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Choosing the right wicker candle can be tricky because there are many choices and styles. Stacy Lewis, owner and chief designer of Eternity Modern, advises people to start by thinking about the appearance of their space. She said, “Think about the whole aesthetic of the room are you modern, contemporary or antique? “Choose a style, color or material that resonates with you and then buy your wicker candle holder. ” With these insights, we studied dozens of high-quality wicker candle holders of different colors, shapes, and heights. Our preferred Royal Import wicker candle glass holder set is a solid, attractive, affordable option with different decor and candles. Read on to find the best wicker candle holder for all your needs.

9 Best Wicker Candles to buy in 2022

1-Royal Imports Wicker Candle Glass Holders

Choosing a wicker candle holder is a highly personal decision, so it isn’t easy to choose only one as the overall best. However, the three-piece combination of the height – the highest is 16 inches, and the shortest is 12 inches – has several advantages. First of all, it’s Glass, which matches most decor, and it’s not as overheated as metal, so it’s easy to move the parts if you want to. It has clear Glass and an optional gold handle. This hurricane and pedestal style is also a good way to add height to the central decoration without resorting to more exposed conical candles. You also have several options for the type of candle used inside. Floating candles – with or without extras such as leaves or flowers – are popular, but tea lights or small voting machines are also suitable for round glass holders. If you don’t add water, use a holder under the candle so you don’t spend much time scratching away melted wax afterward. The material felt thick, and the large base seemed to have no danger of tipping over. Because they are Glass, candlesticks can be damaged, but the return process is simple if desired. If you order these for a major event, you may want to buy more to ensure safety.

2-IKEA Bestiga Wicker Candleholder

Ikea’s choice of wicker candle holder is not disappointing because of its beautiful appearance. These inexpensive candle holders have an attractive black matte surface, ranging from 8 to 12 inches. They look expensive, strong and well-structured. A small edge extends to where the cone is inserted, which helps prevent melted wax from sliding down the surface below. When selecting the rod for a conical candle, remember the proportions. Richard Fung, the owner of the bespoke builder Forever Homes in Ontario, Canada, says: “A wicker candle holder should never be taller than a cone. The IKEA Bestiga wicker candle holder is made of aluminum and is easy to clean. The surface may easily peel off because they have a powder coating.

3-Joss & Main 9 Piece Glass Tabletop Votive Wicker Candle Holder Set

If you like the casual, artful look of the various candle holders but don’t have the patience or time to individual source pieces, then Joss & Main 9-piece glass tabletop votive wicker candle holder is best for you. You get nine wicker candle holders, each of a different size, shape and color, and a simple wooden pallet to carry them. The height of the wicker candle holder varies from 1 inch to more than 5 inches and is mostly circular. It looks lovely on the table or in the pantry. Note that the wooden tray will be rough, so you can color it to make it prettier.

4-Nuptio Taper Wicker Candle Holders

A wedding-focused company may sell these candle holders (“Nuptio” is a homonym for “wedding”). Still, they also apply to daily entertainment and are similar to more expensive options in high-end stores. A velvet-covered base protects the furniture from scratches, while its design can hold cones of different sizes. The clean, modern look will be suitable for various environments, with gentle conical lines and golden hues giving the candlestick a bit of a medieval feel. One set is 5.5 inches high, and the other is almost 8 inches high to make it look more elegant. The gold is painted and may easily peel off. The candlesticks also weigh a little, about half a pound each.

5-Urban Outfitters Wicker Candle Holder

With distorted conjunctival contours and striking cream, gold, green and sky colors, these ceramic lamp holders offer an unexpected choice for a typical tapered base, typically metal or Glass. They are small, less than 5 inches high, and it can be difficult to remove dust due to corners and gaps. If you want an influential tabletop, Urban Outfitters also sells candles in beautiful colors and textures that are well coordinated, such as foam cone candles or multi-colored Ombre cone candles. There are also benefits to the choice of ceramics, which have an earthy, artistic appeal.

6-Anthro Living Speckled Wicker Candleholder 

They may be small – less than three inches high and three inches wide – but they stand out. The candlesticks for this holder are a bit pricey, given that they retail for $13 each. They are distinctive and likely to hold up well because the designs are seamlessly incorporated into the Glass, not just painted on the stand. Customers can choose one of three color schemes: pink, blue, or neutral.

7-CB2 Betty Smoke Tealight Wicker Candle Holder

It is made of faceted Glass. This sexy, smoky candlestick holder aims to project the light around it for maximum ambiance. It has a more fashionable, retro look than classic crystals and is also quite cheap. The round candlestick holder, which is only three inches tall and less than three inches in diameter, can be used for other household tasks, including serving as a flowerpot, a miniature vase and even a container for cosmetics, such as a makeup brush. They are designed to accommodate tea lights and smaller voting candles.

8-Southern Freestanding Wicker Candle Holder

This modern-looking candlestick holder makes it easy to create a sumptuous centerpiece. Made of metal and black matte, it can hold nine candles – varying in height and nearly two feet wide – so the wow factor is almost inevitable. It is important to note that each candlestick has a small metal nail designed to hold the candle on the surface so you can safely move it. Note also that it is possible to emit considerable heat because it is metallic and can hold so many large candles; If you use it on a table, you protect the surface below.

9-Pottery Barn Caleb Handcrafted Wicker Candle Holder

If you’re looking for a candle holder to use indoors and outdoors, this option from Pottery Barn is one of their most popular. The holder is made of aluminum and has a powder coating on its surface, and color choices include brass, gray and black. It is the smallest size of the lantern, which can hold a 4×4 column candle, but there are other sizes, including the extra-large 43-inch size option. With its round-arched windows and crown trim, the candle holder has a cute, old-fashioned exterior that will fit into many different environments. You can mix and match candles of different heights to form a group or use two large candles on either side.

Things to consider while buying Wicker Candle Holder:


The wicker candle holder comes in various colors and styles, and you’ll want to choose a design that best complements your existing decor. Evan Nelson, Interior Designer and Creative Director of Nelson’s Cabinet Company, said: “The most crucial thing to remember is the overall look and feel you want to achieve. A simpler tone may be the best option if you’re attracted to neutral objects. Nelson said: “Conical candles holder lit with glass or metal candlesticks tend to look more formal while voting or column candles lit with fun colored candlesticks give a more relaxed atmosphere.


Wicker candle holders come in all shapes and sizes. The items you choose should reflect the aesthetics you expect. For example, if your space is more retro, the candle holder adds a beautiful, antique-like touch. A small variety of individual jars may be more appropriate for you if you have a modern home. Wooden candle holders will work well in your home if you prefer to be decorated in a farmhouse style.


Whether you want to buy a small jar or a taller candle holder depends on you. Keep in mind your lifestyle and needs – the high options look more formal but are also prone to be run over by pets when not in use. Shorter options may be better for minimalists and easy to store in a cupboard. Also, consider where you want to display your candles and consider scale. The location of the candle may also affect the size you choose. Candle holders can draw attention to key household items, such as artwork.

Final Words

Wicker candle holders made from brass and silver must be polished over time to remove dull colors. For other types of materials, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and if you don’t have them, start with something mild, like a mild dish soap. Remember that delicate finishes, such as paint or metal coatings, may peel off if you scrub too hard.

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