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Best premium quality iphone 7 case with card holder to buy

Best premium quality iphone 7 case with card holder to buy

Make your iPhone 7 secure from damage and significant document loss. The chance of losing or forgetting cards rise due to poor management on shopping or Swiping at an ATM. So here’s the list of the best premium quality iphone 7 plus and iPhone 7 cases with cardholder to buy in 2023. I categorized the full list below based on quality, card storage capacity, and durability.

Best Quality iphone 7 Case with Card Holder:

1-Vaburs Case with Card Holder 

The protective shell is made of high-quality PU leather and has safety and protective effects. The unique design of the clamshell protects your phone from damage without increasing size. The mobile phone cover is designed with a card holder function to put identity cards, credit cards, cash, etc. Inside are two slots and a cash bag, and the magnetic clasp closes the front cover firmly. The front cover is designed specifically for iPhone 7. Slim and stylish designs make your phone look great.

2-SUPBEC iPhone 7 Wallet Case Cover

The SUPBEC wallet case is made of high-quality PU leather and has two card slots. The case has a hard PC back cover and a soft silicone inner cover to protect your phone from all angles. It is also easier to install and remove than traditional protective cases. A precisely cut opening allows easy access to all buttons and ports without removing the protective cover. This cover is light but sturdy. It looks professional. This case protects against drops, collisions and scratches. It has a solid structure that increases its durability.

3-KIHUWEY Card Holder

The KIHUWEY can be used as a wallet with a credit card clip and provides additional protection through its built-in screen protector. The leather case is made of high-quality PU leather to make it look elegant. The case has two magnetic buttons that help you open your wallet without pulling out your phone. The KIHUWEY iPhone 7 cases not only look good, but they also have everything you want. It’s hard to believe that all this quality comes at such a low price! Does your phone often slip out of your hand? Are you looking for a protective case that will protect it from scratches and impacts? KIHUWEY is the perfect phone case for you.

4-Smartish iPhone 7 Wallet Case 

Are you tired of bulky wallets that take up space in your pocket? Do you hate taking your phone out of your pocket to answer a call? So this sleek, slim Smartish wallet is the perfect solution. This case is ideal for people who need to carry a little more than their mobile phone. This case is a combination of a wallet and a cell phone case. It provides space for your card, cash and even a little extra space for your earplugs. This case has a durable exterior that will protect your phone from everyday wear and tear. It also has a slim design that doesn’t take up too much space in your pocket. With this case, you can say goodbye to those bulky purses and phone cases.

5-Allytech iPhone 7 Case

The Allytech iPhone 7 case is the perfect example for anyone who wants to show off their style while protecting their phone. This case features a high-quality leather-made buckle to keep your phone safe. It also includes slots for cards and cash so you can leave your wallet at home. This case comes in various colors, so you can find the one that’s right for you. It has a single buckle and can hold up to two cards. With the phone case on, all buttons and ports are fully accessible. The interior is lined with soft microfibres to protect your screen from scratches.

Best Quality iphone 7 Plus Case with Card Holder:

1-Spigen iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case: Dual-layer

The case holds three cards. Materials of the same quality are available in three different colors. Thanks to air-cushion technology, top-of-the-line protection for two layers. Shock-absorbing TPU interior and polycarbonate exterior designs. 

2-Snugg Leather iPhone 7 Plus Cardholder Case

The real leather experience is very good. Put all the cards and money in one place with a secure magnet lock. The bright colors and style gifts to surprise you, compared to your expectations. The PU leather material is now stopping damaging your screen from scratching. In addition, hold your hand comfortably. Flip the stand to see the experience from all angles. Quality assurance over the life of the materials used, return and replacement at any time.

3-iPhone 7 Plus Pocket case by Dteck

The printed phone cases look beautiful, especially for girls and art lovers. This leather iPhone 7 plus phone case has more facilities to keep a rectangular file or card slot. The free screen protector protects your screen and magnetic buttons, stands up and fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for any purpose. A precious cut of speakers, connectors and buttons shows the beauty of this case.

4-Gear Best iPhone 7 Plus Multi card case

Great combo with up to 9 cards in a secure internal slot. Two window pockets for banknotes and cash, coupons, and receipts. Fully semi-transparent and clear windows that can view or access the entire iPhone screen when in the bag. This single case does not require any additional bags or wallets. It is available in two beautiful colors, purple and black. This case has one year warranty.

5-LAMEEKU iPhone 7 Plus case

It’s a great finished leather back cover or wallet in case of perfect use, such as credit cards, IDs, cash, and seismic covers. A hidden card slot can safely carry all your cards without the unknown risk that people around you will see this place. This case protects against all types of collision damage and rough use. You can leave your large (5.5″) iPhone 7 Plus to your kids or irresponsible people without question. The lid is made of a TPU chassis and leather.

