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Best biker gloves to buy in 2023 with high quality stuff

Best biker gloves to buy in 2023 with high quality stuff

No matter what kind of cycling you like, every motorcyclist should have a high-quality pair of motorcycle gloves to provide real protection during an accident. It’s already painful to land your hands on asphalt at rest and even more so at high speed. Since, in most cases, you are more likely to hit the ground, first, a good pair of biker gloves will protect your paws. Different riders have different requirements, so we decided to select products that cover a wide range of riding needs for this list. These include sport, travel and cross-country rider options and specialized summer and winter options. We conclude from real-life experiences, product familiarity, and high-quality reviews from credible sources. Of course, we also take into account customer comments and feedback. We also focus on the product’s quality and whether it delivers value for money. After all, being expensive doesn’t always mean good, and being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

11 Best Biker Gloves to Buy in 2023

1- Dainese Steel Pro Gloves

When it comes to all sports, Dainese is the brand name of choice. In terms of price/performance, the Dainese brand may be too expensive for the average rider. However, when it comes to their Steel Pro gloves, your investment has paid off enormously. They are high-quality gloves without an overpriced price tag. These gloves are made of suede and advanced armor; the gloves are described as “the ultimate track gloves.” If you’re a regular racetrack rider, they’re worth paying for. Leather is tough and soft, offering great flexibility, but the real benefit is protection. The composite and stainless steel inserts protect the knuckle area, while the thermoplastic armor keeps the fingers secure. 

2- Quantum 2 Gauntlets

Rev’It announced in 2021 that they plan to launch a new range of devices in 2022, which will fall entirely within the mid-market price range. They promised that the new collection of gear was derived from motorsport, from their MotoGP, and that the Quantum 2 Gauntlet was a perfect example of how to fulfill that promise. The glove’s main chassis is bovine, the palm is suede, and the fingers have extra layers of synthetic leather. While not carrying much pure armor like the FIM-certified Jerez 3 GP gloves, the Quantum 2 has armor everywhere and at every angle, which is of interest on the track.

3- Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves

While these gloves are designed for road and cross-country use, they are particularly good in the dirt. They’re light, tough, durable, versatile and very affordable. Finding a better pair of gloves for your price/performance ratio takes a lot of work. Because Alpinestars make them, you can trust the quality of their structure. They are pre-bent on reducing rider fatigue and improving comfort but do not limit your movement. A feature we love is the reinforced thumb and palm sections, which allow you to hold the handlebars with confidence in all situations. Despite the layers of protection, the gloves are quite breathable and well-ventilated.

4- Joe Rocket Atomic X2 Gloves

For budgets, we recommend the use of Joe Rocket’s Atomic gloves. Joe Rocket is a brand known for offering premium protection products on a budget, such as Atomic gloves. Made from suede, elastic spandex, neoprene and Chamude, these short-sleeved gloves are comfortable and tight without limiting your hand movement. They’re ideal for summer weather but not so waterproof, and they’re sure to be chilly if you’re riding out of season. For protection, these pre-crooked, rider-friendly gloves have 5mm high-density fillers around the index and middle fingers, leather-knuckle armor and suede palm pads. The gloves also feature SmartTouch material, access to touchscreen devices, secure hooks, and TPR pull rings. Despite excellent long-term testing and reviews, we urge caution on the life expectancy of these gloves. Because they are budget products, don’t expect them to last forever. However, these are the perfect gloves if you need affordable protection for low-pressure cycling.

5- REV’IT! Sand 4 Glove

If you’re looking for one of the best summer gloves in a long time, the Rev’It Sand 4 is fine. The palm, fingers and the lower part of the wrist are covered with high-quality suede, which has good hand feeling and high wear resistance. The glove upper is made from Rev’It’s ultra-durable PWRShell mesh fabric, which means you need to slide on it for about five seconds before it cracks. However, this is highly unlikely, as the innovative TPR injection-molded armor spans the knuckles and fingers, is extremely breathable, and its shape distracts any impact force. The armor is also highly wear-resistant, meaning you can glide on it before it wears out. Throw in the armor on the outside of your thumb, a tough TPU palm slider, three layers of suture-reinforced leather along the edges of your palm, and a double layer of suede on your palm, and you get a pair of gloves that will last you many seasons without losing any potency. It is a truly exceptional product from Rev’It, and as a result, it received a 90% score on our review.

