Best Business Expense Tracking Wix Tools in 2023

Best Business Expense Tracking Wix Tools in 2023

Technology continues introducing new tools and capabilities that make every aspect of enterprise management easier and more efficient. Applications and tools for small businesses are opening up new prospects. Two decades ago, business owners had to struggle with tasks beyond their expertise. Today, they can do many things themselves, from creating websites for businesses (no matter how computer-savvy) to accepting bookings and payments and managing complex budgets.

Moreover, mobile technology has given people more freedom because business owners can now manage their businesses anywhere, anytime. That is a game-changer for professionals in many fields, especially those just starting. There’s only one problem. With so many amazing tools, how can you keep track of all these tools and choose which ones to include in your workday? It is where we came in. Next, you’ll find a list of very smart applications to support business owners and executives successfully running their businesses. Browse and enjoy our top choices for the best business applications.

Business Expense Tracking Wix Tools

Focusing on your product or service is common. But as your business grows and you hire new people to track your expenses. It’s important to track your expenses at the beginning of your business, but there are too many options for a business expense tracker. Let’s narrow it down to a few to make your life easier.

Wix app 

The Wix Owner application provides everything you need to run and promote your website or business.

Important features:

  • Manage your bookings and appointments and stay on top of your calendar. View, send, and control your online store invoices. 
  • Live chat with visitors, including quick replies and automatic greetings. Invite your customers to download Spaces by Wix to easily participate in all aspects of your business and give them a unique mobile app experience. 
  • Stay in sync with your team because you co-manage your site. 
  • Upload and edit pictures to your media account.


Leading mobile wallet apps are changing how small businesses process credit card payments and customers complete purchases. Square provides the ultimate trade solution that business owners and their customers love through an application interface and a convenient card reader. If your business has a physical store, Square is your best friend for any sales, from products to coffee to concert tickets.


Quickbooks is useful business accounting software that allows you to pay bills using its app and access your account information anytime. It also classifies your transactions into easy-to-navigate categories. It also allows you to categorize your transactions and make them easy to navigate. They also advertise that their products are so easy to use that, on average, Quickbooks customers save up to 12 hours of accounting work per month. 

There are four programs to choose from. 

  • Self-employed:
  • $6/month – allows you to track mileage 
  • Easy Start:
  • $11/month – allows you to send estimates, track sales, and track sales tax 
  • Basic:
  • $25/month – Manage and pay bills, add multiple users, and track time 
  • Add:
  • $36/month – the ability to track inventory, create and manage budgets, and pay contractors 

If you’d like to try it first, you can also sign up for a free 30-day trial. What it includes. (Standard package includes) PC, Mac and mobile versions, tracking revenue and expenses, ability to create invoices, accept payments, run reports, and download your bank transactions. You can also get more functionality by subscribing to more expensive plans. Best features. The ability to manage and pay bills is easy, right in the application.


Wave is a revolutionary business expense and accounting tracking software that is free – yes – it is free. When they say free, they mean everything they offer is included; you don’t have to pay for additional features. With Wave, you can track your income and expenses, prepare your taxes, connect to banks and credit cards, and generate reports and balance sheets for your business. 

Important features

  • Built-in invoices, connecting additional users, receipt scanning, built-in payroll, generating invoices and bills, exchange rate calculations, custom sales tax, data back-up, and more
  • It is a free tool, so you don’t have to pay for your accounting software.


Shoeboxed is a great business expense tracking wix tool for an enterprise to store, track, and manage all of its receipts to keep your business running smoothly and help you prepare for tax time or if you are audited. You can create your account, run it online and search it all, so it’s easy to search the site and find anything you need from the past. You can upload receipts in any way, manually or by image capture, and the charges automatically generate standard IRS categories or categories you create yourself. 

Important features:

  • Automatically upload receipts, expense tracking, PDF and CSV reports based on categories you create. 
  • Supports integration with QuickBooks,  Xero, Evernote, and Wave.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is a business expense reporting software designed to automate this process, so you have less work to do. You can upload receipts to record your spending anywhere and on any device, including smart watches. You can take a picture of your receipt and upload it. Zoho scans receipts and automatically fills out expense reports, which you can easily edit, and make any modifications (or you can create them manually). You can also add a credit card that turns your bill into a fee. 

Important features

  • Available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, you can submit expense reports, receive expense analysis, approval (or rejection) by your manager, and categorize expenses. 
  • Automatically generate expense reports based on images of receipts and credit card bills.


Expensify offers expense reporting software that, according to their motto, is designed to give you “No Bad Expense Reporting! ”Like Zoho, it is designed to automate your staff’s fee submission process, making submission, approval, and payment simple and automated. With their Smart Scan technology, you get a scan of your receipts, you automatically generate expense reports, and you can even get automatic approval and reimbursement for your employees. 

Important features:

  • Fast Track – Employees are paid within 24 hours of approval.
  • Automate processes and integrate with other great software and applications, including Quickbooks, Xero etc.

Smart Receipts

Smart receipts help you track your expenses (as a business or as an individual). With their White Label applications, you can add charges, scan receipts, and create reports for yourself at any time. You can choose from more than 20 data types, including date, price, receipt class, tax, payment method, and comment. You can fully customize it to meet your business needs and unify your employees’ submissions.

Important features

  • Add and track charges, scan receipts, and generate PDF and CSV reports of charges. 
  • The White Label application allows you to create a custom application for your employees so that their expense submission is easy and uniform.

For receipt

For receipt is a business expense-tracking wix tool service that runs on Google Drive and lets you upload receipts. Take a receipt photo, enter the amount and merchant, and save it to your Drive account. Because it runs through Google Drive, you can access it anytime, even offline. Yu can enter the amount in any currency, and with real-time exchange rates, you can receive a reasonable budget by category, so you know where your business is going.

Important features:

  • Expense reports, receipt image uploads, secure Google Drive data back-ups, currency conversions, alerts, and budget generation. 
  • A great reminder: You can set up duplicate reminders to assist you in staying on track for utility, credit card, and business bills.


It can quickly create expense reports, process invoices and bills on the go, and more, so you can stay focused on corporate finance.


NetSuite is a cloud-based software development company offering businesses many great products. Their expense reporting software makes it easy for employees to submit expenses and get approval from management/accounting. You can customize submission rules for expense reports, track expenses through auditable history, and create overdue expense report approval reminders.

Important features:

  • Cloud-based expense reporting software with a simple interface allows employees to easily add expenses and gain approval on the software platform.  
  • Employees can submit at work, in a web browser, or on a mobile device, and submit pictures of receipts if they have an iPhone.

Final Thoughts: Business Expense Tracking Wix Tools

Using the above business expense tracking wix tools, you can easily track your business expenses, and it will also help boost your business fast. Having an expense tracker helps, so make sure you start entering your information right away. Once you have the initial set-up, make short-term and long-term plans for your budget. From there, you always want to keep using your expense tracking tools and keep them up to date. Remember that there are no fees to enter into your tracking software.

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