Complete Guide to Setting-up Your Vendor Store

Listing products for auction or stock page on JiffyStock is just one part of your wholesale e-commerce business. You also need to build an identity on the platform as a reputable store in order to attract customers to your store. While your store’s products will sell, your store will also show in our Suppliers section. Customers can view your store when buying your product in order to see if you are authentic and professional or not. 

For these reasons, it is important to work on setting up a professional store on JiffyStock. This article will explain in detail about all the options and how to use them in order to set up different details about your store.

1. To get started, open your Vendor Dashboard. Then go to store settings by clicking the settings button at the bottom of the navigation menu.

2. In the settings menu, you will see certain options about your store settings on the left side of your screen. This blue bar on top is the progress bar that shows the percentage of your completed store profile. Your goal is to push it to 100% by filling in all the requested fields.

Now we will explore every option in detail.


  • The first thing you will see on the store page is the banner and profile picture section. You can upload your banner by clicking the ‘Upload Banner’ button and increase your profile completion by 15%. Adding your profile and banner can significantly improve the outlook of your store’s page.

  • The fields below will be pre-filled as you have already provided us with this information during the sign-up procedure. You can edit them again if you’d like. For more information on signing up as a vendor, see this article here.

  • If you have any Terms and Conditions regarding your products, you can list them here and choose the tick the checkbox if you would like to also display them in your store to avoid any issues with the customers later on.

  • If you do not offer 24/7 services, you can also choose to set store timing on our platform. By checking the checkbox at the top of the image below, you can choose the business days on which you are open and also set a time range. We also provide our vendors an option to customize the open/close notice text that will show to customers if the store is opened or closed.

  • Are you on vacation? Set a vacation message for your customers to inform them about your decision and leave important notes for them.

  • Want to offer a storewide discount on an occasion? You don’t have to set discounts for each product manually. Just simply use this feature to make a storewide discount percentage for the minimum order amount you want.

  • Videos, images, and biography text are a great way to build authenticity and trust between the customers. That is why, we offer this feature to help you show your customers your store and everything else they would be interested in. 

  • If you wish to take your customer experience one step ahead, you can even provide live chat and support assistance by checking these boxes below.

  • Instead of customizing everything for each product, you can set min/max quantities and amounts for selected products by checking the boxes shown below.

When you are done, press the ‘Update Settings button to save.


You will see these fields auto-filled if you provided these details at the time of account sign-up. If you didn’t add those details then or wish to change them, you can do that here.

  • Enter your PayPal email here in which you’d like to receive your amount from the buyers.

  • All your bank account details including swift code, IBAN, and routing number can be filled here.

  • Add your Skrill account email in which you wish to receive money from the buyers.

When you are done, press the ‘Update Settings button to save.


Verification is a great way to build trust. If you verify yourself, your address, and your company with JiffyStock, customers are more likely to purchase from you.

ID Verification:

Provide us with proof of your identity (ID card, driver’s license or passport, etc.) to verify that you are the owner of this store.

Address Verification

Provide proof of your address. Either through utility bills, bank statements, or any other official document that verifies that the person identified in ID verification lives at a certain address.

Company Verifications

If your store is a registered company in your country, you can provide proof of your company so that the buyers can see that you are a reputed and trusted seller on our platform.


The shipping section will help you figure out the possible shipping methods in certain regions. JiffyStock has divided regions into zones where certain shipping companies operate. It will help you decide which method to use.

Zone-Based Shipping Settings

By default, you will see this screen in the shipping section. 

You can click on the button highlighted above to add shipping policies and delivery period.

If you are not satisfied with these zone-based settings and want to use our store-wide shipping settings, you can click on the hyperlink text shown below to switch.

Store-Wide Shipping Settings

Storewide shipping settings apply to all the products across your store. You can enable or disable these settings for your products if you’d like and just ship by a logistics company depending on their rates. Although, if you’d like to give your own shipping and rates, this is the section for you. Here you can add details such as:

  • Default shipping price: Your basic shipping price for a product.
  • Per Product Additional Price: Additional shipping cost with each product addition.
  • Per Qty Additional Price: Per quantity additional shipping cost.
  • Processing Time: How much time it will take for the buyer to receive goods.
  • Shipping and Refund Policy: List all the shipping or refund policies that you offer.
  • Ships from: Which country do you ship your products from?

Furthermore, you can add rates for each county that you will ship to. Based on the customer’s shipping address, we will show them the respective rate that you set in the section below. For each country, we even provide the option to set different shipping rates for each state. You can either use one rate across the country or customize it for each state accordingly. Click on ‘Add Location’ to enter a new country.

When you are done, press the ‘Update Settings’ button to save.


ShipStation allows you to retrieve & manage orders, then print labels & packing slips with ease. You can set ‘export order status’ and ‘shipped order status’ here. You will also be provided with your authentication key here.

Social Profile

For buyers to learn more about you through social media, add your social profiles here so that they can see your operations, customer feedbacks and more product images.

When you are done, press the ‘Update Settings button to save.


Returns and Warranty settings for your whole store can be selected from here. You can set these for each product individually but can also set a default store-wide setting. In the RMA Policy text box, you can write your refund policy here.

If you don’t offer a warranty, you can select the ‘No Warranty’ option on the type section as shown above but if you want to offer a warranty or offer it as an add-on (customer will have to pay extra to include warranty too), then follow these steps below.

  • Go to the ‘Type’ section and select the ‘warranty included’ option.

  • Now select if your warranty is lifetime or limited from the ‘Length’ section. If your warranty is limited, you will be asked to fill the remaining two boxes too.

  • In the options below, you will specify the duration and length of your limited warranty. You will not be asked about the duration if you select an unlimited warranty.

Store SEO

Add some key SEO elements to this page to help JiffyStock and Google rank you high in relevant search results. Use these fields wisely by using relevant keywords.

Add your SEO title, meta description, keywords, and other social media titles and descriptions. All these things would collectively push the ranking of your store and you can generate more sales.

When you are done, press the ‘Save Changes’ button to save.

For more information about managing your vendor account or signing up, see our other articles here.