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IONBOARD S44 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 400W Complete Guide

A full-spectrum LED planting light, using algorithm-based positioning of the Samsung LM301B diode, to maximize plant production. It has a proprietary drive that connects to our intelligent controller. When using extended dongles (sold separately), these dongles can be paired with other LED lamps. Built on a fanless, all-in-one aluminum panel to dissipate heat and extend diode life. In ION-BOARD S44, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 400W, all parts are sealed according to the IP-65 standard, maintaining maximum performance even in high-temperature and high-humidity planting environments. Include a pair of metal strip hangers and rope hangers. The LED planting light fixture is designed for a growing tent with an internal reflective Mylar lining and is used to grow a wide range of plants, vegetables and fruits. The product is part of the UIS™ Planting Appliance and Intelligent Controller platform and is designed to integrate into your ideal environment.

Features of ION-BOARD S44, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 400W

Improve environmental performance

Becoming eco-friendly is becoming increasingly important for companies. Customers increasingly demand environmentally conscious choices, and using environmentally friendly light sources can help companies reduce energy use and attract socially conscious consumers. The environmental benefits of ION-BOARD S44 extend to its manufacturing process. Many traditional lighting sources, such as fluorescent lamps and mercury vapor lamps, use mercury internally as part of their structure. That is why, when their lifespan ends, special treatment is required. With ION-BOARD S44, you don’t have to worry about that.

No heat or ultraviolet emissions 

ION-BOARD S44 is thermally optimized, and it has a black anodized aluminum frame that offers no noise and heat dissipation to keep the grow light cool over long use. If you ever tried to replace an incandescent bulb immediately after it went out, you know how hot they are when you use them. Traditional lighting resources, such as incandescent bulbs, convert more than 90% of their energy into heat, allocating only 10% to actual light production. The ION-BOARD S44 are almost feeble, and most of the light they release is in the visible spectrum. 

Design flexibility 

ION-BOARD S44 has IP-65 protection, which means it is sealed to Ingress Protection 65 standards against dust and liquids for great performance in grow tent environments. ION-BOARD S44 is small in size and does not require much space. Think about the choice that this brings to the lighting of your facility. The ION-BOARD S44 can be so small that you can easily transfer it from one place to another.

Low voltage operation

Suppose your business is in a potential flood situation. In that case, you want to be able to illuminate your vegetable and fruit growing facility with equipment that requires as little voltage as possible. ION-BOARD S44 is perfect for this because they operate at very low voltages compared to other grow lights.

Energy efficiency 

Another leading ION-BOARD S44 lighting advantage is its energy-saving operation. You can determine the energy efficiency of a working light source with a useful lumen that describes the amount of illumination the device emits per unit of power or watt used by the bulb. ION-BOARD S44 produces minimum waste light and more lumens than other lighting systems. With ION-BOARD S44, you can see a 70 to 80% improvement in overall energy efficiency. In some cases, the improvement can be as big as 92%. These improvements in energy efficiency are directly linked to economic savings. When you replace traditional light sources with ION-BOARD S44, energy use will drop dramatically.

Optimized spectrum 

Each lamp contains an optimized ratio of Samsung LM301B white, red and infrared LEDs designed to maximize plant yield. These diodes are algorithmically positioned within the circuit board to provide the most uniform PAR coverage and deepest light penetration. These characteristics contribute to the highest growth rates at germination, vegetation and flowering stages.

Advance controller 

It has a proprietary LED driver that provides 0-100% dimming and an easy-to-use control knob that adjusts light intensity in 20% increments. The drive also includes a port that enables daisy chaining and connectivity to our intelligent controllers for planting cycles, scheduling, application controls, and more. Join our ecosystem of controllers and growing equipment, including fans and lights, all working together for the best environment.


AC Infinity smart controllers have many ports to add more grow lights and share similar programming. Advanced grow light controllers can program light power levels and schedule activations of all grow lights attached to its UIS ports. 


An expansion dongle (sold separately) will authorize you to attach additional grow lights, and you can increase the number of units your controller can support. The expansion dongle will allow you to attach 3 or 6 more devices, which you can use to create more expansion ports (up to 65 units supported with 22 dongles). ION-BOARD S44 is intended for exclusive use with AC Infinity controllers built with Universal Infinity System (UIS) ports.


