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Stylish Huawei P30 Pro Cases buying

Stylish Huawei P30 Pro Cases buying

Few smartphones compete with the stunning 6.5-inch OLED display on Huawei’s flagship P30 Pro. With its gorgeous new colors and stacked spec sheets, you’ll want to protect it with a protective case. After all, you do not want your phone damaged due to a fall. Huawei P30 Pro is an awesome phone, with the company’s latest and most powerful processor, a dazzling array of colors (check out Breath Crystal and Amber Sunrise) and a stunning triple-lens camera with 3x optical zoom and Huawei’s new hyperspectral technology. But while it’s an impressive flagship phone, it’s as vulnerable to damage as any other. Because you can spend $645 on it, protection is essential.

List of Stylish Huawei P30 Pro Cases

1-Bisen Huawei P30 Pro Case

While light and small, the Bisen Huawei P30 Pro case is enough for most needs. Made up of TPUs, it has shock-absorbing air cushions in the corners, so it will need more severe drops to break it. In addition, it fits well with the phone and has precise incisions that make it easy to use.

2-Rhinoshield SolidSuit Case

If you want to provide stylish yet sophisticated protection for your Huawei P30 Pro, then Rhinoshield can provide it. The bumper portion of the box fits perfectly, preventing damage from drops as high as 12 feet. You’ll find the frame smooth, tactile button covers and accurate openings. There’s also a protective, soft-touch back that’s comfortable to hold. It has two colors, often black or white.

3-Noreve Tradition B Case

Want to experience the executive leather style from France? Noreve’s leather case is beautifully made, and Tradition B is a foldable wallet case with two credit card pockets. The case has a rivet closure that allows it to be safely closed and minimal housing that secures the P30 Pro in place. It does add a lot of volumes, but the leather looks and feels great. You can customize your style with different leather finishes and colors.

4-Urban Armor Gear Plasma Case

For something lightweight, look at Urban Armor Gear’s Plasma sleeve. UAG is known for making accessories for active lifestyle consumers, and its Plasma case is designed to give your phone enough protection without burdening it in your pocket. It comes in various colors, including transparent, so you can flaunt your P30’s flamboyant colors without risking your glass design. The case is certified in the MIL-STD-812G drop test to withstand the shock and vibration from 5ft.

5-Sup-case Unicorn Beetle Pro

If you’re looking for maximum protection for your Huawei P30 Pro, look at the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro. It is one of the most complete, sturdy, protective boxes you can buy. It has a built-in screen protector, a double-layer TPU bumper and even a rubber port cover to keep your headphone jack and charging port clean of dust and debris. While the case tightly encloses your phone, the rubber pads make it harmless. When you’re ready to venture outside, snap the case into the included leather jacket and make easy contact with your P30 Pro each time.


6-Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear Case

You should consider a transparent box if you can’t bear to hide your phone in a big box. The Olixar’s ultra-thin protective case uses a TPU to protect your device from damage. This soft but durable material absorbs bumps and drops while protecting it from dust and fingerprints. The soft material provides extra grip, even with a raised lip along the edge of the screen to further protect it. It’s very thin and completely transparent, so you can forget it’s there. However, this slender structure means it is not as protective as a large protective shell. But if you want to pretend there’s no phone case, it’s good.

7-Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

Getting a protective case doesn’t mean adding non-descript black plastic to your phone. A wallet case is a great way to add style and protection. Made from a European omelet, this wallet case from Snakehive looks great and is well-protected when combined with an internal plastic case. When not in use, leather wraps around your phone, providing complete protection for your device and folding it into a horizontal stand if needed. You’ll find a soft leather lining and three slots for backup cards, cash or travel documents inside the leather. You can customize the box with your initials for a small extra fee.

8-VRS Designs Layered Dandy PU Leather Wallet Case

Leather is great, but not everyone likes real leather. Thankfully, synthetic PU skin exists, and VRS Design’s Layered Dandy sheath is a prime example of why PU skin is as good as real skin in many ways. With full coverage, your phone is fully protected in your bag or pocket, while the internal polycarbonate case adds extra protection. There are three slots and an inner bag for credit cards, travel documents, spare cash and a magnetic belt to safely close. It’s a slim, pretty box that adds an executive touch to your phone. It’s a good substitute for a real wallet case.

