How to Sign Up as a Vendor?

Thank you for considering JiffyStock as your wholesale trading platform. As a vendor, it is important for you to know about our platform in detail in order to get the best out of it. To make that possible, let’s get started by setting you up on JiffyStock.

Signing up as a vendor will take you 5-7 minutes while we ensure that you enter the details correctly. Don’t enter false details such as address, contact information and shop name. To start creating your account, gather some details beforehand such as your credit/debit card, address of your shop, your tax ID number and your company ID (if you are registered).

1. Head Over to the Login/Signup Page on JiffyStock. You will see login and register fields side by side. Click on the ‘Register’ button to continue.

2. In the registration section that pops up on the left side of your screen, select the ‘I am a Vendor’ option to proceed to fill in details.

3. Fill all the fields that you see on the screen with exact details. Don’t add any information that doesn’t belong to you to avoid any disputes in the future. 

  • Add your email address, first and last name, shop name, shop URL (this is the URL of your shop on JiffyStock that will appear to customers) and create your own unique username and password.
  • After that, fill out the other fields such as Company Name (exact name as it exists), Company ID, or EUID number (if your company is registered). Your VAT/TAX number, name of the bank, international banking number (IBAN), and lastly, your phone number.
  • Check the “I have read agree to the terms and conditions” box and continue further.

4. After checking the terms and conditions box, you will make a very important decision next. Choosing your subscription package. What seller package you want depends on your products and the features you wish to use on JiffyStock. Select your package and click “Register” to proceed. For more information on package offers, see this article.

5.  After clicking the ‘register button’, you will be redirected to the billing page where you will need to add your billing details and complete your credit/debit card payment. You can apply a coupon code if you have one or otherwise can proceed further.

6. In the Billing Details section, add your first and last name, company name, ID, billing address, town, state, zip and postal code, and your phone number. At the end of the page, you also have an additional box where you can add information relevant to your order that we can use for processing and verification. If you have issues with names and spellings, this is the place to describe everything.

7. After filling in the information in step 6, you will see an option for credit/debit card payment at the right side of your screen under your order summary. Enter your card details, check the ‘I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions box, and press the ‘Place Order’ button.

8. Pressing the order button will take you to your order receipt and confirm your order. 

9. After your order is confirmed and payment is processed, you will get a page like shown below. You are in and ready to use JiffyStock. You can choose to take out 2 minutes and fill in some basic necessary details about your store or you can skip right to the dashboard. The choice is yours.

Setting Up Your Store

10. If you decide to set up your store, you will be redirected to the store set-up page. Fill the fields sucha s the number of products you’d ike to display per page, the street address, country, state andpostal code.

11. The the ’Store Categories’ field, you will notify the platform about the type of store you have. Whether you wish to sign-up as a goods inspection service, customs clearance agency, logistics company, or as a manufacturer, you will select it here. Now, click continue.

12. In this section, you will list all your available payment methods here. Whether it’s Skrill, Paypal or your bank account, add the details in the appropriate fields and hit continue.

Your Store is ready to use!

Welcome to JiffyStock!