How to sign up on JiffyStock for affiliate program?

Signing up process on JiffyStock for affiliate program is quite easy and rather straightforward. If you are a marketer and have a potential network, then you can earn big rewards, and higher commission rates on JiffyStock.

Step by step procedure to sign up for affiliate program


Visit this link, a sign up page would open.

Click on sign up button if you have not been registered before.


After clicking on Sign up button, you would be taken to another page where a form will be asking your information such as your username, email and password. 

Submit your information, accept the terms and conditions checkbox, select your country and click on submit.

You will be notified by a message upon successful signup.


Once you are done with signup process, you will receive a verification email, use that email to verify your account, and that is it, you have successfully registered on our affiliate program.

Team may personally check your profile to determine whether you qualify for the affiliate program or not, after the evaluation, you will hear from us soon. After that you can login with your credentials.

A close view on Affiliate dashboard

Once you are logged in, you will see a dashboard loaded with tools and all your affiliate information. Here you will be able to see information tabs such as;

  • Referrals
  • Payments
  • Wallet
  • Profile
  • Marketing and more.

On the above left corner you will see all your affiliate earnings, and referral count. 

You must submit your account details to which your earnings would be deposited. You can select PayPal or your bank account.

On the bottom of your affiliate dashboard, you will see your rewards and commission details; it is quite handy to have a bird’s eye view of your current campaign, referral and affiliate earnings in just one place.

To know more visit this link, and register in our affiliate program.