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Green tea cleansing mask Original for Blackheads Skin Care Buying guide

Green tea cleansing mask Original for Blackheads Skin Care Buying guide

Many of you have seen the green tea cleansing mask circulating on social media. These videos are available on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’ve seen these crazy videos, you know what I’m talking about. And since this product has been going super viral — it’s everywhere — I think it’s a good idea to test it and give my real opinion. Green tea is lightly steamed from the fresh leaves of camellia Sinensis and has been used for thousands of years in some parts of the world. The benefits of green tea range from improving brain function to boosting weight loss. But green tea has more than just physical and mental properties. It also benefits the skin, which is why it is often included as an ingredient in many cosmetic products.

What is the green tea cleansing mask?

The mask is stick-like (like a deodorant) and should be very easy to use. The product makes some arresting claims, the biggest being that your blackhead will disappear. It is also thought to remove dead skin and black spots with just one use. For those unfamiliar with the videos I’m talking about, the mask was applied to areas prone to blackheads, such as the nose, and then left to rest for a few minutes. Then, when the camera is cut, a large amount of blackhead appears on the skin and is wiped off with a rag. The videos show the product doing wonders in nourishing the skin and removing blackheads. The mask includes green tea extract. In ancient Japanese medicine, green tea extract was used as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It can relieve acne-induced red swelling and inflammation and prevent damage caused by free radicals. Some studies suggest green tea may be a preventive measure against skin cancer. So if you have acne, rosacea or any other type of inflammation, this treatment may help.

Does the green tea cleansing mask work?

The mask is claimed to have no adverse side effects. Deep cleanings should be effective for anyone with any skin type. The green tea mask needs to be fixed. Green tea extract and some other natural ingredients make these products good. But they are not what they say in misleading ads. If you’re looking for a product that delivers immediate results, it’s different from that. You don’t suddenly have the gorgeous skin you’ve always wanted in 15 minutes. Skincare takes time, so be patient with your products and give them time to work. Before using this product, be sure to have a realistic idea of what you’re doing so you will be satisfied. Again, you don’t get rid of all the acne or all the blackheads in one go. However, if you use it frequently, you may see gradual improvement.

How to Use the Mask?

Before using, I used a mild cleansing cream and rinsed it with hot water to prepare the mask for pores. Then, unexpectedly, I smeared my face easily with a green mask. I wanted to see if there was a difference between where I had a black head (nose) and where there was no black head (cheek). I put it on it for 16 minutes (the instructions say 9-16 minutes) and removed it with water. I immediately noticed a difference in the natural oils in my skin because there were few. My skin was glossy but not greasy and almost looked beautiful.

Is the Green Tea Cleaning Mask Worth It?

Besides the fake ads, I like the green tea mask. I’ve tried better products, such as Aztec Indian Healing Clay, but the sticker didn’t disappoint me. It’s not worth the cost. At the same price, you get better masks.

Where to buy the green tea cleansing mask?

You can find many variations and brands of this product. As far as I know, all the formulas are the same. Unfortunately, I need help finding information about it being nuisance-free or vegetarian. This product is made in Japanese (cosmetic products are legally required to undergo animal testing). I need help finding the ingredients online, which is a bit hasty.

How can a green tea cleansing mask benefit your skin?

Green tea has a broad range of therapeutic properties that can benefit your skin in various ways. Some of the main benefits include the following.

Protects against skin cancer

Green tea contains polyphenolic substances and six different types of catechins, among which epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and epicatechin gallate (ECG) is the most potent. These compounds have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are molecules that can fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals are compounds that, if their level is too high, can harm your body, health and skin. They cause cell damage and are involved in many diseases, including cancer. According to a 2021 study, EGCG’s antioxidant capacity could help repair DNA damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It, in turn, can help protect you from non-melanoma skin cancer.

Fights premature aging

A 2020 study showed that green tea, rich in the antioxidant EGCG, can rejuvenate dying skin cells. By protecting and repairing your cells, the antioxidants fight the signs of aging and make dull skin look healthier. The vitamins in green tea, especially B-2, can also make your skin look younger. Vitamin B-2 can maintain collagen levels, improving your skin’s tightness.

Reduces redness and irritation

Green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is due to the tea containing a large number of polyphenols. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce skin irritation, redness, and swelling. Applying green tea to the skin relieves minor cuts and sunburn. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the study of Trusted Source also found that green tea for external use is an effective remedy for many skin diseases. It relieves the irritation and itching caused by psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea and may be useful in treating keloids.

Treats acne

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of green tea may make it a good treatment for oily skin and acne. According to the study, polyphenols from green tea may help reduce sebum secretion when applied to the skin, which may lead to acne. Polyphenols in green tea also can fight infection by destroying bacterial membranes. It means green tea could be a useful tool for controlling the growth of bacteria that can cause acne.

Skin moisturizing 

Green tea contains several vitamins, including vitamin C, known for its ability to nourish and moisturize the skin. In one study, participants applied an experimental green tea extract formulation to their forearms for 16 and 25 days. At the end of the experiment, the scientists found that participants’ skin moisture increased and their skin roughness decreased.

How to make a green tea face cleansing mask

  • Make a cup of green tea and soak the bag for about an hour. 
  • Let the tea bags cool, break them open and separate the green teas. 
  • Put the tea in a mixing bowl, add baking soda and honey and make a paste. If the solution is too thick, add a few drops of water. 
  • To help the mask penetrate the pores, clean the face before use. After cleaning your face, apply the mask evenly and gently massage it to eliminate dead skin cells and dirt from your pores. 
  • Leave the mask on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. For best results, apply the mask once or three times a week.

Side effects of a green tea mask

People who received topical green tea reported a low risk of side effects. Even so, if you’re using a green tea cleansing mask on your face for the first time, test a small portion of the skin. Signs of a sensitive or allergic skin reaction include itching, redness, swelling, and burning. If your skin is sensitive or sensitive to green tea, consult your dermatologist before applying the green tea mask.

Other benefits of green tea

You can also get several health benefits from drinking green tea or taking green tea supplements. Studies have shown that green tea can be. 

  • Reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast, prostate and colon cancer. Boost your metabolism to help burn fat faster 
  • Reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke Helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and improves memory and brain function.


The green tea cleansing mask product has the potential effects of improving skin quality and reduce facial spots. The product contains ingredients that have been proven effective in clinical trials, such as green tea extract and glycerol. We do not generally recommend green tea cleansing masks as the brand has yet to publish a complete ingredient list on its product pages. Using skincare with a complete list of ingredients is logical. Many companies are selling green tea cleansing masks, and it is unclear whether there is an official manufacturer, making safe and informed purchasing decisions challenging.

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