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Best wet n wild Little Twin Stars Full Makeup Set to buy Complete Guide

Little Twin Stars

You’re probably looking for something cute in a world full of fashionable makeup. Are you just trying to treat your kids with some cute makeup? But do you want to know if the quality of cute cosmetics is substandard? You do not have to bother about it because we’ll introduce some lovely high-quality cosmetics. It’s Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars Full Makeup Set. Look at it, and you’ll be immediately seductive and joyous. Kiki and Lara inspired the makeup bag. Kiki and Lara are two small Gemini stars designed by the Japanese company Sanrio. The Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars makeup set includes almost everything you need for cute basic makeup. In this article, we’re using the details of these items and comments on the Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars makeup set to help you choose and buy this beautiful set.

Feature of wet n wild Little Twin Stars Full Makeup Set

Sanrio Theme

The Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars makeup suit is based on two characters from Sanrio. This company produces everyone’s childhood favorite, Hello Kitty. These characters, Kiki and Lara, are contrasting colors as their main themes. Their colors are blue and pink. As a result, the whole makeup bag contains pink, blue and pink, making you glow like a glossy star. The makeup bag also features vibrant stars and cute Kiki and Lara characters.

Easy to use 

The makeup includes a base for an extra finishing touch. Its color palette has a blood vessel-like consistency that allows it to glide smoothly through the skin. After applying cosmetics to your skin, you can easily blend it into the desired level. Lip gloss looks glossy and hydrated on the lips and doesn’t make them sticky. The Wet n Wild Eyeliner Set is gel-based, high in pigment, and moves smoothly through the skin to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. It also includes a makeup spray that will perfect your look and leave it flawless for a long time. In general, all products are easy to use.

Bright colors

The theme of the Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars makeup kit is based entirely on vibrant and bright colors. It has a cotton candy cloud palette of 15 shades, such as Curiosity, Kiki, Fluffy Sky, Lala, Sugar High, Double the fun and more. The shades range from shiny neutral to pretty pink and blue. The oh my star complexion trio contains glitter, blush and glitter. Wet n wild twins Starlet Lips Moss and Lip Gloss give a matte, watery feeling. The makeup includes four cotton-candy-toned eyeliner pens. The makeup consists of bright and luminous hues.


The Wet n Wild Starlet’s full range of cosmetics includes those for the eyes, lips and face and accessories such as brushes. Each product comes in a separate package. Eyeshadow disks, eyeliner sets, brushes, cup holders, face makeup disks, lip balm, lip gloss, facial sprays and sponges are packaged in their respective packages. The products are then neatly packed in a large carton. It also contains a makeup bag and a sponge case. So the makeup is very well packaged.

Cruelty-Free Ingredients

Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars Full Makeup is a harmless product for those who look bright and cute. Because it’s made of harm-free free ingredients, these products are safe for the skin. The Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars Cosmetics Suite includes eco-friendly products.


Wet n Wild has earned a reputation for producing high-quality products. Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars The full makeup costs $63.34. Considering it contains all the makeup for eyes, face and lips, including brushes and sponges, it’s quite affordable. This price gives you a major and lovely makeup kit.

Product in the wet n wild Little Twin Stars family

The following are the main products in the wet and wild little twin stars family:

1-Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars Cotton Candy Clouds Palette

The first product in the wet n wild Little Twin Stars family is the Cotton Candy Clouds Palette. It has 15 colored blocks and a colored block name on the back. And I’m going to list the names of these hues in a graph. This palette is characterized by their typical Vaseline-like glitters, mattes, shimmers, and satins. I found this palette to be the same as other wet n wild palettes, especially the one released in January 2021. You can use dry powder or wet powder. The pigments are constructible but generally easy to apply, apply, and blend.

Regarding the marshmallow theme, the range of shadows is accurate.

2-Wet n Wild Oh My Star Complexion Trios

Then there is Oh My Star Complexion Trios. These are adaptations of the 2-in-1 products in the Star Lux family. The blushes have a lot of leaps because they’re pink, but they’re buildable so that you can control the pigments. As for the highlighter, we all know now that wet n wild has a killer formula. It is their typical Vaseline formula and attaches itself to the skin.

