Where to Buy Online Rainbow theme Cake with 2 tier?

Where to Buy Online Rainbow theme Cake with 2 tier?

If you’re looking for an amazing centerpiece for your party, rainbow theme cake with 2-tier delivery will help you find your next meal. The bakeries discussed in this article let you choose from a wide variety of rainbow theme cakes, so you can find options that suit your guest’s dietary needs and your party theme. The best bakeries offer a range of designs and flavors that make ordering simple and, in many cases, allow you to add custom elements. Here are some of the best online bakeries to order a rainbow theme cake, whether planning your party or handing out delicious desserts as gifts.

Best places to buy online rainbow theme cake


Whether you’re looking for a rainbow theme cake or a classic caramel icing seven-layered cake, Goldbelly is a one-stop shop that serves cakes (and other food) from bakeries and restaurants across the United States. Customers can choose trend-setting cakes from established stores such as Ferrara Bakery in New York and Cuello’s in New Jersey, home to the television show Cake Bosses, or choose standing ones from places such as Junior’s Cheesecake. Plus, since Kimberly offers a variety of food items, you can order snacks on the website or even order a full meal at the same time as a cake to cater for your entire party. 


This popular grocery delivery service delivers rainbow theme cakes (and just about anything else you need for a party) directly to your doorstep from some grocery stores and hypermarkets in your area. The company contracts with independent shoppers and works with most of the country’s large grocery chains, including Safeway, Costco, Wegmans and Kroger, as well as larger independent grocery stores and some specialty shops. Use a very clear website and select a cake from a store in your area; someone will deliver it to your door later in the day. 

Send a Cake

Just because you order a cupcake doesn’t mean it can’t have a big impact. You can choose a “crackle box” with small squares and confetti to pop out of the packaging or a “crackle box” to fold to reveal a cloth flower, candy or small stuffed animal around the rainbow theme cake. Some people have the option of posting a personal photograph printed on a box, while the blast box can include a wind-up butterfly flitting through the air. 

Karma Baker

The Los Angeles bakery has been a local favorite since it opened in 2014. The shop ships in more than 21 rainbow theme cake flavors, from classic ones such as red velvet, chocolate and carrot cake to creative combinations such as strawberry crumble and “Snickerzzz,” all of which are carefully decorated. As well as being gluten-free, all the cakes are vegetarian, Jewish-free, and soy-free. Many have no nuts, making them ideal for customers with various dietary restrictions. While you can’t customize the cake itself, the bakery offers the option of adding birthday candles and number-shaped mini balloons to insert into the cake.

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

This popular vegetarian bakery offers 26 rainbow theme cake choices and beautiful, trend-setting decor. The flavors include three layers of chocolate, mint sugar, vanilla lemon and raspberry jam “cream.” Unlike most mail-order bakeries, Yvonne’s allows you to add custom flavors and decor. Depending on the cake you choose, you may choose to add berries, nuts, or jams between the layers or decorate the cake with more berries or nuts, extra sprinkles, or icing text. Cakes vary in size and price. A four-inch two-story cake starts at $35, undecorated; Cakes arrive overnight and cost from $36 to $83 in the continental United States.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice

Popular in New York City, this ice cream parlor offers a variety of high-quality, handmade rainbow theme cake developed by pastry chef Nicholas Morgenstern. Each cake consists of two thin layers of chocolate or vanilla cake (one at the bottom and one in the middle) and two thick layers of ice cream. The cake ends with a circle of whipped cream icing and other decorative elements such as biscuits, pretzels or honeycomb cubes. All cakes are available for six to eight people and cost $125, including free delivery; Online ordering forms are easy to navigate. Customers can write a gift message for the recipient, but the company does not include inscriptions or other decorations for mail orders.


The Pop-a-Cake company offers dozens of different designs of rainbow theme cakes, as well as unique shapes and decor. There are also a variety of seasonal and specific event themes. Once you’ve chosen your outfit, you can choose from up to four cake flavors or a range of flavors. The price of the cake batter ranges from $16 to $51, depending on the quantity and design. The company recommends ordering one or two cakes per person. Cake sticks are shipped with USPS or UPS services, and the cost varies according to the size of the order (some large orders may have higher courier charges).

Atlanta Bakery

There are relatively few places in the U.S. that make rainbow theme cake for people with ketosis (most bakeries specialize in smaller snacks), but this Atlanta bakery fills that gap with enticing choices. Each multi-layered rainbow theme cake is sugar-free, low-carb and gluten-free, with flavors such as lemon-blueberry, vanilla and sugar-free sprays, as well as the very popular “night and day” cake, which consists of chocolate brownie bottoms and cheesecake and chocolate mousse layers. 

Final Words:

Ordering rainbow theme cake via courier service can provide a spectacular hub for your celebrations, but the best rainbow theme cake (and overnight delivery from bakeries across the country) can be expensive. In general, the most fashionable and unique rainbow theme cake will be the most expensive. We first consider Goldbelly, which sells a wide range of rainbow theme cake from bakeries across the country.

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