The Universal Infinity System is a fully integrated system that programs your LED Grow light and all your other devices together or separately for optimized grow tent management. Your grow system can be regulated using your controller hub or remotely on the AC Infinity app (paired with compatible controllers), where you can access automation programming and climate data.

Samsung LED-diode: 

ION-BOARD S44 has a Real Samsung LM301B full-spectrum LED; The operation power is 110W and 2.7 μmol/j. It is used for efficient lighting.


It has algorithmically spaced diodes that achieve wider light spread for optimized use in all growth stages while eliminating hot spots.


ION-BOARD S44 has a convenient dimmer knob that adapts light intensity to your plant’s growth cycle stage.

Long Life

ION-BOARD S44 has a much longer life than conventional incandescent bulbs. The Average Life of a normal bulb is about 1,000 hours. ION-BOARD S44 has a life of more than 50,000 hours. Depending on how you use it, it may last up to 100,000 hours. An ION-BOARD S44 can last for 6-12 years before you need to replace it. It is 45 times longer than a normal bulb. Even if you’re using metal halides, fluorescent, or sodium vapor lamps, ION-BOARD S44 has at least two to four times the longer life span.

Steps for Installation of ION-BOARD S44:

  1. Hang the steel buckles over your growth tent’s mounting beams.
  2. While supporting your grow light, bend the steel buckles to insert the ends into the slotted holes of the rear caps. Repeat this step on the different sides of your grow light.
  3. Insert the steel hooks into your grow light’s slotted holes of the end caps.
  4. Now, position your growth tent’s pole under the steel buckles. Then install the pole onto your grow tent’s frame.
  5. Insert the steel hooks into your grow light’s slotted holes of the rear caps. 
  6. Loop the rope clip hangers around your growth tent’s support beams
  7. Plug the power cable into an AC power outlet to power your grow light
  8. You may attach an outer controller to set smart programming. Then plug the controller cable into the LED driver and the other into your chosen controller.

Benefits of ION-BOARD S44

  • The adjustable light-emitting diode (LED) planting lamp is designed with optimized spectrum and diode positioning to maximize plant yield. 
  • The special formula of full-spectrum Samsung LM301B LED achieves the highest growth rate in all plant stages. 
  • The diode’s algorithmic positioning creates the most uniform PAR map and the deepest canopy penetration. 
  • The dimmer can acquire 0 to 100% brightness. 
  • Connect to our intelligent controllers for schedules, growth cycles, and applications. 
  • The invention is constructed on an integral aluminum plate with a grade of IP-65 and is suitable for planting environments with high humidity and heat.

Detailed Specifications ION-BOARD S44

Product Name: IONBOARD S44

Product Model: AC-IBC44

UPC Code: 819237022546

Product and Mounting Dimensions

Light Dimensions: 23.63 x 23.63 in. (61.0 x 61.0 cm)

LED Board Thickness: 0.42 in. (1.2 cm)

Driver Dimensions: 10.73 x 1.73 in. (22.4 x 4.6 cm)

Product Performance and Technical Specs

Coverage: 3 x 3 ft.

Diodes: Samsung LM311B

LED Chip Count: 1064

LED Driver: AC Infinity Proprietary Driver, Model GTC-110

Efficiency: 2.76 umol/j


Spectrum: 640nm, 720nm, 3100K, 5100K

Wattage: 400 W

Voltage: 120-220V AC

Frequency: 51/60 Hz

Amps: 3.61 A @ 121V | 1.81 A @ 242V | 1.59 A @ 278V

Controller: Digital Dimming Timer

Power Connector Type: US Plug (NEMA 1-16 Type-A)

Operating Humidity: 36 to 86% RH

Operating Temperature: 33 to 141°F

Life Expectancy: 50,000 to 100,000 Hours

Final word

IONBOARD S44, Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 400W, is more energy efficient than other grow lights. It has high durability, which makes it different from other grow lights. It is very beneficial if you consider starting a vegetable or fruit-growing business.

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