3-Wet n wild Star Dust Lip Mousse

The third is Stardust Lip Mousse. I thought these were extensions of the Cloud Pout Lip Mousse family, but this recipe is very different. You can only get medium coverage no matter how you paint, but they’re not striped. They are mostly matte. “Weightless” is a good adjective for how they feel. They fade and look more like a stain.

4-Wet n wild Star Light Lip Glosses

The fourth one is the starlight lip gloss. My wet n wild lip gloss reviews are always the same. They do a great job of producing super-shiny recipes that don’t stick to their lips. Like all lip glosses, they transfer and are not worn for long.

5-Wet n wild Starry Eyes 4 Piece Eyeliner Set

The fifth product in the wet n wild Little Twin Stars line is the Starry Eyes 4-piece Eyeliner. It has four retractable gel eyeliner pens in marshmallow tones. They’re smooth, glide on the skin, and don’t feel like dragging. I found that the matte color is very well displayed and that you can stack paint and use it in layers. However, the bright hues do not display well, and they try to melt away when you layer them. I can’t make the golden shadow appear on my skin. They hold well on the water line, even if I have swollen eyes! I see some fading areas. I only saw some discoloration in the inner and outer corners of the eye, but not too much.

6-Wet n wild Twinkle Star Glow Face Mist

And then there’s Twinkle Star Glow Face Mist. Wet n wild has provided us with sprays like this in several limited-edition collections. I like to use these products to refresh my makeup during the day and get a shot of water. It’s a three-in-one product, so you can use it for bottoming, makeup, and refreshing. You have to shake it up because they use a clear water formula with a gloss that settles at the bottom. I didn’t find it to prolong the use of makeup, but it could do other things.

7-Wet n wild Wish Upon a Cloud Makeup Sponge Case

It is wet n wild’s second silicone sponge case, the first one being SpongeBob’s Pineapple House. I love the space to accommodate two full-sized sponges, and I’m sure to take it on a trip. It’s got a lot of holes in it for airflow. It has many holes in it for the air to flow through. My only complaint is that it’s the Pineapple House. Since that gel is elastic, the cap cannot be held on it when placed in the travel bag. It can only stay on the counter.

8-Wet n wild Little Twin Stars Makeup Brush Cup.

Here’s the Little Double Star Makeup Brush Cup. It’s just a plastic cup. It looks beautiful on your dresser. You can fill it with anything you want except a makeup brush. Consider using it for lip pens, eyeliner pens, sponges, pencils, and more.

9-Little Twin Stars Makeup Bag

Then there’s the Double Star makeup bag. It’s transparent, has a big colored paper on the inside, and is moving around. It can hold the entire series except for the brush cup and sponge box. I think a makeup bag should always be appropriate for the collection it comes with, and it passed the test.

10-Wet n wild Star Power Makeup Brush Set

Based on the wet n wild Mini Double Star collection, the Star Force Cosmetic Brush Set was launched. It has a brush and an eyeshadow brush, and you can find similar products in other wet n wild series. Their brushes are always super soft and high quality. The flotsam floats in the water first appeared in the bean-eating series and have appeared several times since.

11-Wet n wild Lala Sweet Dreams Lip Mask

We know wet n wild’s been doing canned lip gloss, so the stick form is new. There is nothing to show for this product. It’s transparent, and it doesn’t leave any special effects. It’s not matte or glossy, just normal. It feels light on the lips, but it’s like a lip balm. I’ve tried it, and so far, I’ve found it works. This product made me notice that the entire range had a sweet and berry-like smell/taste.

12-Wet n wild Star Team Makeup Sponge Set

The last item in wet n wild’s Little Star collection was the Stars’ Team Makeup Sponge Suit. Wet n wild’s makeup sponge is very good. It’s their classic formula; I support it. They are very soft and resilient and swell when wet.

Final Words: Little Twin Stars

Wet n Wild Little Twin Stars Full makeup set should be the makeup of choice for anyone who likes bright makeup. It has all the colors of a neutral, lovely and bright makeup look. The idea behind it and its attractive packaging make every makeup lover want to own it. 

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