What are the main benefits of reviews and giveaways for e-commerce businesses?

What are the main benefits of reviews and giveaways for e-commerce businesses?

Online reviews and giveaways are crucial for any company seeking to control its reputation on the internet. Customer reviews have changed and created innovative ways for companies to sell to them. Reviews enable companies to understand customers’ opinions about their products, services, and themselves. It allows them to create positive consumer interactions and long-lasting relationships. Are customer reviews part of your e-commerce marketing strategy? If not, this article is for you. Online customer reviews are a tool to drive sales and earn customer loyalty. They act as social proof, forcing visitors to make purchases. Building a strong online presence, driving a confusing transition of potential customers, free advertising, etc., are all part of the online commentary.

Main benefits of reviews and giveaways for e-commerce businesses

Increase Sales 

The biggest reason reviews and giveaways are important to e-commerce companies is that they can increase sales by providing customers with information about the products or services they are considering buying. People are more likely to buy products or services based on the ratings and comments of others.

Improve Ranking 

Reviews and giveaways are useful for search engine optimization. Reviews help create stable keyword content that helps your online business have a more prominent online presence. It’s helping your website rank, and more people are talking about you. Search engines such as Google and Bing consider this extremely important.

Create Customer Loyalty and Trust 

Customers who actively participate in writing reviews tend to have loyalty to the business. It gives customers the sense that they have a voice and can provide valuable feedback to help companies improve their products or services. According to a recent survey, 73% said positive customer reviews made them more trusting of a business.

Social Proof Drives Purchases

If the people around us – even strangers – agree that it’s a good decision, we’re more likely to purchase. Today, online reviews and giveaways are the biggest sources of social proof, with a clear impact on sales. For example, Seriously Silly Socks’ average order value on the company’s website is up 62% compared with other sales channels, probably helped by the 3,000 five-star reviews clogging the e-commerce site’s product pages. “We encourage reviews and giveaways by emailing customers after purchase and offering them a coupon in exchange for full reviews.”

They Make You More Visible

Being a successful brand also means being a visible brand. When deciding what to buy, most shoppers look for it on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Facebook. These sites all have their unique way of indexing and presenting content. Still, they all value fresh and original content, and customer reviews can help feed the content machine and keep your brand in the sweet spot of algorithms.

They Make You Look Trustworthy

One interesting finding of recent research is how powerful comments are in establishing your company’s online identity. Many shoppers distrust companies that score below or even above four stars. It leaves a small margin of error at the top, but firms with a good average rating are significantly more likely to see comments translate into traffic and sales.

They Expand the Conversation about You

Good (or bad) reviews and giveaways have a way of spreading fast. Encouraging consumers to comment on your company is an easy way to extend your brand’s reach. People with something nice to say can share their comments on more websites. These reviews and giveaways are crucial to your online presence because Google collects data from its websites as it builds its results ranking. Even on an individual level, having positive comments can help drive more. 

They Are Increasingly Essential to Decision Making

An active brand increases your online presence, and today that means encouraging people to talk about you in many ways. Social media is a great tool, but your ability to talk about yourself in other channels is an important part of your existence. Almost two-thirds of people consider online reviews an important part of decision-making. When they want to know the best place to be, they are more likely to turn to Google, Yelp and TripAdvisor than to newspapers or even their friends and family.

They Have a Clear Impact on Sales

Case studies and theories can be misleading. Reality does not always follow logic, and it is always an outlier. But there is a growing body of benchmark data showing that reviews provide an empirical increase in revenue. A Harvard Business School study found that online comments can significantly affect your bottom line. Brands rated positively have better sales, but even raising your star rating can positively impact your sales. According to the study, an increase in One Star on would result in a 6% to 10% increase in sales in the short term. Even a small improvement can have a huge impact.

They Directly Connect You with Consumers

Today’s consumers don’t just post comments; they want companies to respond to them. These reviews also give you a forum, to be honest with consumers and enhance positive reviews with thanks or promotions. More importantly, they also give you a quick way to correct poor reviews and show you care.

Gives a Chance to Improve 

Reviews, for better or worse, are always good. Even if you get negative comments, you can learn from them, find loopholes and improve them. Poor reviews are an improved window. These reviews describe what customers don’t like about you and what they like about you. When negative comments are received and quickly improved, there is an opportunity to better serve the customer and improve the customer experience.

Low-cost Marketing

Customer reviews are a cheap source of marketing. They act as a catalyst for clients who are willing to do business with you but are confused. They get the boost they need when they read positive things about your business. As a result, customer reviews will be used as a marketing tool and will be free.

Develop Close Relationships with Customers 

Stay in touch with your customers and get their feedback. Customer reviews are a medium through which you can learn what they think and what they think of your product or service. Contacting them in other ways may not be feasible, but comments make it easy.

Improved CTR

Online customer reviews have increased the number of clicks. People are prompted to click on results verified by other customers. Show off your star ratings and reviews with a wealth of clips, and you’ll get more clicks.

Competitive Advantage 

Online reviews help differentiate your business from its competitors. Your efforts to get reviews will make your business different. When a prospect chooses between you and a competitor, positive comments from your past customers can work for you. As a result, customer reviews provide a competitive advantage, which is essential in today’s market.

How to encourage customer reviews and giveaways

Review Remainder: 

It’s important to remind customers to leave a comment because they tend to forget about it or leave after shopping. Also, sending a review reminder email allows them to use your product for a while and then give them a comment. 

The review should be easy:

Don’t make life harder for your customers if they spend valuable time writing reviews for your business. An easy-to-submit layout is necessary so that they don’t give up the process in frustration or confusion. Provide a clear, concise, easy-to-use form or a pop-up window on your site that makes it easy for them to write comments and submit their details and don’t force them to sign in to write comments. Guests are allowed to write comments.


Coupons are effective in attracting customers in exchange for comments. At the same time, by doing this, the customer will come back to redeem the coupon, and you’ll get a different conversion rate, so in this way, you can earn reviews and more sales.

Review partner sites:

Many websites are comment platforms for many products and services. These sites make sure the reviews are not fake. Customers may not trust comments on your website, but they can trust reviews on comment platforms such as Google.

Final Words

Customer reviews and giveaways are the customer’s true perception of the brand or business. It is the best form of user-generated content a brand can have. Including these reviews on your website creates significant possibilities for brand growth and profitability. Therefore, it is recommended that you identify opportunities around comments, where you can find them, and use the comment gadget to display them on your website to improve performance and return on investment.

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