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Best action camera flashlight for high results

Best action camera flashlight for high results

Action cameras flashlights are really struggling when trying to capture images with low light. You will need an action camera flashlight to capture the best moments of your life.

Today, we will see the best action camera flashlight that you can use to capture your favorite moments of life using your action camera.

What is an action camera flashlight?

Camera flashlights can be described as powerful LED lights that provide a vivid view for the audience by mounting them on action cameras. It is sometimes referred to as an LED light alone.

The action camera is quite different from the SLR camera, it is compact and works even in low light. The camera flashlight helps when you are willing to plan a shoot at night and capture the best quality video.

A flashlight is widely used to shoot distant objects, underwater video, and deep in the woods, we plug into the aquatic wildlife when the camera flashlight is mandatory.

10 Recommended Action Camera Flashlights

1. Suptig 60 LED Video Light

•              Perfect compatibility

•              Four lighting modes

•              164ft Water Resistant

•              Built-in lithium battery

So far, we’ve talked about some LED video lights. This is another Suptig light. This is a 60-LED light array that can be turned on for approximately 5 hours in high mode. Light can be turned on for approximately 6.5 hours in the Mid-lighting mode and 14 hours in the Low-lighting mode.

The light’s power supply is a 5200mAh lithium battery that can be charged with the cable included with the package.

2. Suptig Video Writing Divine

•              Perfect compatibility

•              Five lighting colors

•              147 feet waterproof

•              Built-in lithium battery

The Suptig Video Lighting Dive Light is a compact flashlight designed for GoPro system cameras. Equipped with 72 LED lights, it can be changed to five light colors. The entire system is housed in a stainless steel casing that does not rust when exposed to seawater. It is designed for action camera systems such as GoPro but is also compatible with various other color systems such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung DSLR systems.

3. Ulange VL49 2000mAhLED Light

•              Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery

•              Cold Shoe Mount

•              Color Temperature Adjustable

This is a cold shoe rechargeable LED light array designed for DJI Osmo action cameras. However, it can also be used with various DSLR camera systems, including Canon and Sony’s DSLR cameras.

The integrated lithium-supply cell has a total power capacity of 2000 mAh. This is slightly less than the Suptig video light mentioned above. The total charge time is 2 hours. At maximum brightness, it will deliver for 2 hours. At the minimum brightness, the battery will last for 5 hours.

4. Suptig XShot High Power Dimming LED Video Light

•              Three light modes

•              Rechargeable batteries

•              147 feet waterproof

This is another high-power dimmable waterproof LED light. This fill light is perfectly suited for diving applications and is compatible with a variety of GoPro Hero cameras including Hero 8, Hero 7, and Hero 6. It also supports SjCam 5000, SjCam 6000, and Xiaoyi camera systems.

The light is water-resistant to depths of up to 147 feet.

5. Ulangipictrone VL28 Vlogging Light

•              Four levels of brightness

•              Cold shoe adapter for cameras

•              Built-in rechargeable battery

•              Very small size

Pictron VL28 is a mini Vlogging light. The LED light array with a diffusion cover converts light quality to soft, diffused lighting ideal for Vlog photography.

The brightness can be adjusted in four steps, and SOS mode is also included. The light consists of an array of 28 high-intensity lamp beads that deliver up to 120 lumens of power at 0.5m. The light is set at a 120-degree angle.

6. Honda Dive Lights

•              Wide angle lighting

•              the splendid diving lights

The Hongkak underwater LED light is a diving light designed to work with several action camera systems including GoPro Hero 8, 7, 6, 5, and 5S. It also works with GoPro Hero 4, 4S, and 3 in previous models. It also supports other action camera systems such as SJCam and Xiaoyi.

In addition, it can be used with many DSLR cameras and mirrorless camera systems but is only mounted on the camera’s cold shoe. The waterproof housing allows the light to be used underwater for up to 45 m (147 ft) of water. They are the perfect companion for waterproof camera systems like GoPro.

7. Simorr LED Video Light

•              Portable LED Video Light

•              2700-6500k dimmable

•              2200mAh High Capacity Battery

•              3 cold shoe mounts

This is also another portable LED video light. This light is compatible with many action cameras and Sony’s mirrorless camera systems.

The Simorr light consists of 96 LED beads for high-quality output. Illuminance is 120 degrees so that the light’s projection illuminates the space ahead.

You can adjust the color temperature of the light. Between 2700~6500K, you can choose from bright warm colors to daylight color balance and cold white colors. The brightness of the light can also be adjusted from 0% to 100%.

8. GoPro Light Mod

•                    Four levels of brightness (up to 200 lumens) deliver superb detail.

•                    10m waterproof, tough structure

•                    Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours

•                    Four levels of brightness

•                    33 feet waterproof

If there is a discussion of the best flashlights for action cams, then it is not possible to omit GoPro Light Mod. This bright light provides 200 lumens of brightness and wide-angle projection up to 155 degrees.

9. RM01 Waterproof Portable LED Light

Daytime balance of LED lighting kits 5600K, CRI95, TLCI96. Equipped with a high-quality COB with high color rendering and uniform light emission. Perfect for professional photography, video, underwater, cycling, camping, and vlogging as well as close-up detailed shots of objects

The portable lighting kit has four levels of brightness adjustment (short press: 25%-100%), a built-in 800mAh lithium battery, a working time of about 1 hour under 100% power output constantly, max working time of 5 hours. Small rechargeable video lights with Type C ports can be extended over time

Durable and waterproof: Waterproof camera lighting kits use PC+ABS materials, which are high heat and weather resistance, stability, and impact resistance. Waterproof and anti-dust, can be used in outdoor rain, beaches, seaside, etc

10. VL-81 LED Video Light

81 bead fill light with a softbox. VL-81 LED Video Light is an improved version of the video light that is guided by VL49 2000mah. It comes with 81 beads, a brighter and larger angle of CRI95 + 3200k-5600k. Softbox Design, Not Dazzling

Adjustable for warm light and adjustable Brightness Levels:


The best action camera flashlights are made of many different LEDs. They produce a color temperature similar to natural sunlight, so LED flashlights with high CRI are ideal. Having multiple LEDs helps to achieve variable color temperatures. You can also use a variety of color filters to highlight specific colors. The lumens and brightness of a flashlight can vary depending on your needs and budget. In addition to the number of lumens, you need to look for waterproof and adjustable options.

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