6-iPhone 7 Plus OT ONE TOP Wallet case

OT ONETOP’s iPhone 7 Plus case is very attractive. The look and elegant features of the case meet all security privileges. Most technology users appreciate the excellence behind all high-quality manufacturer technologies. The card slots on the back and elegant design make the phone case as thin as you can imagine. All corner edge protection, extra edges to protect your iPhone screen from scratches and damage. The rubber internal buffering technology avoids the internal damage caused by large-scale collisions or knocking. Sliding door function for easy access to cards


OtterBox brings a unique case to your iPhone 7 Plus. This iPhone 7 Plus flip cover is made of real leather. You can comfortably carry the box in your pocket and never feel it in bulk. Look at that vertical stand, which allows you to keep your credit/debit card in place. OtterBox’s dual materials protect against sudden drops, bumps, and scratches. Its practical design allows you to install and remove your iPhone 7 Plus without effort. In this case, you get a one-year OtterBox box warranty.


The iPhone 7 Plus is the dream phone of today’s youth, so there are plenty of iPhone 7 case options on the market. Dreem brings a beautiful case made of leather, and this iPhone 7 Plus case is uniquely designed to provide comprehensive protection. Dreem’s RFID technology is theft-proof, stores three credit cards and cash pockets, have convenient snap-ins, and can easily carry 3-6 cards and 10-15 banknotes for movies or phone calls. The Dreem’s Wallet’s high-quality soft faux leather case is handmade and looks great, complementing the iPhone.


Maxboost brings a unique iPhone 7 Plus case with a cardholder. It is made from leather, and this iPhone 7 Plus case is slim and elegant. This wallet case is available in various colors and provides full protection from the corners, front and back. It has precise cut-outs, easy access to ports and features, and a lifetime warranty. This case has three slots, side pockets and a magnetic lock design. You get a stand that you can easily see from different angles. So with top-of-the-line materials and comprehensive protection, this case from Maxboost is perfect for the iPhone 7 Plus.


Vena introduced this unique kickstand smartphone cover. This case is available in different colors. The hidden card slots store all your ID cards and cash and are Apply Pay-compatible, with multi-latch brackets for viewing video from all angles. Complete protection for your iPhone with dual-layer polycarbonate and TPU designs that meet military drop test standards and can withstand 27 drops from 5 feet. The iPhone 7’s docking housing absorbs and diffuses the force of the fall. It is compatible with magnetic car brackets, does not require any adhesive or additional slabs, and has the capability of a multi-angle magnetic lock bracket.


This Silk iPhone 7 Plus cover is an ultra-thin grip cover and comes in various colors. The materials are durable all-in-one and offer full-frame protection. It can hold up to 4 cards and cash. In the case of an ultra-thin wallet, it also has high textured sides with enhanced grip to prevent it from dropping. Because of the need for screen protection, the Silk wallet box has excellent scratch protection. The wallet’s sleek exterior has shock-absorbing reinforced rib structures to protect it from impact.

12-Urban Armor Gear

It is one of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases in UAG. Secure for 5 credit cards and cash. The feather-like shell of the composite material has a hard case and a soft impact-resistant core. This iPhone case, with soft, bulging rubber screen lips and rear anti-skid cushions, is 360 degrees protective of your iPhone 7 Plus. The oversized audio and charger ports will allow headphones, earplugs and charging cables for ease. The Urban Armor Gear protects from impact because it meets military drop test standards.


It is one of the finest wallet cases ever made by Tucch for the iPhone 7 Plus. Perfect for iPhone users, this wallet comes in a variety of colors. Handmade designs give people a classic feel, perfect curves, and no rough edges. It is fully protected, covers all sides, and has a raised edge and TPU lips to protect the screen from accidental damage. Tucch leather wallet includes 4 card slots.


This iPhone 7 Wallet Cover protects your iPhone 7 Plus from bumps and scratches. There’s enough room in your wallet for three cards, some cash and, of course, your phone. For cards, two opaque pockets block the RFID. Transparent space for ID cards and the lower space for cash. This case gives you three layers of protection, with TPU layers on the back and side. The wallet is made of complete synthetic leather and has been checked for durability.

Final Word

There are many things to consider when buying a new case or cover with a card holder. You may want something that protects your phone and is highly functional. You want something less expensive, but it’s not a cheap quality that will fall apart in just a few months. After reading this article, you can select the best premium quality iphone 7 case with card holder for your phone.

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