How many jobs are available in consumer services?

How many jobs are available in consumer services?

The job market for consumer services is changing. However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 3 million jobs in the sector as of 2021. That figure is expected to remain almost unchanged over the next decade. For specific jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that customer service representatives and retail salespersons were the two most common professions in the field. Together, these two professions comprise more than 7 million jobs. Other common consumer service jobs include event coordinator, retail store manager and many more. So if you’re looking for a job in consumer services, there are different options.

Jobs available in consumer services

There are many different types of consumer service jobs to choose from. Some common examples include customer service representatives, salespeople, and marketers. These positions typically involve interacting with customers and providing them with information about services or products. Other consumer service jobs may include working in call centers, managing retail stores, or coordinating activities. Whatever type of consumer service job you’re interested in, there may be plenty of opportunities.

Event Coordinator

Event coordinators are responsible for planning company events, parties, weddings, etc. They may be responsible for arranging meals, booking space, and coordinating transportation. Event coordinators must be able to communicate effectively with suppliers and customers. They may also be asked to work on nights or weekends.

Retail store manager

The store manager oversees the day-to-day operation of a store. They may train staff, hire, and handle customer inquiries. Retail store managers must be able to effectively manage a team of employees and ensure the smooth running of the store.

Call Center Representative

Call Center Representatives (CCR) handle customer complaints and consultations over the phone. They may also be responsible for providing information about the company’s services or products. Call center representatives typically work in a call center environment and may need to work at night or on weekends.

Marketing Professional 

Marketing professionals execute and create marketing activities to promote the company’s services or products. They may work in the office or travel to meet potential customers. Marketing professionals must communicate effectively with customers and create compelling marketing materials.


The salesperson is responsible for promoting and selling the company’s products or services. They may work in retail or travel to meet with potential customers. The sales force must communicate effectively with the customer and close the sale. They may also be asked to maintain relationships with existing clients.

Call Center Agent

You can work onsite or remotely as a call center agent. Wherever you are, you respond to customer emails and calls. In addition to handling high-frequency calls, call center staff must have good problem-solving and communication skills.

Customer Relationship Assistant

The person responsible for customer relations develops and manages contacts with the most critical customers. It is a hands-on position to work directly with assigned customers to ensure they are satisfied with the company’s merchandise and services.

Customer Service Coordinator

Completing the task is the responsibility of the Customer Service Coordinator. They can organize, handle orders, organize and set up services, and installations, oversee deliveries and handle customer complaints.

Social Media Customer Service Assistant 

Social media Customer service representatives respond to Facebook posts and angry tweets. The role includes following the company’s social media pages, resolving difficulties, and answering questions.


The Concierge is the job title of a person who works in the company’s administrative office. While protocol staff usually work under administrative assistants, some may report directly to department heads. The Concierge handles administrative tasks such as managing travel arrangements, maintaining calendars, receiving phone calls, preparing the schedule of meetings, etc.


The receptionist is the job title of a person who works in the customer service industry. The receptionist is responsible for meeting the customer and ensuring they have access to the office. The receptionist also maintains paperwork and office records and prepares meetings and events for the company’s administrative office. They also receive caller information, send faxes, and prepare schedules for the administrative office.

Member Services Specialist

A member service specialist is a person who works in the customer service industry. They typically provide customer service to members of an organization or company and handle any issues customers may have with the services or products delivered by the company. The Member Services Specialist can also arrange events and meetings and take notes during the meeting to record any required information.

Patient Care Coordinator 

The Patient Care Coordinator is a person who works in the healthcare industry. The Patient Care Coordinator ensures that patients receive appropriate care while in the hospital. They coordinate the activities of other healthcare workers, such as doctors and nurses, to ensure that patients receive the best possible care while in the hospital.

Technical Support Representative 

Technical Support Representative is the job title of a person working in the technical support industry. Technical Support Representatives provide technical support to customers to help them solve PC problems and challenges and other issues, troubleshoot, etc. Technical Support Representatives may also be involved in developing procedures and policies for handling customer issues, writing reports on customer issues, educating others about the services or products supplied by the company, and addressing customer concerns about the services or products.

Account Success Team Leadership 

Account Success Team Leadership manages teams within the organization that works to improve customer satisfaction and business processes related to customer retention. They also provide support and guidance to customers who want to use or purchase the services or products provided by the company. The Customer Success team leader may be involved in developing policies and procedures for training others about the services or products provided by the company, writing reports on customer issues, addressing concerns the customer may have about the services or product, providing advice to company representatives on how to handle customer issues, and so on.


The title of master/hostess is the job title of a person working in the hospitality industry. It includes both females and males, usually working in bars and restaurants. They typically take orders from customers, provide food and drinks, make drinks and record how much money they spend on drinks.

Earning of consumer services professionals

The average annual salary for a consumer service professional in the United States is $40,000. Depending on education, experience and location, annual salaries can range from $36,000 to $80,000. The average Consumer Services Professional in the top position earns $20 per hour, while the average Consumer in the lowest position earns $15 per hour. Experience and education are the two biggest factors affecting the earning potential of consumer service professionals. Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher earn more than those with only a diploma. Those with a few years of experience earn more than those who start in the workplace. Location is also a factor. Consumer service professionals in metropolitan areas earn more than in rural areas or small towns. Those who work for companies serving national or international clients earn more than those working for local businesses.

Advantages & disadvantages of consumer services professional


There are many benefits to being a consumer services professional. One of the most obvious advantages is the possibility of a steady income stream. In addition to earning good wages, customer service representatives often receive benefits such as paid holidays and health insurance. Another advantage of working in customer service is the opportunity to help people every day. Many Customer Service Representatives are very satisfied with helping customers solve problems and providing a positive experience. It can be a valuable career for people who like to help others. Finally, working in customer service can be a good way to build transferable skills, which the person can also use in other occupational fields. Customer service representatives often develop strong interpersonal and communication skills and learn how to manage difficult situations. These skills are valuable in a variety of other jobs. 


As a consumer service professional, there are some disadvantages. First, it can be demanding and stressful. You may find yourself working long hours, including weekends and evenings. In addition, you are likely to be dealing with customers who are not satisfied with your service. Finally, you may not earn a very high salary in this area.

Jobs available in Finance Consumer Services

Financial consumer service work is a subset of the roles required within banks, lending firms, trading platforms and fintech firms. It is still a diverse range of roles. Following are some main jobs available in finance consumer services.

Credit Controller 

Credit controllers, who are paid about $82 an hour, are far more responsible. As the name suggests, this involves managing the company’s credit to its customers. You may also prepare monthly reports and submit them to management.

Financial Advisor

The role of a financial adviser is well-paid, with a median annual salary of about $92,000. There are two main routes to this career, either you work for an organization and can advise on the products they sell, or you can go on your own and lead your customers to the best choice among various companies. It would help if you had good accounting knowledge and a willingness to be aware of local tax, investment and other legislation to do a good job.

Final Thoughts

If you’re good at dealing with people and like to solve problems, a job in consumer services may be the best for you. In addition, with millions of jobs in consumer services, you will always have good job security.

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