How to build the best media wall in 2023? All you need to know

How to build the best media wall in 2023? All you need to know

The media wall is an interior trend for 2023 and should be part of your interior design plan if you redesign it this year. There is nothing new about setting up a feature wall in your home, such as a prominent color or stylish wallpaper on the chimney breast. However, the entertainment-oriented media wall takes that concept even further and becomes the center of the room, the center of television and multimedia.

What is a media wall?

Media Wall is a feature piece for media, where equipment such as TVs are installed in the wall, and an electric fireplace is installed below it. It is made to order so that the wiring and cables are not visible. Often, the storage is built into the recess and features a distinctive shelf and mood lighting. This is the ultimate clean and minimalist interior design aesthetic; to be honest, no one likes to mess up.

Most living rooms have a TV set surrounded by everyone, some with a game console and a sound bar that can play music. In recent years, TVs have been mounted on the walls, and many are placed on top of unused fireplaces. The TV Wall is a luxury space that takes up space and provides a great visual effect.

The best media walls incorporate feature shelves with drawers like TV units and mood lighting. And what’s important is that these are made to use the house’s vacant space wisely. If it is made-to-order, it can be installed wide.

How did the trend take off?

This trend started because of the recent pandemic, with more opportunities to use the house and the time left by DIY lovers. People renovating houses on Instagram and TikTok showed off their handicrafts, and the UK fell in love. You can add the ultimate accent to your high-end home furnishings.

Extra space for chimneys is used more effectively with the help of a fake wall, housing and hiding electricity and boxes. An electric stove with blazing flames lit up the room even when the TV was turned off, so the lounge was once again at the center of the house. Of course, you can set up a luxury media wall in any living space. It’s also great for those who spend a lot of time in the open kitchen, dining room or playroom.

What do you need to know when designing?

First, if you are renting, you need to consult a landlord before starting this project. You may need to place a TV stand on top of the media unit and install a standard feature wall. It’s easy to install a stud wall, but it’s hard to do this without damaging it. But if you are the house owner, it can go with all the systems.

But if you are removing an existing fireplace, you may consider it as you will probably need a repainted or new carpet. It also comes up with questions about other upgrades you can do, such as replacing lighting, floor heating, improving insulation, and passing other wires through the hollow walls.

TV size and speaker placement

Most lounges have a large TV at the center, but the size must be commensurate with the size of the room. A media wall design also puts the fireplace on the side, but it looks better to put the TV in the center, put the soundbar and electrical fire down, and set the shelves on the side alcove.

However, this is due to the chimney’s location in the living room, and to achieve the ultimate viewing experience, it is ideal for placing a large sofa across the TV. It is also important to ensure that you have the right height and positioning that is easy to see from different locations.

It is also installed in most cases on the TV bracket so that the TV looks like it is floating and can be at any angle towards other seats or furniture. There is also a cable extender, which also helps you access the HDMI. The biggest benefit of using wall-mounted brackets is that you can pull out the TV so you can easily take out what’s behind it.

Media Box and connection point

It’s more likely that you have one of the skyboxes, virgin media, another satellite box, or smart TVs  use an off-free view of the old school roof Ariel. These will require a connection point, or the cable should run long enough along the baseboard. Qualified electricians should use it for any rewiring.

And while it’s great to keep these boxes hidden, an IR remote control can’t penetrate the material well, even with a plasterboard. So, the easiest option is to have an extender that sits by the TV. However, Bluetooth remote control like Sky Q makes better fares.

The Wi-Fi router is also a device you want to hide, but it limits the signal and range. Dry walls and hollow wood can reduce analog signals by as much as 50%. There are extenders and mesh systems, but please think only for reference. Most TVs use smart technology and Wi-Fi, but you may mean that the Ethernet cable directly from the router will not be interrupted streaming.

Game consoles such as PlayStation and X-Box often use Bluetooth technology for controllers, but access is required to change the game. These devices may be hidden in a push-open door cupboard for a clean finish.

Cable management

Power cables, Ariel cables, and AV cables are unsightly and can spoil the appearance. You need to open a groove in the brick or hide it in the hollow structure. In any case, accessibility is very important.

Benefits of a media feature wall with a wall-mounted electric and wall-hung TV

As mentioned earlier, electrical wiring can be hidden behind walls. Another advantage is that space savings can be expected. Certainly, if you make a wall with a thumbtack where there is nothing now, you will take up a lot of floor space. But if you want to install a fireplace but don’t have a fireplace now, you can install a media wall so that the fireplace and the TV can be stored neatly without needing the space of a TV table. Electric furnaces and TVs are often slim, so they don’t have to be as deep as traditional chimneys.

