Top Salespeople are More Likely to Use these Tools than the Rest of You

Top Salespeople are More Likely to Use these Tools than the Rest of You

It is not surprising. Using the right software is critical to success, regardless of your occupation. It is especially true in the sales arena, where salespeople have to track, initiate and organize a lot of diverse communications. In 2021, 70% of marketing leaders reported using guided sales tools or techniques. The most popular sales tools Salespeople are More Likely to Use include Customer Relationship management, social sales software, data and list services, email engagement tools, and communications tools. LinkedIn’s state of sales report 2021 shows that 96% of salespeople say sales technology is “very crucial”. Almost half (48%) said they used the technology at least twice daily.

Best Sales Technology & Tools Used by Salespeople

The following are the essential tools for salespeople. These are also known as business technology tools.

1-Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management combines companies’ strategies, practices, and technologies to manage and analyze customer data and interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. The purpose is to improve customer service relationships, help retain customers, and drive sales growth. The CRM system compiles customer data from different channels or points of contact between customers and companies, including the company’s website, phone calls, direct mail, instant chat, marketing materials, and social networks. The CRM system can also provide customer-oriented staff with personal information about customers, preferences, purchase history, and attention details.

CRM benefits

A CRM system can benefit organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.

  • Customer information, such as past purchases history and past interaction history can help Customer Support Representatives deliver better and faster customer service. 
  • Collecting and accessing customer data helps organizations identify trends and customer insight through reporting and visualization capabilities. 

2-Email Tracking Software

It notifies you when any email you send is opened or clicked. As email has become an important communication channel between buyers and sellers, email tracking software is rapidly becoming necessary for salespeople. According to research by LinkedIn, nearly 81% of top salespeople say email tracking is vital to their ability to close deals. Almost half of the sales staff reacted similarly. Email tracking software places an invisible image pixel in your email to detect the exact time and date the recipient opened the email message.

Email tracking benefits

  • Email tracking saves time. No one wants to receive multiple follow-up emails before they have opened their first one. 
  • Email tracking provides context. It also gives you valuable insight into email interactions with contacts, customers, networks, or prospects.

3-Social sales software

Social sales software is a tool that helps you sell using social media. The term social sales have been popularized by LinkedIn’s social sales index, which makes sense because social sales are related to business-to-business sales.

Social sale software benefits

The following are the main benefits of social sales software:

Build Trust 

Trust is an important part of the buy/sell relationship. As social media and the internet make it easier to find customers’ poor reviews and experiences of your services or products, it is now harder for salespeople to build trust with their customers. Social sales allow you to have a personal connection that can reduce bad impressions of your business. It also allows you to build a lasting sales relationship by answering questions, responding on time, and providing valuable resources directly to prospects and customers.

Shorten the sales cycle 

The sales cycle is the most challenging part of being a salesperson. Slow cycles can mean long intervals between commissions, months of inspection, and work relationships to make a final sale. In addition, slow sales cycles frustrate leaders and create internal problems for salespeople who need to meet revenue targets. Social sales can shorten the sales cycle by interacting with potential customers during critical research periods.

4-Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence is the term for a range of technology solutions that provide data to B2B sales and marketing personnel. It helps marketing and sales teams to discover, analyze, present, and leverage data about their prospects. Sales intelligence software gathers data from millions of online websites and matches it to data in databases. An easy-to-use platform enables sales to search, analyze, and evaluate data. Different sales intelligence platforms work differently, but many work with your CRM or sales accelerator software. Best sales intelligence tools have the following main benefits:

Benefits of Sales Intelligence Software

  • Discover Your Market Potential
  • Find Your Target Audience
  • Save Research Time
  • Monitor Your Competitors
  • Improve Lead Enrichment & Lead Qualification

5-Sales Productivity Tool 

The Sales Productivity Application is a tool to help salespeople become more productive and efficient. According to the report, it includes file storage and sharing tools such as Dropbox. Many salespeople use other sales productivity applications, such as tools that automatically enter CRM data, and suggest building tools and task management software. You are not alone if you think some software categories sound similar. Selling technology is new and growing rapidly, with many software companies offering more than one feature. Many companies, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and LinkedIn, offer products that help companies in boosting their sales. The best sales productivity tool can help boost an organization’s annual revenue.

6-Lead generation and sales prospecting tools

It would help if you had a cable generation and sales prospect investigation tool to find new leads and build them into customers. These tools eliminate many manual processes, validate accuracy, and give you a complete overview of each prospect. It helps speed up the entire sales prospect survey process and makes it easier to close deals. A good sales prospecting survey tool can help you gather more information and engage prospects in a meaningful way to easily close more deals. These tools help you create lead lists, find contact details, reach out to your leads, and even book meetings. Some top lead generation tools include One2Lead and lead feeder. Popular sales prospecting survey tools include Salesforce Engage and Marketo.

7-Conferencing software

Video conferencing enables sales professionals to communicate with remote employees, prospects, or other stakeholders without travel limitations. You can use these video conferencing apps to stay in touch with your customers, conduct meetings and presentation, and organize large conference calls. In addition to video conferencing, many tools provide additional features, such as file sharing, screen sharing, call recording, and whiteboarding. While many video conferencing applications are on the market today, some of the most popular are WebEx, Skype, Zoom and GoToMeeting.

8-Performance Management Tools 

Performance management includes analysis and reporting tools that enable sales teams to effectively monitor, track, and improve the performance of their activities. They help you visualize and facilitate effective decision-making by giving stakeholders access to data in a way that makes a difference. These analysis tools are usually implemented based on CRM and use existing data algorithms to predict trends, results and related insights. Sales teams typically have many sales data from various sources and tools. Using sales performance management tools, enterprises can adopt data-driven methods to improve sales productivity and monitor sales performance. Some common tools include Qstream, Hoopla, and Jiminny.

9-Sales Automation Tools 

It allows companies to streamline their marketing and sales workflow and strategies through automation tasks such as email marketing, lead generation and social media posts. By implementing sales automation tools, your sales team can save time on labor-intensive manual tasks and focus on building customer relationships and improving the sales process. Some sales automation tools provide an end-to-end experience, from automated lead generation and contact management to analysis and reporting. There are also specialized sales automation tools that focus on specific tasks or processes in the sales process, such as social media publishing, automated meeting scheduling, lead research, and more. With the help of sales automation, your sales team can increase productivity, focus on sales and close more deals.

Attributes of best salespeople

They are confident

If you can confidently explain how your services or products will solve problems for your customers, you can hold them in your hands.”

They’re good listeners

Before selling your products or services, you must listen to your customer’s pain points.

They’re multi-taskers

“A great multi-tasker can keep everything sorted, doing multiple trains on one train’s track, which leads to efficiency and better performance.”

They provide insight

“It is not enough to provide only specification and product data. Sales professionals with a consulting mindset will identify the customer’s needs and seek to customize solutions that fit those needs. “

They are honest

“A successful salesperson doesn’t lie to close a deal because they know that you burned that bridge and all the other potential bridges from your contacts to their contacts.”

They’re very focused

They are not distracted by instant messaging tools or email or worried about office gossip. They understand what they require to do to be successful and set themselves goals to achieve that success. They act purposefully in their day-to-day work and pay serious attention to all aspects.

Final Thoughts

The technology and tools discussed in this article help salespeople achieve their targets and make their work easier. The majority of successful salespeople use tools to make their work easier.

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