique. If you want an aquarium-themed keyboard, there’s a design for you.

We’ll link several models below, so please click to check the price of They usually have the most diverse stock, so there is fun to see.

This is a 65% recommended product for a keyboard. It is supported by entering the code “SWITCHANDCLICK” at checkout.

2. Drop ALT: Best hot swappable 65% keyboard

Of the keyboards on this list, Drop Alt is located in the highest price range, but believe us, it’s worth the price. The switch options are as follows: It’s Hallo Clear, Hallo True, Kaihua box white, Kaihua speed silver, and Cherry MX blue. There are lots of cool switches that you won’t find on other keyboards. You can also purchase a custom keycap kit for an optional fee on the website.

I have a Drop CTRL, so there may be a bit of bias about this keyboard. This keyboard is beautiful. Uses an aluminum plate and body.

It feels sturdy and heavy. The Drop ALT has a hot-swappable socket. Simply use the switch puller to easily move the switch in and out.

3. Ducky One 2 SF: 65% Keyboard Best for Gaming

Ducky One 2 SF (65% stands for SF) ranked third. Ducky One 2 SF is currently available in two designs, black and white, so choose the one that best suits your aesthetic.

There are two color variations with RGB LED lighting. The keycap is made of double-shot PBT resin, durable and long-lasting.

The switch options are as follows: Cherry MX black, brown, red, blue, silver, silent red The switches options are Cherry MX Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Silver, and Silent Red. The case is made of ABS resin. The black version looks black from the top, but the bezel and bottom are white.

4. Keychron K6: Best budget 65 keyboard

K6 has absolute features, and if you come up with a feature, this keyboard has it. The main disadvantage of the K6 is how thick this keyboard is. To use this keyboard comfortably, you need to have a proper list. Other than that, it feels perfect.

Another complaint is that the keycaps are quite low contrast and are hard to see unless RGB is turned on.

Also, the ABS key cap is thin and feels soft. We were able to improve the overall typing experience of K6 by upgrading the key cap to a thick PBT.

5. Akko 3068 Best wireless 65 keyboard

The Akko 3068 is also a popular 65 keyboard. This is a 65 keyboard that comes with a blue switch in Amazon. There are also various colors and keycap designs, and depending on the item, there is a range of prices.

This is the blue switch of Cherry MX, and it has a click feeling. The number of keys is 68, and it is a USB-C connection. Other Cherry MX switches, such as red and brown, are available from other shops.

The keyboard is a plastic enclosure with a slight natural angle. There are rubber feet on the bottom and no flip-up feet.

6. MagicForce 68. 65 Cheapest Mechanical Keyboard

The MagicForce (Qian) 68 keyboard is 65-wired. It is an all-white keyboard featuring black legends. It is equipped with an Outemu brown switch (MX equivalent switch) and is currently sold at a low price. This keyboard has 68 keys.

It has a floating-style design where you can see the switch while hitting it. It is very beautiful even from the side. There are also two kickstands on each side, with rubber feet on the bottom.

LED light on the bottom is exposed by the floating design. It has a blue and orange lighting effect. On the aluminum plate, the brand Magicforce is engraved on the top and right of the arrow keys. Unlike other 65 mechanical keyboards, it is laid out in a little empty space.

7. Vortexgear Cypher 65: Best no-frills 65 keyboard

The Vortexgear Cypher is a clean and simple 65 mechanical keyboard. We reviewed this keyboard on our YouTube channel and had positive feedback on Cypher. The Cypher features a black case with a plastic body and a durable PBT keycap.

The keyboard provided a great typing experience, a removable USB-C cable, a PBT keycap, and all the basic features you’d need for a safe keyboard.

For the Vortexgear Cypher, you can choose from a line of Cherry MX switches. Blue, Brown, and Silver. Most keyboards don’t have an optional silver switch, which is often used in gaming. We wanted to see more switch choices so that users could have more switch variations.

8. Durgod Fusion New 65 keyboard

Durood Fusion is an up-and-coming keyboard released through Kickstarter this year. The GK68XS boasts some pretty amazing features, including a retro-themed keycap color, removable USB-C cables, and wireless capabilities. This keyboard fulfills all the requirements of a retro-sweet keyboard.

It’s rare for a keyboard in this price range to have a Cherry MX switch. Cherry switches meet stringent test and durability standards and are typically only used on high-end keyboards.


The angle 65 keyboards is a compact mechanical keyboard with only the keys you need most. The result is a more streamlined design that takes up less space on your desk. Many 65 keyboards have 61 to 68 keys depending on the layout. The most common layout is the ANSI layout, which contains all keys on a full-sized keyboard, except the numeric keypad and navigation keys. The layout consists of a dedicated column of function keys (F1-F12) and independent arrow keys.

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