9-Official Huawei Smart Flip Case

Who better to protect you than the phone’s manufacturer? Huawei has always provided some cool cases, and its smart flip case has been a particular highlight. Made from synthetic PU leather, it protects the whole device, although it is thinner than most other wallet cases. The real excitement, however, lies in the positive. Once clipped to your phone, the phone case communicates with it, turning the transparency into a smart window with your notifications, time and date, and other details.

10-Spigen Marked Armor Case

The Spigen Marked Armor case is our top pick for the Huawei P30 Pro – we think it’s the best case you can buy right now. Spigen Marked Armor’s camera cutouts are both accurate and have a raised lip – so it protrudes further than the lens, protecting them in case of a fall – and Spigen Marked Armor strikes a good balance between style and protection. It has a grab-and-go back, and it’s not as bulky as some of the heavier Huawei P30 Pro cases, but with air-cushion technology in the corner, it can help your phone survive a fall. Huawei says it meets the criteria for a military fall test, and if it’s good enough for the military, it should be good enough for most people.

11-Ringke Fusion-X Transparent Case for Huawei P30 Pro

The Ringke Fusion-X is another Huawei P30 Pro case with a bulging edge on the front and around the camera, so your phone is protected from falling to an even surface. Like No. 1’s Spigen Mark Armor case, it also meets military-grade fall tests with the help of a bumper. The edges of the case are also easy to grip, so you’re unlikely to fall off in the first place, and the back of the Fusion-X is essentially clear, so you can see more phones, which is ideal if you’re opting for a multi-colored version of the Twilight. The only real downside of the Fusion-X is that it has, in Ringke’s own words, an “ultra-rugged design.” It will appeal to some, but it does mean it looks thicker than others might like.

12-Love Mei Powerful Case

If protection is your priority, consider Huawei P30 Pro’s Love Mei Powerful Case. Yes, it’s big; it is heavy, But it keeps your phone safe. It’s made of metal, so it’s very strong and has a port cover to protect against dust. As you’d expect, there are raised edges around its camera, so this part of your P30 Pro won’t be more exposed than it needs to be. Some versions also have a built-in screen protector. It is superfluous for most people, but if you are an adventurer – this is for you.

13-KW-Mobile Wooden Protective Cover

If you’re looking for an unusual yet stylish box, consider this wooden option from Kwmobile’s wooden protective cover. There are walnut and bamboo colors, and real wood is used on the back, which means each cover is different (because it will have a unique grain of wood). There are precise cuts around the camera, and the rubber frame gives you some shock protection, and while this isn’t the most protective cover, it looks much better.

14-Vunake Huawei P30 Pro Case with Ring Holder

Vunake Huawei’s protective case with a ring-shaped bracket (opened in the new label) is a bit strange because it has a ring on the back that can be pulled out and oriented to hold your P30 Pro up. The rest of the look is unusual, with leather on the back and more plastic in the middle. The camera incision is accurate and somewhat shock-resistant, but it’s mostly a design that stands out, and you’ll like or hate it. (If it helps, it is also black (opens in a new tab).

15-OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Case

This case from OtterBox gives your Huawei P30 Pro almost everything you want in a protective case. Made of synthetic rubber and tough polycarbonate, it provides enough durability to prevent most drops and impacts, and a bulging screen bumper protects a phone’s display. Plus, it has a noticeably slim profile that makes it easy to get in and out of your pocket. A transparent design also helps you show the P30 Pro looks good.

16-Peroptimist Ultra Thin Hard PC Case

This commendable low-cost case protects the P30 Pro well while looking stylish. It’s made of tough PC plastic, so it’s good for bruises, scratches and other damage. The same is true for the bulging lips around the screen and camera lens, and the tactile surface provides a good grip. The case is also slim, as the image above shows, so it avoids adding unnecessary volume or weight to the phone.

17-Amzer TPU Protective Case

If you want an attractive, sturdy, discounted casing, Amzer’s project is a strong candidate. It is made of TPU, which is soft and elastic but strongly resistant to damage. The bumper at the edge will protect it from impact, as will the raised edges around the monitor. It has all the right buttons and ports, sliced and diced to make P30 Pro fully functional. The box is also transparent and very thin, so it’s very eye-catching.

Final Thoughts

Huawei P30 Pro Cases protect the phone from external damage to the entire body or scratches that might appear on the body. Even if you accidentally crash your phone, your phone case/cover may absorb the shock and protect your phone from serious damage.

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