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Where to get pixel 2 xl used mobile best places

Where to get pixel 2 xl used mobile best places

Looking for the best place to buy a pixel 2 xl used mobile? Stop looking. Now a shiny new flagship phone can burn a hole in your wallet. Look at the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 – you’ll pay more than $1,000 for everything in your phone. However, slightly used phones are sold at a more affordable price. Fortunately, plenty of websites sell you second-hand phones for budget-friendly (or at least friendly) prices.

Best sites to buy a pixel 2 xl used mobile

Here are the most trusted sites to buy a pixel 2 xl used mobile. Continue reading to find out which is right for you.


Want to compare all sellers in one place? SellCell compares sites such as Amazon, DeCluttr and Gazelle. SellCell is famous for selling your phone, but it’s also a place to buy it. In addition, SellCell offers a trust pilot or Better Business Bureau review for each seller. They also provide financing.


OCBuyBack has a good customer service rating. However, you may need help finding the range of used phones available on other websites. You can find sales of Apple and Android phones on OCBuyBack. All phones sold on the OCBuyBack carry a six-month warranty. The warranty covers product defects or failures not related to your use. Full details of the undertaking are available on the OCBuyBack website. OCBuyBack has a 60-day return policy as long as the phone is not damaged. You’ll find that the price of a used phone on the OCBuyBack is tolerable compared to other sites.


Decluttr is a website that will sell you its used phone stock. The Decluttr’s second-hand phone options are much more affordable than the price of a new phone. However, you pay more on the Decluttr than on eBay or Amazon for a used phone. However, you get from Decluttr a free tracking shipment of all the technology and a 14-day return.


Swappa is a market for users, ensuring that only lightly used technology can be sold to buyers. By cutting out the middlemen, you will find more affordable prices. In addition, there is no selling charge, although buyers pay a small amount that is included in the selling price.

BuyBack World

BuyBack World sells both Android and Apple phones. The status of your phone is listed in the Web site list. Fair, good, or excellent. Phones are extensively tested and certified, and feature details are included in each list. Buy back to the world to provide a 60-day warranty on the return of certified used equipment. If you buy a new, sealed phone in a box, you’ll pay a 20% return fee.


Amazon lets you buy used phones directly from manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Apple, Huawei or any local seller. Remember, Amazon sells phones that are certified and have a 90-day warranty. If you find the product does not match the description or experience some failure, you can replace it. However, the warranty only applies to refurbished Amazon-certified phones, and the warranty for other phones will vary by manufacturer or seller.


Gazelle is one of the famous leading “commerce” sites. The company buys used smartphones and tablets from sellers. They are then inspected, certified and sold to consumers at a more affordable price. The product is also Gazelle certified, meaning no contracts or conditions are attached. In addition, each item has passed 20 quality checks, and as the top cherry, buyers have a 30-day risk-free return policy.


Walmart sells a wide range of used phones. All phones include a 30-day guarantee from Walmart. You can get Walmart’s phone protection plan at an additional cost. One of the benefits of buying used phones through Walmart is that they have a wide range of handset options. Note that third-party sellers may have sold some phones. If this is the case, the details of the warranty may change. 

Best Buy

Best Buy sells many used phones, including Android and Apple phones. Some are locked, and most are unlocked. Some are certified retrofitters, and some are not. Best Buy offers a 14-day return on used phones that are bought. Best Buy has a “compare” feature, so if you want to look at the available phones that fit your specifications, you can compare more than one. Choose from available second-hand phones at your nearby Best Buy store, or ship your phone in. If the phone is eligible, it can be delivered free of charge. Best Buy’s range of options and competitive pricing make it a smart choice for to look for a second-hand phone.


With eBay, you can confidently purchase if you follow general guidelines and read good reviews. Check the seller’s listed used phone for uploaded photos and accurate, detailed descriptions.

Key Benefits of Purchasing Used Mobiles

Saving Money

That’s the most important thing about buying a used phone. You can buy a second-hand phone for less than the price of a new one. For example, a pixel 2 xl used phone can be purchased for $150 on the Swappa, compared with just over $359 for a new phone.

Environmentally Friendly

About 420,000 cell phones are disposed of each day, according to E.P.A. data dating back to 2020, bringing the total to more than 190 million per year. So choose a second-hand one to save the environment.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Used Mobiles


What’s the status of this phone? Is it bad, fair, good, or new? Review the photos, descriptions, and certifications carefully to ensure you know what you’re getting.


Compare the price of a specified used phone across websites to ensure you save as much money as possible.

Final Words:

While all these sites work well when looking for a pixel 2 xl used phone, we recommend using SellCell to save time and money. You’ll be able to compare the price of popularly used phones, often saving you $50 off your purchase. And to maximize frugality, once you’ve used up your old device, you can sell your old phone online for cash.

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