6- Alpinestars SP-2 V2 Gloves

Alpinestars is famous for decentralizing much of its racing research and development to devices that regular riders can afford, and the SP-2 v2 gloves are no exception. The glove’s main chassis is full-grain suede, made from synthetic suede where it needs reinforcement, such as at the edges of the palm and in the impact zone. The palms are solid leather for maximum grip, while the upper and the wrist are perforated for maximum airflow. The armor includes an injection-molded TPU finger joint with a vent that allows air to be introduced into the glove and stimulated through the perforation. The palm has a soft slider made of non-Newtonian impact foam under a double layer of leather reinforcement, and we wanted to see a hard slider in this area. In other words, the SP in the name stands for “street performance,” meaning the shoes are not meant for racing.

Similarly, it provides adequate protection for street cycling by removing the hard sliders on the palms and reinforcing them with impact foam. This glove will keep your hands safe and intact in the canyon, and enjoy zigzag fun rather than sprinting along straight U.S. highways. The gloves are still a great price for breathable, wearable, high-quality street protection.

7- Gearing Vanguard Heated Gloves

Finally, we have a solid winter option. Gearing Vanguard heated gloves. As the name suggests, this winter glove has a heating element that will keep your hands warm and comfortable even on the coldest days. It is made from premium aniline skins; this glove is tough and durable but also very flexible and stretchy. The leather has a waterproof Aquatex on the back and is backed by Thinsulate insulation. They have super-fabric patches in high-risk wear areas, TPU finger joint protection, and gel pads on the palm and some fingers. On the face of it, they are just ordinary motorcycle gloves. But inside, they’re something else. These gloves are lined with polyester micro-suede and feature an advanced microwire heating system that provides impressive heat throughout the glove, even to the tip of each finger. Use a hidden cable connector, and if you’re riding in a cold environment, this glove is what you want to wear. They are too expensive to own just for the sake of owning them. But if you’re a four-season rider who likes to ride in the snow, these gloves will work for you.

8- Velomacchi Speedway Gloves

Searching for the best cafe-style motorcycle riding gloves, I encountered a bunch of awkward, overpriced, uncomfortable, fake versions of them. When I got a pair of Speedway leather gloves from Velomacchi, I found the essential, retro-looking fusion of high-quality, super-hard materials and great structures that I was looking for. I’ve been using these cycling gloves for four years, and when they look disgusting, I’ll buy another pair. They even did well in my big crash in 2021.

9- Dainese Blackjack Gloves

Dainese is a big name in the industry. These are basic gloves, but they are made of tough suede with the right look and enough hand and palm protection to make them perfect for a casual ride. I like my fingers’ built-in pre-bends, making them more comfortable for long rides. I also prefer motorcycling gloves without hard shells, so padded knuckle protection is what I need. Most importantly, these leather motorcycle gloves are inexpensive.

10- Gerbing 12V G4 Heated Gloves

Sometimes you want to ride in the winter wonderland, and a thick winter motorcycle glove won’t keep your hands warm. That’s why there are electric gloves in cars, and when it comes to heating equipment, it’s hard to beat the Gerbing. The Gerbing G4s are insulated and waterproof without plugging, but with plugging, the microwire heats your gloves to 135 degrees. Sounds great, right? Yes, but remember, you’ll need a heat controller and some cables, which oddly didn’t come with the bad boys, so make room in the budget for these heated motorcycle gloves.

11- COFIT Motorcycle Gloves

If you want to be style-conscious while riding a motorcycle and protective while riding a motorcycle, try these COFIT motorcycle gloves. These multi-function gloves are ideal for motorcycles, and you can even use them when skating or rock climbing to ensure your fingers stay safe in any activity of your choice. These motorcycle gloves provide a palm rest and finger joint protection so you can focus on your ride without worrying about your safety. Their breathable polyester designs ensure healthy airflow and keep your hands from sweating in the summer, and the manufacturer says they are suitable for temperatures of 51 to 94°F. The gloves have a nylon buckle that you can easily adjust to fit perfectly, making it easier to put on and take off after a day of cycling.


Motorbike gloves provide extra protection, security, comfort and style. They can help protect your hands from serious injury, provide more grip to better control your handlebars and dampen road vibration. After reading this article, you can select the best biker gloves.

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