Choosing a wall-hung electric fire for your media feature wall

When choosing an electric stove for a media wall to attach to a feature wall, there are several points.

Front heater

The most important thing is to choose the one with the heater facing the front. You want the warmth you’ve generated in your room, and it won’t be lost in the hollows, or you’ll warm your TV (and possibly damage it). Therefore, a front heater is essential.


Next, you need to make sure that it fits the desired finish. Some electric fireplaces for media walls can be embedded in recessed areas, while others are designed to hang on walls. Some will be installed at the same height as the wall, while others will have a small decorative frame.


The next important thing is design. Whether the design of the electric stove matches the room’s interior or the appearance of the TV will greatly change the impression of the wall and the whole room.


The size of the electrical fire to be installed must also be taken into account. Hopefully, you will be able to pre-select an electrical appliance and have it make a dent to fit that size (as well as things like TVs placed on the wall). You may still need to work within a certain width or depth.

What is the price of a media wall?

The cost of installation and construction often depends on the wall’s size, complexity and materials, as well as the electrician and gas contractor (if currently using gas fire). If you want to remove a stone or marble fireplace, you also need a builder, carpenter, plaster, painter, and decorator.

Media wall installation

Skilled engineers can create custom stud wall frames on existing walls and create storage space around them.

But in the end, the experts will be more experienced, able to do faster and will be able to notice common mistakes and pitfalls. It’s always good to get estimates from multiple sources. Depending on the job, the carpenter may do everything with wood.

Creating a media wall with an electric fireplace

The trend is to complete the media wall by incorporating an electric fireplace. The advantage of an electric fireplace is that you can enjoy the flames’ flickering and not have to worry about the heat coming into the vicinity of the TV. Stovax & Gazco’s eStudio 105R and Onyx Avanti series are the perfect places to go if you’re at the heart of a media wall.

The Onyx Avanti Electric Fire is available in three sizes, and its state-of-the-art technology provides options for surprisingly realistic flame images and fuel effects. It can also be configured as a single, corner, three-sided fire. The latest electric fireplace can be enjoyed without heating. Perfect for warm evenings and when you want to add to the atmosphere. It’s also perfect for warm evenings when you want to add to the atmosphere. The Onyx Avanti fireplace can also be upgraded with an optional mood lighting system. Put up to 6m of LED strips around your TV or on the shelf for a more beautiful media wall.

How to build a media wall

The installation of media walls is not complex, especially if there are enough sockets in the right place (electrical work must be done by a professional).

If you’re an experienced DIYer, you can set up your own media wall, and plenty of videos show you how. In general, the base for placing the fireplace is made of wooden studless and placed at the desired height. Once the fireplace is installed, a framework is created on top of it, such as TV cutouts and shelf boards.

If you are not confident in your arm or have no time (budget for at least a week), the best bet is to engage a carpenter to build a media unit. A qualified electrician must commission sockets and media plates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the depth of the media wall?

20-24 inches, what is the depth of the media wall? Typically, media walls require a depth of 20 to 24 inches. Due to the nature of the media wall, it needs to be deep enough to accommodate a variety of cables, wiring, entertainment systems and fireplaces.

What can be placed on the media wall?

You can store TVs, DVD players, sound bars, music systems, and more in one place. CDs, DVDs, records, books, and important objects can also be stored behind the cabinet door or displayed as displays. The Media Wall works in the living room or the open-plan kitchen.

Can I place a media wall in a room with a chimney?

If an existing chimney chest exists, it is common to install an electric fireplace and place a television on it. The chimney chest wall is a pre-made media wall.

What is the media wall made of?

As mentioned earlier, media feature walls are usually made of stud walls. The stud wall protrudes into the room effectively, just like the traditional chimney chest wall. It is usually made up of wooden frames and plasterboards.

What kind of wood is used for the media wall?

MDF for Media Wall, MDF is probably the second most popular material for media pools. Again, it is characterized by its affordable price and very easy to use. All you need to do is have the MDF cut to your size and secure it to the wooden frame of the media wall.

Summary: Media Wall

The idea of a media wall can change the look and feel of a room, whether it’s a stand-alone unit or a built-in wall-surface solution. The purpose of the media wall is to store audio and visual electronics in the most stylish way possible. Plus, it’s important to have comfortable access, so you don’t see ugly cables and parts.

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