USASCT is All Set to Create a Ripple in B2B Wholesale Industry with JiffyStock

USASCT is All Set to Create a Ripple in B2B Wholesale Industry with JiffyStock

USA Solutions Creator Technology has recently gained some massive media attention for pursuing a number of different projects to make wholesale business easier. The major project of all is JiffyStock: an online wholesale B2B marketplace that is all set to launch on the 4th of July, 2022. Currently, the platform is beta-testing, and here is what we know about it from the news and information!

JiffyStock is transforming the industry by offering a marketplace that offers an endless stream of utilities at a fraction of the price. The idea is simple. Major B2B wholesale marketplaces are old and dysfunctional. JiffyStock is a modern makeover that is equipped with the latest technologies such as Crypto and Defi to make trading easier and reduce the fuss.

Why is JiffyStock Getting So Much Hype?

JiffyStock offers everything that a complete online marketplace offers but better. It takes the major pain points of other marketplaces such as payment issues, costly seller packages, lack of sufficient tools, old and dysfunctional dashboards and so much more. In return, JiffyStock has integrated useful tools such as SEO, and support tickets in a highly organized and easy-to-use dashboard. Sellers don’t have to pay thousands or even hundreds of dollars to get started on one of the most useful marketplaces. They can get started with a few dollars and generate thousands of dollars of business. The same goes for affiliates who can earn commission by getting sellers registered on the platform.

JiffyStock is a complete solution as it offers multiple selling methods to the sellers. This includes selling fixed-price stock, auctioning the leftovers for liquidation, and listing stores and products for on-demand custom orders. Most marketplaces are focused on one type of selling model and charge thousands of dollars. JiffyStock only charges a few dollars to get 3 different selling models that can be easily managed from one dashboard. You can do the rest of the math on how much time and money you save.

USASCT’s Projects

USA Solutions Creator technology also has other projects in development including Jiffy tokens that can be used to buy shares of JiffyStock and become partners in profit. The company is offering complete utility to the holders and making the most out of newly introduced technologies such as cryptocurrency and decentralized finance in general. They are also set to work on an advanced business app to arrange meetings and collaborate effectively. Although these projects are still under development, the company is moving at an extremely fast pace and making substantial progress. An important thing to note is that this is the first B2B wholesale marketplace to allow the use of cryptocurrency for payments. Sellers can accept crypto stablecoins as a form of payment which will make the payments easier, and faster and reduce transaction fees.

What Can We Expect Further?

USASCT is focused on making the marketplace successful and bringing new features to it. Even as the first version, the marketplace already outcompetes others in terms of features and utility so it is interesting to see what more useful tools and features will be integrated into the marketplace. With the increasing popularity of Defi and blockchain, we will definitely need something like this in the future and JiffyStock has started early as the first marketplace to do so. It definitely has long-term potential!

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