Latest Trends in Electronic Appliances – Wholesale Seller Guide

Latest Trends in Electronic Appliances – Wholesale Seller Guide

From the beginning, the electronic industry has never stopped growing and has always surprised the market by efficiently keeping up with the latest innovation and technological discoveries. Over the past years, a competition to supply the most robust products to the customers has given a tough time to the manufacturers, especially during the world pandemic. The trends have drastically changed with time, starting from manual functions to highly efficient appliances, including automatic operations and much more that are enough to attract consumers’ attention. This article talks about the latest trends in the electronics industry and how consumer interests have changed so that buyers, manufacturers, and distributors on JiffyStock can strategize their business accordingly.

These transformations are not only observed in the electronic appliances but also in consumers’ behavior and choices due to Covid-19. As there were several lockdowns and restrictions, people wanted to have every facility within the boundaries of their homes, and here these trends step in to deliver convenient, sustainable, durable electronic appliances and gear up their sales.

Prominent and latest trends in electronic appliances

With growing trends in the electronic industry, a prediction based on the statistics is that the appliance market will touch 500 billion U.S. dollars and more by 2023. 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • 3D Printing
  • Organic Electronics
  • Sustainability
  • Diverse payment options
  • eCommerce development

These trends have targeted all electronic items such as household appliances, gadgets, kitchen appliances, etc. 

Smart home appliances

Home appliances have marked a great success position in the electronic manufacturing industry. Today’s smart home devices are no longer classified as luxury because people prefer to save time and effort and invest in something sustainable and valuable.

Integration is a trend that stands out among others. Who would have thought that the lighting of an entire home can be controlled through a single point without rushing to every switch button? Philips, a leading electronic manufacturing brand, allows you to do that. While discussing the latest trends in home appliances, who can forget the artificial intelligence (AI) based operators like Siri and Alexa. The experience with these innovations is the same as commanding a genie and witnessing your wishes come true!

Smart thermostats, sensor-based touchless appliances like hand sanitizer machines, and water dispensers are taking over the old technology. Security and privacy are also not left behind in these transforming trends. These security systems consist of high-tech cameras, and microphones, that enable the owner to access them from anywhere. 

All these technology trends have successfully driven the sales of manufacturers and gained customer trust due to their outstanding services.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation themselves refer to innovative adaptations. Robotic automation has expanded due to its numerous benefits that are now used worldwide. The trends growing in the future involve top levels of technology. The Internet of things is valuable in robotics and automation as it takes productivity and efficiency onto upgraded levels of technology. Companies like Fanuc Corporation, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, and Rockwell Automation Inc are looking to incorporate cybersecurity, automated architects, virtual robots, and data analysis trends to facilitate robotics and automation. 

Electronic Gadgets

Gadgets are a must-have and favorite tech product of every age group. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, headphones, electric bikes, televisions, and other gadgets are everywhere. Whenever a new electronic gadget is introduced in the market, its manufacturers include their best and distinct features to entice the customers to boost their sales. Leading brands like Apple, Samsung, Pixel, Sony, Toshiba, Microsoft, LG, etc are known for their unique electronic gadget launches engaging in trends like virtual reality, smart appliances, wireless devices, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and others. Newer network generations are set up to make internet services smooth and optimal.

The electronic industry is an enormous platform facilitating businesses worth billions, and there is always room for new innovative ideas profiting the suppliers with noticeable margins.

Kitchen Appliances

The innovative world is changing at a rapid speed. If you enter an electronic goods store, you will find countless options of kitchen appliances, each having an intriguing feature. Every staple gadget now has an updated version of it. 

  • Induction cooktops

Stylish designs and appliances are replacing those boring kitchens. Induction cooktops are one of the smartest inventions for the kitchen. The sleek look and minimum damage to the pots are good features of this trend.

  • Air Fryers

Air fryers are the ideal equipment for health-conscious crowds and people who cannot enjoy their favorite meals due to any health issues. This trend has become viral and is a practical addition to kitchen appliances.

  • Vacuum Sealers

Healthy, fresh foods are among the most important trends. Exposure to air is what causes food to spoil. However, with a vacuum sealer, you do not have to worry. These sealers suck all the air out of your food packet, keeping it fresh for longer. Since Covid-19, healthy eating and maintaining health have become a priority for many people, and vacuum sealers are just the right thing for them.

Other popular trends of kitchen appliances because of their practicality, user-friendly features, effortlessness, and cost-effectivity are dishwashers in compact drawers, smart refrigerators, blast chillers, and remote-controlled appliances.

Air and Water Purifiers

The rising pollution calls for an air purifier. Air purifiers make the environment clean and fresh by improving the air quality, and removing germs and dust particles. Better breathing has become more valuable after the world dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic. The air purifier market has increased sufficiently during this time and is still maintaining a higher number of sales.

This trend is common in areas where smog is observed. 

Pure water is a highlighting problem in some countries of the world. With time and research, companies put forward some state-of-the-art technology to obtain the purest form of water. Technology plays an essential role in composing several trends that produce the best possible results. The latest trends in water purification include nanotechnology, carbon purification, photocatalytic water purification, and automatic variable filtration (AVF) technology.


We see advancements on regular bases. With fast-paced innovations and developments, electronic industry manufacturers look forward to putting together something that drives their sales rapidly. Keeping up with the latest trends is a significant way to succeed in the market and establish reliable terms with consumers by providing them a gadget that is useful, efficient, and sustainable altogether.

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