USASCT Has Started Beta-testing its Online B2B Wholesale Marketplace: JiffyStock

USASCT Has Started Beta-testing its Online B2B Wholesale Marketplace: JiffyStock

United States, 30 May 2022, USA Solution Creators Technology (USASCT) has recently announced the start of beta-testing of their new B2B wholesale marketplace named JiffyStock. The marketplace is scheduled to go live on the 4th of July on Independence Day. The online market is live since May 2022 but has still been under development and most of the pages on the platform were locked for visitors. After developing the functionality, the first useable and commercial version is ready to go and is undergoing testing!

JiffyStock’s marketing team has been active for many months now as the company’s social media handles have been constantly posting updates and changelogs about the progress of the B2B marketplace. In the previous month, they also did a press release on allowing businesses to use cryptocurrency for payments and now an escrow system is underway to make the process secure and trusted. The commendable thing to note here is that JiffyStock is the first and only B2B wholesale marketplace in the world that allows payments through cryptocurrency.

What Functionality is Available in the First Version?

USA Solution Creators Technology, the parent company of JiffyStock explained their plan for the first version of JiffyStock in a recent Tweet. The marketplace will nourish the cross-collaboration of B2B businesses such as manufacturers, logistics, and distributors and provide them a multi-selling model to sell their wholesale products at a fixed price, arrange auctions, or list their products that they can manufacture on demand.

Selling Models

3 types of selling models will be available for sellers and buyers. The Stocks section will have inventory stock at a fixed price. The Auctions section will let sellers arrange a liquidation auction of their leftover inventory or new wholesale goods. The Suppliers section will have vendors listed across various categories who will offer custom manufacturing for buyers. All the selling models will be available on one platform and can be managed from one vendor dashboard.

Multi-Business Model

Multiple types of businesses such as shipping companies, customs clearance agencies, goods inspection services, manufacturers, and distributors can all cross-collaborate on JiffyStock. Buyers can contact distributors and manufacturers, make a deal and then go to the Logistics section to find a suitable shipping and customs clearance company. All the businesses will be able to effectively play the role in B2B wholesale trade and make profits. JiffyStock will provide the ultimate freedom to carry business.

Vendor Dashboard

Vendor Dashboard is the third major selling point of JiffyStock. Unlike other B2B marketplaces, JiffyStock’s vendor dashboard is simple, organized, and modern. All the tools and options for product listing, keyword research, SEO, and other functionality are provided in an organized layout. Everything is super easy to use and manage.

What Features Can We Expect Further?

The first version of JiffyStock is better than most online marketplaces by far even without some major features that are still under development. The availability of different selling models and managing them under one dashboard saves a lot of time, effort, money, and learning.

An escrow system is under development for use of cryptocurrency for payments. This would mean that payments with cryptocurrency will be overseen by JiffyStock and offer security to the buyers and sellers. This feature will not be released with the first version but we can soon see it in action.

Another interesting project that USA Solution Creators Technology is working on is Jiffy tokens. They are working to launch crypto tokens that will act as shares of JiffyStock. Holders will get a percentage of profit based on their holdings.

Although these features are yet to be finalized, the company seems highly motivated and focused on using the latest tech such as cryptocurrency and blockchain to make sure that B2B industry flourishes.

Why JiffyStock Exist?

CEO of USA Solution Creators Technology, Rami Altawara is optimistic about the bright future of JiffyStock and the B2B wholesale industry. He said that “JiffyStock is a disruption in the global wholesale industry. Most marketplaces are old, dysfunctional, and expensive. Businesses need more freedom and the latest technology. That is why we exist!”.

USA Solution Creators Technology is focused on creating business solutions by using the latest technologies. The goal of the company is to make everything easy for businesses and introduce innovative solutions through the use of relevant and latest technologies that the rest of the industry is missing. That is why they started with B2B wholesale and created the JiffyStock platform as the ultimate solution for the industry.

USASCT still has a long way to go with JiffyStock and other projects. Although their marketplace is very much practical, they need to develop more innovative solutions by using technologies that are still missing in B2B wholesale industry. This will make them a far better option than other marketplaces and would also instill competition. Companies like these improve industries by instilling strong competition and we hope that on Independence Day on the 4th of July, businesses can get liberated from the big monopolies that restrict freedom of wholesale trading.

For more information about JiffyStock and what it offers, check JiffyStock’s catalog.

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